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  1. I have been following your threads, especially this one because I am preparing to file BK. I have LN frozen and suppressed. I also have ARS and Innovis frozen. Is there another PR data harvester that you suggest I should look for? What would have you done differently to stop BK showing up?
  2. I was delaying BK for tax reasons. I believe BK would have taken care of it. You are correct that balance may be sitting in a specialized department and just waiting to pass 180 days. I have spoken to a BK attorneys and one of them given me lame advice that, "since the debt is already past the 4 and half years, I could also consider riding it out." That was prior to Toyota bill. Since that conversation, I feel more pressing reason to file BK and 19K makes is far more urgent. I appreciate you taking the time and shedding some light on it. Thank you!
  3. When I leased the vehicle, I paid a deposit of $5000. However, the dealer did not mark it refundable. I had raised this issue with Toyota prior to the maturity of lease. Toyota asked me to visit the dealership. When I inquired at the dealership, the manager stated that it was used to bring down capitalized cost, however, the amount and number of payments, plus total leased amount was same what we agreed prior to the deposit. I disputed with Toyota stating that Toyota owe me $5000. Toyota did not get back to me on that. This Lease had an Excess Wear and Use protection that I paid for. This protection covers me for up a maximum of $5000. (Present in Lease agreement ans signed). The lease agreement seeks to resolve disputes guided by FAA, and bars class action or private attorney general action. I would assume Toyota will seek arbitration once that 180 mark is up.
  4. True. I called Toyota today. I heard the accounts prompts and it says "Account closed." When I followed the account status prompt, system states, "You do not owe anything." I then called in to reconfirm and the rep said the same thing. I did not volunteer information pertaining to the bill. It is likely that it might get updated from somewhere within.
  5. Well I would go after them and I am expecting Toyota to come after me. What I wanted to know is if Toyota will send me something asking to come for arbitration once the bill is CO.
  6. Hi, I wanted to reraise my question. Will Toyota come after me for $19000 bills excessive miles bill? Can anyone tell me from experience what to expect from them.
  7. Yes, I do have a copy. The charges seems to be close to what I had estimated.
  8. I have not seen any soft from Toyota on any of the reports. The bill was generated on 08/30 with a due date of 09/19/2019. If a 120 days is the marker TLT uses to charge off an account, it is most likely that it may have been CO'd on 01/19/2020. What surprises me is that I have not heard anything from Toyota since. On its reporting, it does not even list any amount I owe them. I have an image of a TL as it appears on EX and TU. I cant seems to upload an image. It shows, Date of Status; 08/2019, Account Status: Paid, Closed
  9. Hello dear Fellas, I have damaged my credit and failed on my obligations towards my creditors back in 2016. I have, unsuccessfully however, tried to catch up on a $48000 debt and remedy the damage since. All my cards were shut down back in July of 2016. I had a 2015 Toyota vehicle that was leased in 2015. I had made all payments on that lease with 30X10 late markers towards the end of lease. The lease maturity date was 08/2019. Since I had lost job and have dependents, the vehicle had 80k miles in excess of the authorized miles plus some excess wear. When I returned the vehicle, Toyota sent me a bill of $19000 (Residual value was $23000) citing the excessive mileage and wear and tear. Since I had no money, I did not pay the bill. It has been four months since then and I have not heard back from Toyota again. I have been avoiding BK and contemplating riding out the debt since it has been more than 3 years. I have recently defeated BoA in small claims on one of the CC they came after. My questions are, 1-Why Toyota have been quiet since Sept on a $19000 bill that they had sent me? 2- I believe Toyota has an arbitration clause, should I expect a nasty outcome from this silence of Toyota (possibly an arbitration)? Because of this $19000 sleeping snake, I have to reconsider BK that I have been avoiding so far!
  10. Our concern was why the vehicle had that issue so early on. While Highlanders are known to have this issue ideally after 130k, we suspect that there was more to it that prompted this repair.
  11. Here we are with a report! Highlander with 41k miles was a one owner vehicle. Dealer had no idea how this vehicle had so many miles. On a mechanical side, vehicle had Rear Main Seal repaired because it was broken at some point. salesman claimed that vehicle is in good health despite that work but we were not impressed. So we scratched off. .
  12. Thank you, everyone for much need guidance. Family finally decided to move on to a 2019 CPO Highlander with 41k miles. They are asking 29k, we want to get it for 26k. So number are still in the process. Going back tomorrow to talk more.

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