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  1. Except that, with the $50 minimum redemption, if you already redeemed, the difference "credit" is less than $50. So now I'd have to spend on a card where the issuer has shown they have the stability of a Jenga pile. In other words, I'm NOT spending more now on Alliant card to try to get to redeem another $50 in the future. And the rewards earned do expire in 5 years. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Alliant will join the other pitiful cards of mine with no annual fee that only come out of the sock drawer once every 6 months, for a quick purchase of under $
  2. Could you product change the no-rewards card to something else at BofA? Get some rewards and keep the age?
  3. Citi Double Cash $14k -> $17k, online luv button, no HP. I can't remember the last time I asked for a CLI on this card, but now I'll try to get on a schedule!
  4. Well, if there is demonstrable adverse action based on incorrect CRA reporting, that sounds like an actionable legal event against Ollo, but I would defer to @PotO in these matters. Of course if you are right about Ollo's tenuous business viability, Ollo may not be around long enough to pay out claims.
  5. A few days of patience is so hard, because we all want results now, but you showed this time how calmness and self-restraint worked out!!
  6. Maybe it's because of all those "postal mail delays are possible " the banks keep sending me emails warning about. Your TU report might be somewhere in the mail? Similar to the old cliche "the check is in the mail" TBH, I haven't noticed any mail delays myself.
  7. Won't the Altitude Reserve 4.5% using ApplePay surpass most rewards cards for almost all purchases that take Apple Pay, except the BofA 5.25% categories? Of course that presumes you want to be part of the Apple world. TL;DR: Altitude Reserve with Apple Pay is great at 4.5% nearly everywhere. Is there a high value card for Google Pay, Samsung Pay or other Android user?
  8. Thanks for thinking out loud as you went through this process. The feedback from others and the questions you raised (and answered) should helps lots of CBers. My own choice/assessment is that no one financial institution perfectly does all of the things I want done, so I figure out the strengths of each bank/CU, and have an account with each one that does each action/benefit I need/want in the manner I want. This means multiple accounts, but it also means I'm never stuck with one institution. But for those who want "everything under one roof" I think you did a great job summarizi
  9. I think Chase might generally allow a closed account to be reopened within 30 days, but maybe I'm confusing that with another issuer.
  10. There was also a thread on DOC about this devaluation. Key Bank has never had good rewards on credit cards, if that's the previous digs for this CEO. Hopefully SDFCU keeps their 2% card! Thanks for confirming the devaluation. Alliant *was* my backup card in case Citi ever nerfed the DoubleCash. Unexpectedly, Alliamt blinked first!
  11. I had the same experience with a long ago Macy's account, closed for inactivity because I could never find anything I wanted to buy there. The TL did fall off about 10 years after the closure. Now I just use an Amex Offer if I ever need to buy something at Macy's. With 24 open accounts, there's no need for you to think about that old Macy's any more! One less account to track!
  12. So is this to get PayPal user data for Amex? Or what do you think is driving this offering? Is it simply to get Amex customers to feel comfortable using non-card payment apps? I'm wondering.
  13. Thanks for the update. I used to get automatic CL increases on my USBank card, but that stopped years ago. I've never followed up. Maybe I'll poke the bear and see if there's a growl, too.
  14. Is this another reason why we can't have nice things? When I report a charge I don't recognize, I'd be deeply concerned if the bank DIDN'T report the card stolen. Because that's what the customer is saying happened when there's a fraudulent charge: either someone stole my number, or I can't remember what I bought. Either way, the bank needs to shut off the card while they decide what the problem is. When I reported a fraudulent charge on a USBank debit card one time, which of course was fraudulent because I never use a debit card for a purchase, the CSR asked me if I w
  15. Another Bank of America option, if you are a AAA (Auto Club) member and considering a new card application, is the AAA rewards Visa, no annual fee, no FTF, and 3% cashback on travel, no cap. There are also 2% categories on the AAA card, but of course that's irrelevant when you have one or more of the 2% back on everything cards. The downside to the AAA card is the rewards expire 5 years after you earn them and they can only be redeemed after you've earned $50, but you can redeem the full amount once it's over $50. So after about every $1670 spend in travel, you can redeem the cash.
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