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  1. I disputed an account on my Experian report last month, and now, 3 days before the deadline for them to verify the account information, I receive the following letter: Dear [ME] We received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have determined was not sent by you. This could be deemed as deceptive or fraudulent use of your information. We have not taken any action on this request. Any further request made in this manner will not be processed and will not receive a response. Suspicious requests are taken seriously and reviewed by Experian security p
  2. I actually didn't dispute verbally. I only asked for information. I neither disputed nor acknowledge the account in any way as being legitimate or illegitimate. A little linguistic acrobatics goes a long way
  3. I still intend to send a DV letter later today, but I had an idea. I am very nearly certain that I will eventually need to PFD this tradeline, so I want to stack up leverage to use against the CA to convince them to accept a smaller payment than the full amount. That being said, I already have them on one FDCPA violation on a recorded phone call. Could this letter be construed as deceptive collection practices and thus a second violation? They are a debt collector, and they confirmed that in the phone call prior to receiving this letter (Stated that they are a debt collector and that any infor
  4. Thank you! I'll drop my dispute letter in the mail Monday.
  5. I didn't dispute anything yet, I called them and asked for a bill because I noticed the account on my report. They said sure and sent this.
  6. I received a letter today from Enhanced Recovery Company. This is the letter: January 19,2015 Creditor: T-Mobile USA, INC. Original Creditor: TMobile Account number: XXXXXXXXX Amount of debt: $XXX.XX Reference number: XXXXXXXXX Notice of Rights [My name] This will acknowledge that, based on information you provided to our office, your account has been placed in a hold status and that collection efforts have ceased at this time. This letter is not an attempt to collect a debt. The purpose of ths letter is to provide you with required legal notices. Pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 169
  7. Oh ok, well it was worth asking. Maybe they will be more willing to accept an agreement as gdale6 said considering they are not yet reporting. Thanks guys!
  8. I have a collection account that is not currently being reported. It was being reported by one agency, but it is no longer being reported by that agency. I think that the ownership of the account has changed hands and it is now belonging to Enhanced Recovery Company. I had an idea about this a minute ago. If I were to pay the debt before ERC reports it to the CRAs, would they be able to report it after receiving payment? It is a valid debt and I am certain that it can be validated, but if they would be unable to report it after receiving payment, I would like to get ahead of this and handl
  9. In your "legal basis for HIPAA Program" link, you make the following statement: "It is possible for a company to inadvertently become a credit reporting agency subject to the obligations under the FCRA by regularly communicating credit-related consumer information to third parties." This statement is for what I was seeking clarification. To recap what I have done: I have opted out. I have deleted old addresses. I have requested my MIB report (as stated before, its blank). I have not sent my disputes to the CRAs. I have not sent my medical DV letters. (I actually think I am confuse
  10. WHyChat, I received my MIB record in the mail today, but it was just a statement that they have no record for me, which makes sense (never had health insurance, or life insurance other than SGLI in the military). For this same reason I have no EOMBs to get (I did not have, nor do I have, health insurance). Why would this be needed exactly? I do have a very common name... VERY common. I have deleted old addresses (including a completely wrong address in a state that I have never lived in). What did you mean by a CA can inadvertently become a CRA? And what are the implications
  11. After careful consideration of my credit files and the accounts contained within them I have decided that my best course of action is to begin with my medical collections before addressing other sources of debt. I have 6 collection accounts being reported (TU is reporting all 6, EQ is reporting 3, and EX is reporting 3) that I want gone. They are legitimately my debts, and I want to make good on my obligations to the best of my ability, but I am not rich and cannot pay them all. Prioritization will be crucial. I have contacted both OCs by phone (recorded) and requested billing statements of al
  12. Very helpful post! Thank you very much!
  13. I actually intend to pay what I actually owe, but I do have some accounts that are legitimately not mine or I honestly do not recognize. I have a fair sum of money coming in soon and just want to get some things taken care of. That's why I was tossing around a PFD for the thread about an installment loan where it was signed in NC and I lived in VA.
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