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  1. In other words, if some people (be they merchants, revolvers, unaware spenders) aren't paying "enough" in interest and fees, who will pay for our credit card rewards??? If the sweet spots in the system are removed, there go the rewards! Look at the Australian experience.
  2. Even card delivery has been Vonboyed!!
  3. Changed my 15-year-old Chase United Explorer card ($95 AF, originally it was a OnePass Plus Continental card) to the "United Gateway" no-annual fee card: now 2 miles per dollar on United and gas purchases (yawn) and 1 miles per dollar on everything else. But most importantly, the terms include the "Expanded Award Availability" access to XN mileage fares, just like the United cards with AFs. I did it the month before my AF was to be charged, and I got a pro-rated refund posted to my account the next week. So Chase is refunding AFs when you downgrade United cards, even right up to the 11th month of the AF year.
  4. Thanks for following up here with the latest, although I'm sorry the issue isn't clearly resolved, but hopefully you have found the answer. And hopefully no skimming to track down. It's a good reminder to be vigilant.
  5. I hope you don't counsel students not to go to medical school or law school. As those are advanced degrees, and they can be worth the tuition cost if one is willing to work in those fields. Part of why those fields are lucrative is the high barrier to entry- including the high cost of tuition. However, if you are counseling students to become a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor, that might be a reasonable, and cheaper, option. For other advanced degrees, I agree the students will not see a "return on investment" from the tuition.
  6. This is an interesting data point. I have never tried PenFed, figuring the DNA test will tell me things I didn't want to hear. And I was totally a UR fan back in the day anyway. But now that I'm doing cash back as my strategy. . . . Hmmm.
  7. Yes, things have changed a lot from the "before" times, but the credit world is always changing as banks try new ways to make money, regulators change the rules, and CBers find new opportunities. The current wisdom here is to open secured cards (2, possibly 3) that will graduate to unsecured cards, so you can keep the trade line forever. Search for the relevant threads, but Discover, State Department Federal CU, Bank of America, Citi might be options.
  8. From what I've seen, you never get anywhere near the amount of money the house is worth if you would just sell it. However if you have no other assets but still need a place to live, it's one of those last-ditch options. A reverse mortgage is a terrible financial decision that basically transfers a large portion of your equity to the bank.
  9. If you can afford to pay them off, and they're not at 0%, pay as much as you can afford as soon as you can, because it saves you money on interest. Even if there's a short-term drop, your scores should recover as long as you keep the accounts open and in good standing.
  10. Apparently the good people of Arizona feel this is a worthwhile way to generate State revenue. Privacy is so last century.
  11. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again
  12. Exactly. The price might double in 12 months, after UberEats sees how much of a cancellation attrition they get (or not).
  13. Yes, another website was calculating that with the $10 credit you actually might "save" only about $3-4 after including the non-waiver service fee, the upcharge compared to ordering from the restaurant without the middleman, etc. TL; DR: These programs are not cash-positive for the consumer, just advertising spin with alternative math.
  14. The HOA has all the power. Your only recourse is to sell and get out
  15. The usual bloggers are ecstatic over new Uber credit on Amex Gold, but not until next year. And all the personal charge cards get an optional year of UberEats Pass membership for "free," with automatic renewal billing for all the people who can't remember to unsubscribe at the end of the year. Of course this is to cover the end of the Amex Gold airline credit. One blogger was thrilled about $25 per month in Uber credit, 10 from the Gold and 15 from the Platinum. Oh my. Which begs the question, how long will the airline credit last on the Amex Plat and Aspire? Hmmm??

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