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  1. With the right credit score, any purchase can be financed!
  2. I just called my insurance carrier after I got the letter from the bank that the loan was paid off. They didn't ask anything about it. I also could raise my deductible then (the loan required $500 ded., but $1000 lowers the premium a bit).
  3. Sadly, Comenity remains in the same league as Synchrony, trying to look like a top-tier bank and not quite making it.
  4. Years ago (turn of the 21st century), Third Federal Bank (Cleveland, OH) offered a Visa that accessed the HELOC. Not sure if they still do. This is the problem - this product is secured by the home! Very easy to get into trouble and lose the home; I mean, it seems to me that people who could get an unsecured card would not need a HELOC credit card, and those who need a HELOC credit card are probably at the highest risk of losing the house because there was a reason they couldn't get an unsecured card to begin with. Danger, Will Robinson!
  5. I opened this topic because I thought there really was a bank with this name. OK maybe I was just hoping
  6. Is it better to rip off the bandage and potentially have hemorrhage or slowly edge it off and try to hold pressure to stop the bleeding with each pull?
  7. I always forget about the Amazon gift card idea! And I've read it 20 times probably. That is easy, and you don't have to leave home.
  8. To avoid this happening on other credit accounts, buy a small item that you will actually use (a pack of gum, a pencil, a paperclip, a 99-cent greeting card, etc.) at least once every 6 months on each card that you want to keep open, if the card usually lives on the sockdrawer.
  9. Yes, I remember plenty of radio commercials for First Republic. First Republic advertised for people who thought they were big deals, when those customers were really medium fish trying to swim out of their league. There's a reason why other banks didn't lend to First Republic customers . . . The image I always got was high-strung customers who needed a lot of handholding but didn't really have the capital to get the time of day from big banks. Lots of bad business loans?
  10. So you got a denial (with an offer for secured card), and then a week later got approved, by the same lender (NFCU). Wait, what?? Something significant must have changed in that week!
  11. Is this what the merchant is paying in fees? Or is this the maximum that the merchant can add to a Visa charge in jurisdictions that permit adding a credit card surcharge?
  12. BofA Travel Rewards Visa, "pre-qualified (?)" while signed into the BofA website (or whatever phrase, can't remember for sure, but the APR was listed as a range in the terms box), instantly approved for $28,000. Pulled EX in California. This is now my 3rd BofA card, and no limits were thefted from the other 2. I was at 3/24 but 0/12. I previously also had the BofA AAA Visa, but that transferred over to Comenity last October, so I was down to just the 2 Cash Rewards cards at the time I applied. And yes, I added this to CreditPulls.
  13. I also wonder if Amex is pursuing different metrics these days . . . it is not the Amex of 2008, that's for sure. Also, with all the new tools, AI, predictive models, etc. - maybe Amex is better able to tell now who is a better risk than they used to be.
  14. My letter came in the mail today, unexpected and unsolicited CLI, SDFCU premium cash back visa, $30k -> $35k! I was surprised. This is now my highest CL (now above the $31k card at BoA). My SDFCU visa has been open 1 year. This is the first CLI there since opening, and I've never asked SDFCU for one.
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