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  1. They are not lenient at all when it comes to having paid COs from 5-6 years ago on file. They denied a family member for a lease on a Passat because of a paid Verizon Wireless $120 paid CO. Score was 660. They went to BMW and qualified for the best rate on a lease for a 3 series. they picked up the car last week.
  2. tozion

    So long RBS

    Welcome to the club! I got a similar letter for not having used my RBS Citizens Bank Mastercard (6 or 7 months I think). They did a JACK an CLD on the card so I stopped using it... then they closed it.
  3. Anyone with an AMEX card notice the address changed as to where to mail the monthly payment to? It's always been New York, NY for as long as I can remember and all of a sudden it's Newark, NJ. Odd!
  4. That's true. I'm afraid I'm missing your point in stating that though. Traditionally when an account is "upgraded" to signature status, the lender issues a new number assigned to the card. In the process the new account reports to the bureaus w/o a revolving limit. My card has been 'upgraded" to signature status for some time now, but the limit continues to report. However I also just received a new card (one was not issued upon upgrade) withe the same number. The only basic difference is the 'signature" stamp under the visa logo. I'm assuming this account will continue to report the revolving limit, but we shall see... There are a bit more differences than that. I've scanned my cards to show the differences... Top card in each photo is the new card and bottom is the old card. They also added "Weath Management" to the back... odd. I like the old design better... especially the rainbow squares!
  5. The news was released last week on CNBC or Bloomberg (at least that's where I read it first).
  6. I'm no longer fond of Discover ever since they rate jacked me to 19.99% for NO REASON! They claim it was "across the board." I only use this card for specific cash back (gas), Shop Discover, and promotions. I have over $180 earned so far in just over a year of use.
  7. I love this! Sitting on 9K here from March... would love it to hit 15+ by May.
  8. BMW Financial Services / Mini Financial Services will lease to you even if you're in the low-mid 600s (at a higher rate of course). They seem generally very flexible for all sort of people provided you can afford the car. A relative of mine just leased a 2009 Subaru last week through Chase at tier 2 with a score of 635. Volkswagen DENIED that same relative (on a lease & a buy). They went with a Subaru.
  9. Glad I didn't listen to the people here who were selling Citi short last week and running for the hills. I'm in this for the long term!
  10. Fellow RI resident here. The laws here are very shady and complex. I've asked 3 diff lawyers and they've all told me 10 years (2 of whom were NACA members). It's still not clear to me however.
  11. I was following this thread from the start! I am SOO HAPPY for you that you got the house. Do you know how lucky you are? Wish you the best
  12. My large Union Plus MC line is still intact. It's my only HSBC product.

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