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  1. So what are the choices? As I see it, 1. Keep the status quo - making high payments at high interest with not much progress 2. Debt consolidation - which it sounds like you think you're not eligible for because of recent lates? 3. Debt relief - this is outside my fund of knowledge, but hopefully someone will chime in if this really helps or just makes a mess of things 4. Bankruptcy? -- but this will not eliminate that high SL debt, which will be a problem come Social Security time
  2. I do the same thing, from my Ink card as well. Unfortunately AmEx still hates me (going on 14 years strong now), so MRs are not an option for me. I could look at Citi TYPs again, but last time I checked it wasn't that appealing. I would probably go to a hybrid cash/points strategy. I am not earning Thank you points, but from what I read on the travel reward blogs, it looks like Citi TYs are most helpful for people who are using the European carrier FF programs (Air France, British airways, Virgin Atlantic, etc.) as those are TYP transfer partners. But otherwise TYP falls way short of UR or MR.
  3. I'm not sure I understand the question. But I'm sorry for your mental suffering. It is hard to say no, especially to family members. Thank you for having the courage to share you story, which maybe can help someone here avoid a similar financial disaster.
  4. ONLY when you have a specific reward redemption in mind, you have most of the points already, and just need a few more. AND there is seat availability for when you are looking to go. Otherwise you are basically buying bitcoin but with no chance to sell.
  5. I transfer my F5 and Freedom Unlimited points to C$R after each statement close, because this has been rumored since last year. I even read the rumor here on CB, and of course now can't find the thread. But don't keep points in your F5 or Freedom Unlimited accounts; there's no reason to leave them sit there, waiting to be devalued.
  6. Yep. The website limit is TWO payments per cycle for a reason. I don't know what that reason is, but you poke that bear at your own peril. I don't think so. For the past umpteen years I have been making ten or more online payments per month, per card, on the AmEx website and the only thing they do is continually approve my CLIs / new cards. There must be one or more other factors thrown into the mix that they don't like. I routinely pay my Amices in three or more payments to pay one statement in full. The separate payments make it easier for me to keep track of household expenses, my work travel, TAD's work travel, my personal charges, etc. I paid my last Platinum bill from WF, BOA, and a free BT from Capital One. Of course, sometimes I also run with scissors. And remember, every time CV tries to downgrade his Platinum, Amex rushes to send a targeted offer to upgrade him back to Platinum. Amex clearly loves some people more than others.
  7. This is referring to cards that access an FSA - an account where your employer can deposit part of your wages tax-free for you to pay certain allowed healthcare expenses, as defined by the IRS. Not to be confused with an HSA, which has further eligibility rules but fewer restrictions on transactions. These are both different from a card with a "flexible" or no pre-set spending limit, as some Visa Signature cards are.
  8. Maybe if they let people apply for the Mastercard, and have a rewards program to use it outside of Target, then they could get credit card growth. Just like, hmm, Amazon does with the Visa?
  9. Exactly. Why do people feel they must answer the phone??? I am pleased by my cell phone company now identifying many calls as "Scam Likely" in addition to showing the number. If someone wants to talk to you, they will leave a voicemail. Really, they will!
  10. 1. Gardening 2. 5/24 3. Because the current sign-up bonus is less than the historic high sign up bonus
  11. Sam's club outright refuses to budge off $20K on ours for some reason. Lol. Even with almost double the limit on report elsewhere. Push some spend through it...at Costco. And before anyone says you have to use Visa at Costco, that's only true in the store. Costco the website also accepts Mastercard, so you really could follow this strategy and see what shakes out.
  12. Keep everything OPEN that has no annual fee. Be sure, like Jeff said above, to put a small purchase on each card at least once every 6 months. Have either of the Amex Biz cards been open for more than 13 months? If so, you can combine into one if that makes it easier for you. The Toys R Us Mastercard might convert into something else, or it might just get closed -- all the US stores are closing now. And what is a " Discover Blue???????"
  13. Is it for a limited time? As in several months before reverting back to the "standard rate?"
  14. It's also possible that AA is trying to drive traffic away from CLT for some reason. United did this (price the connecting flights higher than other hubs) for a few quarters at CLE before closing the hub there. Interesting.

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