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  1. This fits with what I've read about Navy. They are a very generous lender, but once you cross their line in the sand (well, it's Navy, so once you pass the buoy in the channel??), you are out to sea and out of luck. The snapback clause is a weapon of mass destruction. I second the advice to activate your backup plan and finish moving your banking transactions to a different institution. Your future with Navy is very clouded.
  2. My wallet looks much sexier when I put it in the back of someone else's pants. I mean the back pocket!
  3. What a way to remember 2020! "The year of hope, as there was no travel, but I got the Citi Expedia Voyager card anyway." A strong viral defiance moment!!! 👏
  4. I agree it is all relative to one's perceptions. I wonder if the WalMart card could be more upscale now that the issuer is Capital One instead of Synchrony? I also wonder if the lending standards changed, or if WalMart gets to set minimum criteria (or at least agree/override what Cap1 suggests for the portfolio). Or if it's totally hands off like Costco, "Citi, just process all our transactions for free and we don't care?"
  5. Goodness! Is any SeeYou as incompetent as EneffSeeYou? To read this board, I would guess not. My latest assessment is that each financial institution (bank or CU) just needs to be good at 1 aspect. And then I add different ones to my lineup that are better at other aspects. I no longer expect any bank or CU to be the best at meeting all my financial needs at the same time. Much like I use several different rewards credit cards, I use several different banks and CUs, rather than moan about the things each does badly or ineffectually.
  6. I love WalMart in small towns in Colorado! Especially Avon, but anywhere along the 70 west of the Vail Pass is a great experience. But I am still curious, what is "upscale retail?" All the stores that recently went bankrupt? Full disclosure: I have no retail cards. Macy's closed my card many many years ago because of non-use and it finally fell off all my CRs a few years back.
  7. I wonder just how many of the 10,000 doctors of the Virginia Medical Society actually want to join this particular CU. Fascinating to see how the states can regulate these issues. Also amazing to see there are still so many small banks in Virginia! Paging the M&A departments of the big banks!!
  8. Well, not every terminal accepts it of course, but the ones that offer a tap don't actually require me to really tap the card, but just hover the card closely. Like an overprotective parent. Super close but not touching. I think this is a gimmick. I feel I'd rather shove my chip in the slot, but I guess that's just me. That way there's no question I made a transaction when my chip goes in, rather than just hovers over a target.
  9. Oh yes, "re-issuance" of cards is happening- some of my issuers are sending me new cards, way before the old cards expire, because the new card is contactless. So far this has happened with BoA, Chase and Discover.
  10. Every time you buy a car, you lose money. Not just on the depreciation, but the tax, title, license, transfer fees, etc. Plus the profit of whomever you're buying from. So make as few car buying transactions over your lifetime as possible.
  11. Excess inventory but don't want to drop the "price " means you have to lower the financing cost. Supply and demand but hidden.
  12. It amazes me how many people thought the dollar requirement was just a suggestion!
  13. Sometimes bad business behavior can only be corrected in court.
  14. Good luck with the checking account closure. 5 years ago I had to go into the branch to close mine. Hopefully they've improved the process since
  15. Probably both. And also part of "don't sweat the small stuff." Inquiries are easy for creditors to put in a denial notice when they don't want to tell you the real reason or explain the whole picture of why a person's situation is too risky for them. FICO has also changed the scoring algorithm since those *B days. So inquiries have become a much smaller piece to focus on. But there is always the person who believes the inquiry count was the ONLY reason for the denial, since that's what the letter SAID, but that's generally not true. However, newbies fixate on the wrong aspect. So CB wisdom has determined that inquiries don't matter.
  16. This is sort of a joke, since it is advertised as a benefit by Chime (one of the start-up financial apps) and other entities. But if people need access to money 2 days "early" then there is a budgeting problem, and it won't be cured by getting paid "early."
  17. Wait, the hippie bicycle club and the ordnance depot SeeYou are friends?? Now I really do believe in unicorns. This sounds like a scene in a Lego movie. And the 3% has so far lasted for at least 6 months per the other thread. Sorry to derail the US Alliance thread. According to the front page of their website, US Alliance have 120,000 members!! Wow. That's small. They don't list their field of membership that I could find, just a link to a page requesting my name and email to send me more info. ?!?!?!?! But I did see a section on how UA Alliance members can get paid UP To TWO DAYS EARLY!!!!
  18. I thought *B was still in the stickies posts somewhere. The archive of CB lore, but it really did happen. Just never on EX, of course. But that was years ago. Decades, almost. Remember unlimited 3-bureau report refreshes?? I have no *D accounts because I missed out. I should have gotten "The Card" back in the '90s when they had those incessant TV commercials. But I was young, found them annoying, and I "didn't forget my Visa card, because where you're going, they don't take American Express."
  19. There are so many moving parts here. It depends on your overall situation, what you're able to do. Essentially, more is always better. Whatever you lose in opportunity cost, you gain in anxiety reduction. An emergency fund should be ready to carry you until you find your next job or reach the age you can start to access retirement funds penalty-free, whichever you expect to come first, based on your age and employability. 3-6 months is a great goal for someone starting from zero, but it's not realistically enough or really a safety net. Once you have 6 months, then you re-prioritize, to pay off debt, change savings to maximize retirement savings, and then add any "extra" to the emergency fund. 1 year is good. 24 months is excellent, but might not be enough if you're older. In other words, if you're 30 and lose your job, realistically you can probably find another job in a year or two, depending on your field. But if you're 56, you may never get hired again (age discrimination, skill obsolescence, technology gaps, etc.), unless you have a high-demand limited-supply profession (physician, nuclear scientist, et al). So that 56 year-old needs an emergency fund that can last until age 59.5, when access to retirement funds can start. Sure, you don't want to start drawing down your IRA at 59.5, but you might have no choice. The older your are, the longer your emergency fund may have to last. But as you approach age 59.5, you can redirect emergency fund savings to retirement savings. You can include in your emergency funds "available" any home equity line you already have, but untapped equity in a home will likely be unavailable when you really need it. You can save less if you're in a field with high barriers to entry. Can anyone save 2 years of emergency expenses? Or is it a pipe dream? Or an insurance policy you hope never to use?
  20. But what is CityFirst's credit card rewards program like? And will the points be transferable??? Inquiring minds want to know.
  21. I don't try to do the $2 trick at this time. But I'm happy to provide data points of my reporting experiences for people who want to do the $2 trick. Each issuer is different in its behavior, and I enjoy learning the differences. I think people get tripped up when they expect each issuer to behave the same. As in, Chase reports a $0 balance immediately, even mid-cycle. But it may take Amex 2 or 3 cycles to update to a $0 balance. If someone expects Amex to behave like Chase, they'll be dismayed at best and devastated at worst.
  22. The $2 trick works as long as Goldman reports the balance as of the statement date. Is that confirmed? US Bank, for example, seems to report my account balance as of the last day of the month (or possibly the last business day of the month), even though my statement closes on the 18th. So if I want to do the $2 trick for US Bank, I have to make sure it's paid down to $2 as of the 27th or so, and that no charges post between then and the 1st.

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