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  1. I rarely spend on myself. In most cases. I just want atleast 2 of my credit debts gone and that 13.5 will make it so 2 of those debts are gone which will put me better financial wise. I hate my 401k because they don't allow me to repay a portion of my 401k because I have already took out of it before and they said that my company wont let me pay back partial. Its all or go month to month.
  2. I owed money on my tax return. I made 65k last yr as my gross but only 44k net income I get taxed a lot and just cause I’m single they think I make yo much.
  3. So I have resorted to all options where I have tried personal loans and the only personal loan I could get to repay my 3 creditors which is through navy federal is... you guessed it navy federal because I have tried all other options like upstart etc... and they only would give me a personal loan with apr of 25% but navy federal wanted to give me a loan with 18% however my 401k wants to give me for 5% and no tax penalty since it’s a loan and and not a withdrawal. Do you think I should take it? I have a loan where I need Atleast 16000 but my 401k would give me 13500 since I have 27000 with my 401k and I’m only 27. I’m still messed up due to the last girl from a year and a half ago and I have been getting better with tackling down my debts but I need some assistance.
  4. I just hate how she reacted yet we weren't were in a relationship. I don't get how she reacted. I thought she was gonna be like okay and not get angry. I am probably going to lose her. I will see because I will contact her on the 19th and see if she wants to see me on the 20th.
  5. OMG I hate my life more now. She got mad at me like it was my fault when I told her not to contact me, not to call me until Jan 30th that it shattered my heart and She told me to get out of her house and screamed at me . I told her this not good bye but she did not take it well and she cried. I’m mad at myself for bringing that up but it had to but said.
  6. I’m bout to say good bye to my crush 😔😔 for a month until feb 1st because I need to see if I can better myself for a month without seeing or hearing her although it will hurt me. If she doesn’t want to see anymore I’ll be hurt but it has to be done because I’m hurting inside talking to her and going to her house but not being with her . Wish me luck all.
  7. I’m okay though but don’t feel 100%.
  8. Hmm. I sorta got kind of anxious when she said be happy your okay and nobody died, I wish I was. I know this forum or any forum is against self harm but I really feel like I have nothing to live for, I feel like sometimes my existence is a joke.
  9. I feel sad right now tbh like nothing I do is ever right :(. Friends leave, I lose people I love, and i just had a car accident yesterday because I am not right. My truck has a huge dent now and my truck front bumper is destroyed. She texted/called me making sure I was fine but inside I am dead right now like nothing is left in my life that can go right. I don’t know anymore what to do. https://m.imgur.com/a/UImVTAC
  10. Yeah your right. Atleast she told me it’s not a definite no so there’s hope left. A bit bummed but what can I do. Happy New Years
  11. Thank you for your kind words but I still have feelings left for her and it sucks that she doesn’t want to move on in a way I want to move on forward with her it’s so hard to find a decent person in this time and I thought I found someone special which I still believe she is, someone who fills my empty feelings in this world with happiness. I guess I can be glad that we can still be friends.
  12. I work, I make good money for a 26 yr old. Made 64k 2020, 73k 2019, 60k 2018, and I have had more then 8 cars and that is a lot for a 26 yr old and no one has helped me financially or anything. I don’t buy things a lot that is not my style as in I rarely go shopping for anything. I did buy new shoes recently which costed $120 and I haven’t bought new shoes since I was 21 and I also bought my first pair of blue jeans in a long time just to try and dress up. Objects don’t simply make me happy :(. I thought until the midnight of December 31st where I thought I found someone I liked where she said I liked you but I see you more as a friend which killed my mood totally. I just blurred it out that I told her at 11:40 pm that I see her more then a friend and that I had loved her. I had known her for more then a yr n a half and I thought I would open up to her. Now I feel broken, I mean she still said we can be friends etc but that sucks though. She was supportive through the years I knew her that’s why I became attached to her and of course she’s beautiful and she’s been single for more then 10 yrs which is what I don’t get. I would stay at her house until like 1pm or 2pm at nights and I thought we were getting along. I feel like life sucks even though I know people have worse then me.
  13. I know I have to pay interest but I want the extra payments to go towards the principle and not the interest. I also don’t care that I have a month or 2 where I don’t have to pay. Like my pass loan with Toyota I would call them to get it to go towards the principle the extra payments and not toward the interest.
  14. I’m still working so I don’t have time to look through my loan paper work. My first payment was suppose to be this month since I got the loan in November but in November I made a payment of 400 and 55.83 got applied towards interest and 344.17 got applied towards the principle. this is pissing me off because I don’t want to pay interest but one lady when I called navy federal said this is an interest based loan and I’m like what the freak.
  15. So I just made of 350 towards my debt consolidation loan and 299.97 went towards the interest and 50.33 went toward the principle. I tried calling and they say this is an interest based loan! Now I don’t have a payment until feb,23,2021 but I don’t care for that! I want it to go towards my principle. Any help?
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