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  1. Understood, thank you!
  2. LVNV has an arbitration clause, but not the OC who sold the debt. Can a LVNV arbitration be invoked since they now own the debt?
  3. Update; The firm has withdrawn the matter. The file is returned to Midland. Is it recomemnded that he reach out to the CA to negotiate a PFD? They cannot sue him in NY due to the expired SOL.
  4. In 2022, NYS adopted the new law that reduced SOL from 6 years to 3 years. https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/S153 In 2022, NYSAG sent a letter to Debt Collectors highlighting compliance with newly passed law. https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/2022.03.23_-_debt_collector_letter_re_reg_f_ccfa.pdf
  5. In my state SOL is 6 years. Plaintiff is using the old address to sue the Defendant using a 6 year SOL. But Defendant now lives in NY, hence that SOL applies to him.
  6. Is there a timeframe requirement for how long a defendent had moved out from the address? LVNV cannot sue them in NY because SOL is 3 years in NY and it has expired. The particular person has also changed their address with the creditors before the service.
  7. A family friend had a Andrews FCU debt that was soild to Midland Funding. MF is now suing him and left the summons on my door steps. The Family Friend has moved to NY overa year ago. Do I have any legal obligation to inform the family frined or tell the court? Can they just leave summons at the door step without actually handing to an adult? What should be the right course of action for him?
  8. I did not have VZW email, but I did mail the VZW Fraud determination to ERO by snail mail to Basking Ridge. Lets see what happens.
  9. This is exactly what I told them. I have been trying to get it fixed through Verizon Executive Relations Office. I filled a complaint with BBB and VZW EO came back and told BBB that account was not fraudulent. The EO office also lied about contacting me. While all this was going on with EO, I produced a police report and the individual admitted to fraud. VZW then determined that it was in fact a fraud and execused me from the liability. I now have two letters from VZW ceritifying that it was a fraudulent account. Since VZW EO told BBB that it was not fraudulent account, the VZW Recovery Dept now dont want to go against EO. They are telling me that EO is above us. I will upload the image of the BBB and Fruad Dept letter for your review.
  10. Furnisher is Verizon, the OC. I would like to give one more shot to VW on retracting its reporting. It will save me all the hustle and I will avoid dispute risk all togather. I will call VW Fraud to ask them if they have a more faster procedure in place to retract reporting. I will come back and report on the call.
  11. After device fraud, they eventually became CA and ended up on my CRAs. This is when I noticed and tried to resolve it. Only notation was unpaid CA. I am okay with a normal credit app verification. I heard some scary cases where credit app gets denied or go through a lengthy documentation; something I am not comfortable with.
  12. I agree with everything you said. I have gotten all CRA frozen including LN, Chex, and couple others. It has not re-occured since that incident. The culprit is going through criminal proceedings and I am confident that it will not occur again. For this reason, I believe, triggring fraud alert is something I am hesitant to take at this moment.
  13. I have CRA frozen. Unfortunately, Verizon does not pull CRA for serivice. I am under the impression that a fraud alert complicates credit applications. I may be wrong. I just dont want to deal with special handling and fraud alert hoops.
  14. I am not in hurry, I can wait 30 days. ID theft/fraud flag was my concern, that is why I am reluctant to dispute it.
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