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  1. Yeah I do need to save more but i did use their calculator and they said I could have bout 2.1k back with my 1k of course within 6 months at 100 each month. Just trying to save up more money now since I paid of my car in August.
  2. I don’t really know what to invest into. I have 1k spare and I’m adding 200 to that saving every month.
  3. So as my question implie, do you get taxed on a saved account. I just recently opened a high interest saving thru synchrony and it’s 1.80 however I did some research and it says you can get taxed on that because it’s extra income? How does that work because I just want the most money back. I know I could put into cds and all that but I wanna withdraw it if I need it so those are out of the question and I already have a 401k plan through my work but I want my own savings that I can touch anytime I need to. Navy federal offers a saving account but it’s only .20 interest rate and I won’t get much from that as compare to the 1.80 that synchrony offers
  4. I’m done!!!!! I would finish payment on the 29th since my bank is sending the funds on the 27th. All 28k paid off. F u car loan
  5. I definitely don’t want my personal info hacked or my credit files messed up because like I did mention I have no need to apply for anything so no point in keeping them open so someone can just come up and open accounts under my name. I would rather be safe then sorry. What is IDS btw?
  6. Lol I posted that at night so I didn’t think so clearly and excited to pay off a huge loan all by myself! Lien lol. Can you answer my question on my other post bout freezing credit.
  7. So I just froze all my credit lines and how would I check that without applying for a loan? How do I freeze my SSN so it cant be stolen? I just learned bout this today and I don't really need to apply for anything so I am just like I would freeze all my accounts.
  8. Wohoo 1.4k or 1.5k left if you round up. I might finish it of this month or next month! No more car payment and my car would be clean and clear of any leans! https://imgur.com/mNmMSyC
  9. It should be fine because it has the 2GR-FE engine which is a reliable v6 from toyota so its good. If the time comes I might junk it or if possible get the engine replaced as getting an engine replaced will be cheaper then buying a new car. I don't even like the new cars of today with to many lane guidance and to many crap in cars that could go wrong. Call me old fasion but I don't need a lane departure warning system or blind spot warning. I been driving for 9 yrs without all that and I am fine. The only useful thing I find today is the backup camera but any car can get a backup camera added also. Could care less bout android auto or apple carplay.
  10. Who knows? Really. I could die right now or even tomorrow from multiply things. Does it matter? I do oil changes every 5k. I take care of my stuff. I’m not taking it to no quick lube place like jiffy lube to do an “oil change” and dealership is to expensive for my car. $130 for my car when I get all the stuff for less then $40. Even dealerships aren’t trustworthy. I put Mobil 1 full syenthic and top Fram filter even though I know Mobil 1 is overkill for my car. I have a mechanic I go to but he isn’t available on saturdays or Sunday and I’m not taking a day of to do basic things that I can do myself.
  11. I am never buying any more cars because I think I will keep this forever. I have had 5 cars that I pay myself all of them and I had financed them myself to but I am done with cars for now. I am not finished yet so cant save that 600+ a month yet but luckily I will be soon by the end of October maybe or earlier, who knows. I still got some credit card debt I have to pay of but soon those will be done to . Currently have a 401k through my work and I currently have 10k saved up in it and the company matches anything 6% or above. My car only has 56k miles so it should last quite a while and I just bought all 4 new tires not to long ago and changed the brake pads and brake rotors(my self). I have some handy skills because the shops wanted bout $700 to install(I do get that they have shops fees etc... but I am not made of money, yet anyways) pads and rotors and I am like no way so I just did it myself. Pads were cheap enough and oem and I just used some advance auto brake rotors which were the platinum rotors.
  12. Wohoo 2.4k left and 2.2k after today or tomorrow. https://imgur.com/F2GB9vE
  13. So I am 25 right now and I started of a car loan with 28k after rolling over an existing car loan because I am an idiot but right now I have less then 5k left! That is only owning the car since march of 2016 so about 3yr and 3 months later I have paid about 23k so far. My loan expires on march 2022 https://imgur.com/Wpf4euH https://imgur.com/wRFNWuw I expect to finish this before even 2020 starts and no I didn't get no help financially or anything. About to own my car financially free and be saving bout $600+ a month!
  14. It is reporting to the creditor but no matter how much I pay my toyota auto loan will not make my score go up. I am saying that it is not helping with my fico score but it is on the credit report.

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