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  1. I bank at both DCU and USAA , Regarding DCU , I guess I will have to start reading all the e-mail and snail mail they send me ? I was in my local branch today and didn't see anything about FICO Scores
  2. Bandit

    performer 2009

    I can't even get the spammers as friends Bob
  3. Will NoBama be giving our under 21 troops a pay increase so they can qualify for credit cards ? Also how about adding a clause to allow them to drink under 21 if in the service . If You can die for Your Country , You should be able to have a drink before you Go. Bob
  4. Last winter , the wife and I , drove from Boston to Temecula Ca. , then played in Arizona for 4 weeks , spent a few days in Arkansas ( even the State Park Demanded a Drivers Licenses to camp ) . The last places were in a restaurant in Virginia and a convenience store in West Virginia , then clear sailing back to Boston . Every place We used our cards for Gas , Groceries , or Goodies , they asked for an Id , till We got back to Mass. Bob
  5. Last Saturday the wife and I pulled up to a Dunken Donuts drive through , with a really long line of cars behind us , ordered 2 large ice coffee's and handed the girl a twenty , several min. later She handed me the coffee's and My twenty back , ? and said " have a nice day " . Bob
  6. Bandit

    DCU Visa CL Love

    Congrats. I also love DCU , and the best part of the Cu. is , that I can walk to My Branch . Bob
  7. Don't You just love a happy ending , or one leading up to one Bob
  8. According to the Mass. Sect. of State Debt Management , Inc. DBA Capitol Recovery Systems Lic. # DC 0778 310 South St. Suite 1 Plainville , Ma. 02762 By Googling Debt. Management Inc. I found Debt Management Inc. 31 Hayward St. Franklin , Ma. 02038 508-520-8890 Fax. 508-541-6504 Toll Free 888-470-8224 ( so they can capture Your # ) They also seem to go by CRS & C.R.S. Plainville is right next to Franklin ( I live in the area ) Google there 508-533-1900 # there quite a piece of work 508-553-1900 508-643-1400 acording to D & B there are Two Employees , Contact is Joe Tammaro I hope this info helps someone Bob
  9. ast5791 Did You walk to work today ? or carry your lunch ? Bob
  10. Are they Licenced under the name on Your report ? They have a few names , Not sure if it would help You Bob
  11. Hi Bstone It is listed on the Mass. Gov Web Site under " Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations " Bob http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=ocamodulechunk...clist&csid=Eoca
  12. Wife and I were audited by the IRS several years ago, We had separate accounts in the same Credit Union , We would transfer our money from one account to the other to pay bills , All deposits from pay checks. IRS agent ADDED up ALL our Deposits , in both accounts , subtracted our pay checks ,and considered the difference Cash that " We Had Overlooked and Forgot to Claim. No Criminal Charges , just the Fines and Interest . The Lawyers and Accountants that We Consulted with all said to pay it , it would have cost Us to much to fight it , and He would spend the rest of His sorry life Bugging us when we Won.
  13. Google shows it as The Forest Apartments in Farmington , Ct. Non of the search web sites show anything. Bob
  14. Stocks Did You have to bring up the BlueBerry Muffins ? I will have to throw the new package from BJ's out in the trash tomorrow. No desire to eat them now. Bob
  15. Simon subtracts $2.50 a month after 6 months for any cards with a balance left , and then charges a fee of $7.50 to Re-activate the Card. Where Is The Benefit There ? Do a Google for Simon Gift Card and Mass. Attorney General Bob

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