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  1. CT I have not disputed it yet. I only asked for a DV thinking that they wont be able to validate and it will come off.
  2. Greetings, I have comcast account That went into default during pandemic. Account was placed with Credit Collection Services. However, in March 2021, I paid off the balance with comcast and reactivated the service. Fast forward, I sent a DV to CCS to which they never responded. Instead they changed the unpaid CA to a paid CA. How could CCS update the status of an account that was never paid to them but instead paid to OC? Does their reporting violate accurate reporting statute since the very fact that their activity is factually incorrect(it was never paid to them). P
  3. I mailed a copy of answer to the opposing party. To which, I was expecting a response. They never replied to that and not submitted to Court any evidence. Actually the letter that came yesterday states that a hearing was held and I missed the hearing. The date of the hearing they are referring that I missed was last week. You are correct, and I am heading to the Court tomorrow.
  4. Yes I did state in my response that it was a fraud. I can see a scanned copy of it. There was only one Exhibit by the CA. That Exhibit is simply an affidavit of buying debt. No other document or payment records. Then there are two MFC and two orders granting those Motions. then comes June when Judge wrote. "The judgment entered on June xxxxxxx is hereby vacated. The defendant was unable to participate in the trial and filed a Motion for Continuance in a timely manner. However due to a data entry delay the motion wasn't uploaded until after the completed trial. A subsequent notice wil
  5. Unfortunately not. But I did submit an FTC ID Theft affidavit to Synchrony back then!
  6. In 2017, someone opened an amazon store card under my name. They ordered few items and then I guess it was closed. I saw it popping on my CRA. I disputed with the CRAs and it went away. Fast forward, a CA tried to collect and when I sent DV, it went silent. Last year a new CA tried to collect and it quickly went to small claims. I got the summoned and I filed a response. Then Court adjourned the case because of COVID, without a set future date. I was working in Afghanistan this time. I came back and been here for last few months. Today, a letter showed up from Court indicating a default judgem
  7. In addition to what CV91915 said, I would also focus on limiting the urge to apply for any new cards. What area are you in? a SSL could add a good boost.
  8. Yes and they only report to TU. I need one that reports to all three. Apped for Andrew FCU. Lets see.
  9. Hello, seeking advice on a credit builder loan that lets you (pay ahead) /pay in advance. DCU would not let advance payment. NFCU/Penfed are no go. Looking for something that possibly pulls EQ or TU.
  10. Thank you. Coming out of 12 CO from 2016. Contemplated BK idea but never gone that route. Currently reporting CO are Chase, Penfed and a Toyota Lease with 9 30 day/late markers. Out of three Cancelled and CO Amex, an Amex PRG was paid in full in 2016/17. I was able to remove NFCU, Lowes, CapOne. Last year I added myself to a family's Amex as an AU to sniff Amex attitude, It was then added to online card management. at 8 months mark, it is still going. From my COs, two Amex were left so I recently paid those off. I only have three open CC, one of them is AU and two SL. Positiv
  11. Thank you so much. I have paid off CANCELLED AMEX. They told me that If I repay in full, they will reinstate same account and recredit any MR. I wanted to see if I am in AMEX territory once these card report.
  12. Hi Everyone, Is it possible to get US Bank and TD Bank to report CC to CRAs? I have had the accounts for three weeks now. I really need them to report the CC. All insight is requested:)
  13. While you have contributed very little information, it appears that you may have had a financial difficulty that prompted DMP. You stated that you paid them off full. If that is the case, Amex may not necessarily hold those accounts against you. But when you reapply, Amex will be more interested to assess your probability of NOT falling back into what actually caused you to seek DMP. Amex has been more lenient in recent times and that depends upon many factors that we don't know from your post yet. Others, here, are more knowledgeable on this subject and will contribute!
  14. ***UPDATE*** So Amex AU showed up on all three as a new account. Currently Amex is also reporting couple CO accounts. I am trying to stay low for now until 90/120 days just to watch Amex's behavior.
  15. I am not positive yet that I am off the list after burning them for an amount north of 12k. I have made a new account profile. Though it is new profile, it brought up my original MSD. That is indicative of this fact that AMEX knows who this AU is. It has been a week and account is good and running. I am hoping to stay low for now and see for 90 days. Before I attempted AU, Amex did send me a letter last month asking to pay past due balance attached to the gold card and get my account reinstated. I have not bought into it yet. If I see any developments, I will report back.
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