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  1. I have a hearing coming up. BoA ended arbitration in 2009 I believe. I needed the first portion of the agreement pertaining to "By using this card, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement." I wanted for reference only.
  2. On CFPB, I did find an agreement from 2016 but I could not find any from 2015. Will that be good enough? I am not sure how many changes were made to 2016 one.
  3. Greetings, Where can I find BoA CC agreement for the year 2014/15? Or a most recent one (2018) would be good for reference in litigation?
  4. Yes they do, but if your EWS and Chexsys are on freeze, they could take a soft on Exp for Id verification. If you have an item on Chex or EWS that is past two year mark, HSBC will still open an account. If you have multiple items on Chex or EWS, I would make them soft the EXP instead.
  5. Update: I recent disputed one item on my CRA that was not opened by me. Account stayed opened for three months before it was closed by the OC. I have previously disputed this with CRAs and it was deleted by the two but EQ. I have recently filed a disputed with OC and the dispute is still pending. In the meantime I disputed with EQ again. EQ received the dispute on 03/12 and on 03/19 they have updated that dispute was resolved and additional information was provided by OC. According to my record. OC has not even contacted me on the dispute I have filled because it will take 60 days to process the dispute. I am of the opinion that EQ has not investigated and just sent me a generic response to this reinvestigation. In my opinion, if OC verified, while a dispute is still pending, then they have violated the FCRA. If EQ did not verify, EQ violated the FCRA. My question is how should I determine who messed up and how should I proceed if one or both have violated FCRA?
  6. Consumer must be aware that more banks and CU are adopting EWS instead of ChexSysem. While visiting a branch, we often find a small sign on a banker's table that states, "All accounts application will be verified through ChexSystem," but what is missing there is a disclosure about EWS. In comparison to EWS, the Chex seems to be limited in scope of information it retains and report. EWS that was initially just an inter-banks risk data sharing, is becoming a hub for retail authentication and risk management. I would encourage everyone to request their comprehensive EWS report (not a short report) to review for authenticity. A frozen ChexSystem have rerouted the institution (at least in my personal case) to pull EWS as well.
  7. Did you ever have any HSBC account before? If yes, how long ago? They do a soft on Exp for identity verification. What state do you live in? I have had quite an extensive experience with HSBC accounts, let me know if you need more feed back.
  8. Thank you. I have always called them up and asked for a copy. Good to know the difference.
  9. I never paid for a report to any CRA. They are not through annual credit reports avenue. Does it mean I am into 45 days long haul?
  10. Thank you. That is correct, I did receive a letter offering Optima if I pay the balance on that card. It specifically refers to that "one" account. I do have another AMEX account in CO but the letter did not address that.
  11. Thank you. I was working with DoD in post-conflict reconstruction in Afghanistan. I was working for DoD but not as a service member.
  12. From your knowledge, do you think I have a chance at Optima while I have all those other COs on CRAs?
  13. Update! I have not applied for any card yet. Yesterday, I got a letter from AMEX offering me an Optima card if pay $2400 that I owe on one of the AMEX CC. I wanted to ask if I should take the bate. Because I have many other COs on CRAs, I am not sure if I will be approved for an Optima. Also, I wanted to ask what CRA should I unfreeze if I apply for Discover It Secured CC?
  14. Hi, Here I am trying to get back up. I had gone through some unfortunate circumstances while I was assigned overseas back in 2016. By the time I came back into the US, all my accounts were closed by CG but not CO. While trying to manage damage control, I was able to get few accounts saved from CO but most were CO by CG. Long story short, I managed to pay off Amex PRG and NFCU CLOC back then. Whatever was left eventually became CO past 120 Days marker. I have contemplated the idea of BK Ch7 and still meet mean tested standard. I did not go that route because I wanted to go back to school for Master and did not want to put hurdles in my way for any SL. I have finally gathered the courage to clean my files and start off with rebuilding while attempting to pay some of the prime lenders off by asking PFD. The reason I wanted to go this route is to later explain to any potential lenders that, despite default, I kept my obligations nad paid them off. I hope it testify to my ethics. (Please correct me if I am dreaming).While I rebuild, I ask all of your help to better plan my strategy. A bit about my currents goals and profile. I have three SL that have been in deferment with nothing late. I also have a vehicle lease that has 5x30 markers that is now current. I am starting off with two Secured CC. Since eventual graduation into an unsecured line is my ultimate goal, I am considering Discover It and NFCU Secured CC. I do realize that I have CO from NFCU. I called them to find out if I am still eligible for a secured CC while having a CO NFCU CC. The Rep told me I am, however, I was not quite satisfied from his explanation. Please guide me if I should attempt this. I had AMEX accounts in which PRG was paid in full, while two are CO. I am not sure if I am Black Listed by AMEX. AMEX have been sending me Optima offers to accept which I never accepted. Because I thought having CO (including two of AMEX) on CRAs, I won’t get it. Since I have family members who could add me as an AU, I, now, want to try this and see if I could be added as an AU. It will serve two objectives; a) It will show if I am blacklisted by AMEX. If I am, it will then help me draw a strategy as to how to resolve it by engaging EO. b) If I am able to get the card, it will help me rebuild my credit while giving me an opportunity to build a profile with AMEX without getting banned. Here is what I have on CRAs at the moment. Amex PRG 120 Days Cancelled by CG PAID IN FULL Amex BSP CO Canceled by CG $2494 Amex ED CO Cancelled by CG $2244 BOA CO Closed by CG $2800 Barclays CO Closed by CG $1180 Capital One CO Closed by CG $2110 (Deleted by the DF) Chase CO Closed by CG $5634 NFCU FVR CO Closed by CG $8000 NFCU CLOC 1X 90 DAYS MARKER PAID IN FULL Penfed CO Closed by CG $6111 Synchy CO Closed by CG $5600 Thank you for reading, all feedback, suggestions, guidance, and criticism is welcome😊

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