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  1. Great- thanks so much for the help Gudziel. Ill wait for others. My main concern is that they dont own the debt. Also, doesnt the letter posted above provide ample proof that they are saying that if the debt is paid they wont report? There logo and address is on top. Thanks!
  2. im in NJ, so 6 years i believe. Does that change a lot since the DoFD was July 2012? Im now thinking i'd like to pay it as its possible I may purchase a new home next year, but I feel as though I should send a DV letter first, no?
  3. Got it- thanks all. So from what i gather.. 1. Dont pay Midland, as they will still report. 2. Dont attempt to pay OC as it wont work with JBD 3. Dont sent DV letter Correct?
  4. the account was opened April 2012 DoFD July 2012 also.. is it worth sending DV letter? Im just afraid that may be poking the bear.. and if i dont respond, maybe it wont ever hit my reports
  5. thanks all for the help. - The full balance is $720. - Isnt the letter enough proof to send to CRA's? Sort of like a paid to delete letter?
  6. hello all- I've received this letter from Midland Financial, and im willing to pay the $300, but wanted to get everyones take first. - The reason I believe it may be the right call to pay is because there is no collection on any of my reports from this account, just the mark from the OC. You'll see on the letter it states that they will not report to credit bureaus if I pay the $300. My thought is it would be better to pay and know that I wont have to worry about this being reported VS. not paying and fighting for a pay to delete. Thoughts? - My second question is, from what you all get from this, is this a settlement? If i pay the $300 am i still responsible for the remaining balance? Thanks for your help!
  7. - Got it- i've attached a snap shot of the Eastern Account System/ Comcast from the EX report. Let me know what direction to take. - So from what im seeing, my best bet for the Commenity Bank/ Credit one JDB is to write a letter to them explaining im unsure the debt is mine however, im willing to pay X amount as long as they agree the account is paid in full and that they will never report to any CRA. Correct? - As far as everything else (Including Macys?) - goodwill letters. Cant thank you enough for this help.
  8. Got it- OK so here is my big question concerning JBD.. when they are not yet reporting, is it worth just paying them to prevent them from reporting in the future (since the amounts are low). My thought process is If I pay them now, i wont have to worry about them reporting so im paying for that piece of mind. Is that incorrect? As far as Eastern, the address ID they are using is my correct and current address. Any other way to handle that? Thanks!
  9. Thanks so much for the reply. This is very helpful. - All my credit cards have a $0 balance. I do use them frequently, but pay them right off so I am good there. I will absolutely set up automatic payments. Comenity charge-off (CO) - I'm not sure who the CA is.. the number is 201 879 2103 or 609 318 0230. I noticed on my EX report it says purchased by another lender.. is that a JBD also? - When the CO is paid, it hurts for seven years following the payment correct? It starts the SOL over? Credit One CO - JBD is Account Discovery Systems. - They have not sent any letters, only phone calls. - Sold on 2/2013. - You are correct. The recent balance is $0. * Will wait for advice on what to do here. Comcast / Eastern Account - Unfortunately on this one, I believe i paid Eastern Account. - It was never listed on my EQ or TU, only EX. Less important: Care Credit (SYNC) - The account is still open. Got it, so ill to a GW and see if i have any luck. OCWEN -Will attempt GW with these also. Thanks so much again!
  10. Hello All- Thanks for the quick replies. My question, although general, is really what my next step is. I am ready to pay the CA's that are calling however, im not sure if i should. The CA's have not reported anything yet, so i am thinking if I pay them now they wont report anything, but i understand that may not be true. Just attempting to get some direction on that as well as some direction on the other baddies and which ones to tackle first. I have triage my reports, but still would love a bit of direction. In the most recent months besides paying everything on time, i've refinanced with the same company and got my rate down and was approved for a $800 discover it, $1000 credit one, and was accepted for a CLI to $2,500 on best buy. Any thoughts or direction you all have would be greatly appreciated. I've attempted to load the reports after blacking out acct #'s and personal information, but one report is 20 different images.. so it seems like a lot to load! Thank you! Negative Accts: CRA: EQ, EX, TU OC: Care Credit/ Synchrony Bank CA: N/A DoFD: Dec, 2014 (30day) – Jan, 2015 (60 day) BAL: $0 Charge Off: $0 Comments: This account is paid in full. I missed the two payments because of a stupid issue with my bank (I used the wrong card twice and didn’t realize) CRA: EQ, EX, TU OC: Commenity Bank/ Express CA: N/A DoFD: July, 2012 BAL: $340 Charge Off: $340 Comments: There is no CA listed on any report, but they are calling (so im assuming they haven’t reported yet). CRA: EQ, EX, TU OC: Credit One Bank CA: N/A DoFD: July, 2012 BAL: $400 Charge Off: $709 Comments: There is no CA listed on any report, but they are calling (so im assuming they haven’t reported yet). Says account sold to another lender. CRA: EQ, EX, TU OC: Macys/ DSNB CA: N/A DoFD: Oct, 2010 BAL: $0 Charge Off: Paid for less than full balance Comments: Paid this in 2011 for less than full balance. CRA: EX OC: COMCAST CABLE CA: Eastern Account System DoFD: Feb, 2013 BAL: $0 Charge Off: Paid Comments: This was a very small balance that I (unfortunately) paid. I submitted a dispute in January and I don’t believe I’ve heard back. On the report, the date opened is 12/2012, reported since is 02/2013, date of status is 2/2013 and everything is unknown/ no status. CRA: EQ, EX, TU OC: Ocwen Loan Servicing (Mortgage) CA: N/A DoFD: Oct & Nov, 2009 (both 30 days), March 2010 (30 day), May & June 2012 (both 30 days), July – Dec, 2012 (all 60 day) BAL: $0 Charge Off: N/A Comments: I actually refinanced with Ocwen, so this particular loan is closed and a new one was just opened (im in good standing since Jan, 2013)
  11. Hello All, I've been lurking around the site for awhile now and have tried some things on my own that have helped my credit health exponentially, so thank you all as its your advice that enabled me to begin in a positive way. I've purchased 3 reports from the CA's and I am wondering what the best way to post them is? Id like to get some additional advice from you all concerning what my next move should be. I have them in PDF form. Thanks!
  12. Great I will post screen shots of those tonight. Cant thank you enough for starting me off on the right foot.
  13. Ok, thank you all for the help. So my starting points after I successfully remove addresses and names from CRA are: 1. Send goodwill letter to Care Credit requesting removal of late. 2. Request receipt from Comcast and then? 3. Attempt to pay Commenity/ Express as they are the original creditor and then? Thanks!
  14. Got the paper reports as well, whats the easiest way to display to you all? Also great. I will send a GW letter to care credit and will get a receipt from comcast as that was paid. What bank were you referring to? Credit one to try and pay to OC? Thanks all!
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