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  1. My overall utilization is over 35% and I have one medical collection ($110) that just showed-up on my credit reports (EX and EQ). The only other neg on my CRs is a late pay from 2014. I thought the utilization and the new medical collection (I'm working to get it removed, it shouldn't be on my reports) would prevent a CLI on any card. Synchrony just gave me an unsolicited CLI on my Nissan Visa from $6000 to $9000. I wonder if the fact that my Walmart store card transferring from Synchrony to CapOne had anything to do with it. Thanks Synchrony!!
  2. WhyChat I donated the first time you helped me. Now you have helped me again with a new collection. You are priceless and I will be glad to donate again. I also selected Kitty Angels of Tyngsboro, MA as the charity I'm supporting on Amazon Smiles. Now whenever I order something from Amazon, a portion goes to Kitty Angels.
  3. Ok both CRA's where this $58 medical collection debt appeared has deleted in response to my initial dispute letter. Experian sent a letter stating so but Equifax deleted without responding to me. Equifax did send me an email asking me to login online to get results of dispute. I have not signed into Equifax in years and no better than to do so right now. So that ends that. However, now there's another one. This one is for $110 and it's the same collection agency for the same debtor (doctor's office). The account numbers are different from the $58 on both Experian and Equifax debt that was deleted. I should send the initial dispute letter and handle this a new one? I think that's what I should do but I'm checking with you WhyChat. Thanks for your help!!
  4. I received this in an email..... Our records show that you are currently enrolled in Autopay on your Walmart® credit card with Synchrony Bank. As of September 17, 2019, you will no longer be able to schedule new AutoPay payments on your account. All previously scheduled payments through October 10, 2019 will be processed by Synchrony Bank. All payments on your account scheduled after October 10, 2019 will be canceled. On October 11, 2019, your Walmart credit card will transfer to Capital One®, N.A. There will be a brief period from October 10th at 3:00PM ET through October 13th, 2019, during which time payments on your account will only be accepted by mail. Beginning October 14th, 2019, we encourage you to visit walmart.capitalone.com to enroll in Autopay with Capital One. To learn more about upcoming changes, please visit walmart.com/capitalone. Sincerely, Synchrony Bank
  5. I am anticipating a bill for a major surgery and lengthy hospital stay. My portion of the bill is small compared to the total cost. However I still can’t afford to pay off my portion in less than 6 months. What happens if I setup a payment plan, stick to it, but can’t pay it off before the hospital sends it to collections? Can that happen? And if it does how then can I get it removed from my credit report upon full payment?
  6. I am not sure what the date of service is but probably earlier this year. It was added to my credit report a few days ago and credit karma alerted me. I will check my EOMB and also check for reporting errors. Should I send the initial dispute letter right away while I'm figuring out the EOMB? I pulled my annual free credit report and it says: Date Assigned 07/18/2019 Original Amount Owed $58.00 Amount $58.00 Status Date 09/06/2019 Status UNPAID Balance Date 09/06/2019 Account Designator Code INDIVIDUAL_ACCOUNT Creditor Classification Medical or Health Care Last Payment Date Date of First Delinquency 03/09/2019
  7. A medical collection for only $58 has just been added to my credit report. I am wondering if I even owe this because I pay all my medical debts right away or establish a payment plan if the amount is too high. I have had several costly procedures in the last 2 years and noticed the various doctors and other services all bill separately. I do my best to keep up but may have overlook this one. I think I read somewhere that small amounts like I have for medical bills are automatically removed once paid? Is that true? Or should I use Why Chat method to get this off my report?
  8. Well Apple didn't give all the details. So, everyone will speculate until the card starts late this year. The exact date itself will be speculated. Also, what does this exactly mean: "Customers can sign up for Apple Card in the Wallet app on their iPhone?" Other questions: What exactly will be the interest rate tier? What role does Goldman Sachs play?
  9. So you subscribe to each bureau individually? Or is there some way to subscribe all-at-once?
  10. So if freezes are better, according to the article, what is the cost-effective way of freezing/unfreezing? Or do I have to pay all three bureaus separately to freeze/unfreeze? Also, how easy and quick is freezing/unfreezing?
  11. Is there one website service I can use to lock/unlock Experian, Equifax,and Transunion reports? Or must I visit each website and sign up for their service separately?
  12. WhyChat you helped me get a paid medical bill removed from my reports, which cleaned reports of all collections. I am trying to keep them clean. I just received a letter from a collection agency for a medical bill with date of service in 09/2018. I do not dispute the bill because I called my insurer and was told this is the portion I must pay. The problem I have is that I don't have the money to pay. I could pay a portion and setup a payment plan. However, the letter states that I have 30 days to dispute the bill. It does not mention a payment plan. It sounds like unless I pay in full it's going on my credit reports!! I've come too far to let this happen. If I call them and ask for a payment plan and they agree (if they agree), will it still go my reports? I contacted the doctor's office and was told they don't handle their own billing and I must contact whomever sent me the letter. I don't know how to proceed on this.
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