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  1. I love hearing about these unusual CUs that really seem to focus on such a specific characteristic, in this case Polish-speaking Chicagoans, because it seems SO sharply defined. And it must be a lifesaver for members to be able to do financial transactions in the language that is most comfortable for oneself.
  2. I'd say it's always good to have a backup, and a CL from FNBO or Elan (if you don't have USBank already) helps diversify your basket of issuers. But the lake of available issuers has shrunk to a pond. Who cares what the card says on it, if you're getting good (or great value) out of it? I have no FNBO card, but I would get one from them if they offered me something that I found valuable. But that would need to be at least 2% cashback with no AF, for me. Others may find value in a different reward structure.
  3. My Comenity Orbitz Visa only reports in months where there is a balance, either positive (I owe them) or negative (credit balance that they owe me). It will not report if the statement balance is exactly $0. Not sure if that's happening here with your accounts, but to make Comenity report my updates, I've generally paid $2 or more above the statement balance to create a credit balance. The good thing is they send me the refund check the next month (when I don't use the card), without any intervention on my part. (And before someone asks why I keep this sad card, it is because I ge
  4. Congratulations on paring the cards that have finished serving their purpose!! Generally it seems the wisdom on CB is to have at least 5 revolving credit cards with mainstream issuers. By my count, you have at least 7, and 5 will be a year old or more by April. You're doing fabulously!! I would also agree with HD to try for credit line increases on the lines in about 6 months or so, to grow your limits. And remember to use each card at least once every 6 months, for something you truly need/want, to keep each card active and growing. It can be a small purc
  5. Since you've been denied, get your free paper report from EQ since that's who Cap1 referenced in the denial letter. Always remember to get your free report that's your right, every time a creditor says no based on something in your report.
  6. There is a student loan forum here on CB, not sure if someone who frequents there might see this question here.
  7. I guess we'll find out in July when all the inquiries are gone?
  8. Every card needs a backup. Never know when an account will be compromised or a certain network will go down. I also recommend a backup checking account at a different institution from one's "main" account, but I know that's hard in some situations.
  9. Maybe you should campaign for the HOA board on the platform of bringing back that company- better rewards when everyone pays their HOA dues!
  10. You raise a great question, OP. "Great" customer service is such a subjective, nebulous concept. And what exactly, would make one institution's customer service better than another's? So tough to compare. Is there anything, specifically, that you are looking for at NFCU? Maybe a great auto loan rate, a high credit limit on a credit card? A bonus for opening an IRA? Free checkprinting? NFCU does offer all of those. NFCU will also lock you out of your accounts if there is a hint of danger. NFCU very much takes the idea of protecting all their members, and if
  11. Except that, with the $50 minimum redemption, if you already redeemed, the difference "credit" is less than $50. So now I'd have to spend on a card where the issuer has shown they have the stability of a Jenga pile. In other words, I'm NOT spending more now on Alliant card to try to get to redeem another $50 in the future. And the rewards earned do expire in 5 years. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Alliant will join the other pitiful cards of mine with no annual fee that only come out of the sock drawer once every 6 months, for a quick purchase of under $
  12. Could you product change the no-rewards card to something else at BofA? Get some rewards and keep the age?
  13. Citi Double Cash $14k -> $17k, online luv button, no HP. I can't remember the last time I asked for a CLI on this card, but now I'll try to get on a schedule!
  14. Well, if there is demonstrable adverse action based on incorrect CRA reporting, that sounds like an actionable legal event against Ollo, but I would defer to @PotO in these matters. Of course if you are right about Ollo's tenuous business viability, Ollo may not be around long enough to pay out claims.
  15. A few days of patience is so hard, because we all want results now, but you showed this time how calmness and self-restraint worked out!!
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