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  1. ***UPDATE*** So Amex AU showed up on all three as a new account. Currently Amex is also reporting couple CO accounts. I am trying to stay low for now until 90/120 days just to watch Amex's behavior.
  2. I am not positive yet that I am off the list after burning them for an amount north of 12k. I have made a new account profile. Though it is new profile, it brought up my original MSD. That is indicative of this fact that AMEX knows who this AU is. It has been a week and account is good and running. I am hoping to stay low for now and see for 90 days. Before I attempted AU, Amex did send me a letter last month asking to pay past due balance attached to the gold card and get my account reinstated. I have not bought into it yet. If I see any developments, I will report back.
  3. What I read, if they send you an AU card, you are good to go. Do you have Amex now? You have come a long way, however, I could not see you talking about regaining an AMEX (Primary or AU) in your thread.
  4. Did you get the card and then her account was closed?
  5. I will create new log in just to be on the safe side. I will report back the results.
  6. Sorry for confusion. Yes DB added me as an AU and Amex sent me a metal gold card. I believe they switched from plastic to metal. Should I create a new log-ins?
  7. Charge Off was from 2016. Lately Amex have been asking me to pay the balance and reinstate my account. I never bought into it. But now that I am AU, I am still hesitant because I don't want to trigger something.
  8. Greetings Everyone, So I recently added myself as an AU to my family's Amex. I previously had a 13k Amex Charge off. I wanted to ask about setting up Amex Log-ins for this AU card I now have . Since my original log-ins are attached to my account that has been Charged off. Will adding this AU card to same online account will trigger any shut down from Amex? What is the recommended way of going about having that online access?
  9. I have been following your threads, especially this one because I am preparing to file BK. I have LN frozen and suppressed. I also have ARS and Innovis frozen. Is there another PR data harvester that you suggest I should look for? What would have you done differently to stop BK showing up?
  10. I was delaying BK for tax reasons. I believe BK would have taken care of it. You are correct that balance may be sitting in a specialized department and just waiting to pass 180 days. I have spoken to a BK attorneys and one of them given me lame advice that, "since the debt is already past the 4 and half years, I could also consider riding it out." That was prior to Toyota bill. Since that conversation, I feel more pressing reason to file BK and 19K makes is far more urgent. I appreciate you taking the time and shedding some light on it. Thank you!
  11. When I leased the vehicle, I paid a deposit of $5000. However, the dealer did not mark it refundable. I had raised this issue with Toyota prior to the maturity of lease. Toyota asked me to visit the dealership. When I inquired at the dealership, the manager stated that it was used to bring down capitalized cost, however, the amount and number of payments, plus total leased amount was same what we agreed prior to the deposit. I disputed with Toyota stating that Toyota owe me $5000. Toyota did not get back to me on that. This Lease had an Excess Wear and Use protection
  12. True. I called Toyota today. I heard the accounts prompts and it says "Account closed." When I followed the account status prompt, system states, "You do not owe anything." I then called in to reconfirm and the rep said the same thing. I did not volunteer information pertaining to the bill. It is likely that it might get updated from somewhere within.
  13. Well I would go after them and I am expecting Toyota to come after me. What I wanted to know is if Toyota will send me something asking to come for arbitration once the bill is CO.
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