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  1. Citing your NCS, this is what I did. I contacted the leasing company to gather as much as information on my lease. Things I collected were, my name ( exactly how they spelled it), exact apartment no (this is very important because often times they mix up things. Leasing company sends CA many listings of delinq accounts and it is possible that both could mix up the things), dates, any payment info, any outstanding balances, and how the balance was originated. Then I politely ended the call. Besides many great things, I have also learned on this board how important is the note taking so wrote everything down. I then matched the info with my records/knowledge and CA reporting. Point of doing all this was to see how much information they have and how correct was it. Once I had all that data, I was able to determine how to attack the NCS. NCS is pretty sticky CA especially on EQ. I had quite a hard time getting them off of my EQ but this is how I did it. Leasing companies often time don't have good records and NCS is known to just not budge.
  2. Fred030

    credit dispute collections/charged offs

    Do you have paper copies of your three CRAs? That is the first thing to start off with. In the mean time, Please read here.
  3. Fred030

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    What is "pull and push" and what is the significance of it?
  4. For retail banking, banks usually don't bother with Sagestream or ARS. Freezing Chex will prompt another CRA soft pull or EWS. I have Chex frozen along with LN, however, I was able to get in with BoA and HSBC with a two years old EWS entry from BoA. As tmcgill stated, any checks order, debit card order, bill pay activation, or couple return payments could possibly trigger a pull.
  5. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    ******UPDATE****** My brother did go ahead and applied for AmeriCash from BOA with a 0% ARP on BT. He was offered $7000. I had him call the backdoor to bump it up a bit but they were closed today. Lets see what they say on Monday. Thank you everyone for your feedback and contribution to the question:)
  6. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    I believe 0% APR on BT is better than 3% fee since he wont be floating it more than 9 months. The shorter the payback, the worser the fee. It depends on several factors. For instance, if you pay the minimum payments and pay off the balance at the end... that works in favor of the fee vs the interest rate in a general sense when compared with equal payments for each period (month). The interest rate per month is r/12... So if you pay it off in one month with a 3% fee you are effectively paying 36% interest. The best thing to do is plug in the actual numbers for a few likely or possible scenarios and use them as a rough guide. He wants to make a $30/ months payment until the 9th month and then pay off the left over in full.
  7. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    I believe 0% APR on BT is better than 3% fee since he wont be floating it more than 9 months.
  8. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    BOA Americard appears a good match, I also wanted to know if CITI would do as well.
  9. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    Thank God! A good BT would help eliminate high utilization on those two. Chase is good, but I think he might not get in because of the 5/24 rule. Bank of America might work. Not sure about Citi You think he wont pass the Chase 5/24 rule?
  10. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    Sorry about misunderstanding. Those are not the Balances rather the available credit VS CL. I was writing in hurry and did not make the correct ref. Only balance he carries is with two lines. and looking to transfer the NFCU since it is at 18% APR. NFCU Cash Rew $1400 out of $1500 and NAV Check $8000 out of $15000
  11. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    His CLIs are; NFCU Cash Rew 1400/1500 NFCU Platinum 5600/5600 NAVCHK 8000/15000 AMEX PRG Pay in full each month 3000 AMEX ED 428/500 Discover 1000/1000 He does not have any current relationship with any of those. He does bank with BOA with an average balance at $6000.
  12. Fred030

    BT Offer; which one is best?

    Hello, My brother is applying for a BT. and would like recommendation. His scores are EXP 700, EQ 675, TU 720, with a two years credit history. He currently holds four lines, nothing ever late. He wanted to know which one is more generous and relaxed between Chase and Citi. Citi is offering a 21 Months 0% APR for BT, while Chase has 15 Months 0% APR. His income is 56k.
  13. Fred030

    American Express

    It is an ordinary procedure for Amex internal record keeping to use an earliest MSD. It will not back date your account on CRA, neither has any credit significance.
  14. Fred030

    Reopen old charged off CCs?

    They will not reinstate an account that was closed by CG and eventually became a CO. I have tried and tried even with piles of documentation from an overseas tragic emergency that led up to delinquencies. No dice. They said even it they are to reconsider, it has to be with in 6 months for chase and with a new HP. Other lenders were "no go" after 30 days. You can always try because it does not hurt to ask.
  15. Fred030

    Critique my Appeal to NFCU

    I contacted them back in Sept but they advised me to bring the account current and wait couple months. Once there have been two/three months payments then appeal. I appreciate your feedback.

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