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  1. I bet u I won’t:). Gonna see on payday if I can pay a lot more because I just recently finished paying of my Bank of America card which had a balance of 987.
  2. So I was just wondering if I ask for a CLI will that effect me badly like opening a new line? I know they will do a hard pull but is it the same as asking for a new line of credit type of pull?
  3. I guess but I am really trying to buy a house ASAP so I am looking at ways to save money on bills and whether paying of the best buy credit card is a smart idea or paying down other bills. As of right now I am kinda renting and its alright but I want to move out before I turn 28. I know my car will be finished soon and if I could I would put every money I could on my car note because I have 6k left
  4. I don't buy techs or anything. I don't even have an apple watch or samsung etc... The only recent tech I bought was from best buy which was a 60 inch samsung 1.6k worth of tv which was a yr and a half ago latest smart phone is a an iphone x 256gb(when it was released). I do like cars as you can already tell. the last furniture I had bought was a $800 queen bed from discount bobs furniture which was 4 yrs ago and that was paid off with a 0% card to.
  5. I’m not new to 0% interest offers. Like I did mention I took advantage of BOA also when I had balance transferred 3k and I be done this month with the pay of to which I am finishing with $843.43.
  6. Saving money of course. Screw the FICO score because I wouldn’t need to buy anything but a house might be next because I’m only 25 and I might want a house soon, no renting. Eh I had a huge bill on my BOA but I used that for the balance transfer while it was 0% though so now that card is useless to me since it’s been closed. My next balance to tackle that’s a little high is one of my navy federal cc but interest is not to bad as it’s only %16 considering how my credit score was. The only reason I like 0% interest is I can always have time to pay it off without paying fully and no extra money is going out.
  7. So my bestbuy credit card is running out of the 0% interest in 5 months and I have $532.15 left which I’ll pay off in 5 months if I Want to PIF other wise I would pay $100 increments like I have been and pay 132.15 at the end of the 1 month left but I am also paying off my BOA cc which has $843.43 balance since it’s 0% interest is gone after this month. I have 6 other credit files excluding my car which I might pay $700 or 1k because I have 6k left on my car which would leave me with 5k or 5.3k afterwards.
  8. There is no fees if you refinance. I meant I was stupid as in I traded upto 4 cars to get to this price because the car originally was 21k but I had 7k negative equity which made it higher and my credit took a hit because I traded 4 cars.... My apr isn't bad considering my age though because I got 6.19% and like I did mention no one helped me out with anything. My next toy is to try and get a mustang gt manual v8 after I finish this car(not trading this car in) under 13-15k.
  9. Yeah, thats what I been thinking to but that $200 is enticing. I just have 5.9k left can you believe that after I paid of 22.1k so far... Thats a lot of money that I could have used for anything else. 😪 Life lessons learned.
  10. So as you know me I have a car with a 28k note. I know very stupid of me but my car note is down to 5.9k and I have had the loan for 3 yrs and one month. I had original done a 7 yr finance and that was because if I ever needed some breathing room but I pay my car note in advance. Now my question is should I refinance to a 24 month loan?I have less then 10 months left if I keep paying the 600 or 9 months if I keep paying the 700 that I have been paying for the pass 2 months. My original car note is $450 a month but I dont want to pay what there asking me because I don't want to keep the loan forever. I am proud of myself for not rolling into another car note because I learned my less after 4 car notes. The only reason I ask is because I believe I saw an ad that says if I refinance with my NFCU that I can get $200 after like a month or 2 of payments and I could just put that $200 for the car to speed up the process even faster because I really want my car note done and done. I cant wait for the 10 or 9 months left. I am excited to get the car in my name and no more payments on it and I am only 24. No one has supported me and I been on my own so don't be saying anything like I been getting helped.
  11. Its suppose to boost your credit score but they will check your bank account to see all the utility bills and everything you paid and I don't think this will work with other creditors other then experian. Has anybody tried it and whats your opinion about it? https://www.experian.com/consumer-products/credit-score.html
  12. Its just a credit line that lets you pay for products over time with some even being as low as 0% interest. It basically just gives you time to pay if you can not afford the full item but need it like car tires etc or for stupid ppl buying things u dont need.
  13. No, but I never pay attention to it but was just wondering since this could help others.
  14. I just had a question since everytime you use affirm you get a soft pull which doesn't harm your score but as you're paying the loan does it positively effect your credit score/report?
  15. They are all credit card bills other then my car and Best Buy store card which I would pay off before the interest hits. It’s not like I am dying paying my debt. That 2k that I have through navy federal is a checking line of credit which is somewhat like a personal loan which will draw out if my bank is 0 to cover the cost like let’s say I spent $100 and I only have $50. I will spend that $50 and the other $50 will be coming out of that line of credit so essentially if I wanted to pay off my BOA I could since I would only have to pay 1.5k once I get my taxes back. That checking line of credit is only 16.90% also.

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