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  1. Oh I know my 4runner is worth more. Autotrader, carmax etc... Has other 4runners and they are older with more miles then my 2013 and they are still selling alot. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/all-cars/toyota/4runner/damascus-md-20872?dma=&searchRadius=50&isNewSearch=false&marketExtension=include&showAccelerateBanner=false&sortBy=derivedpriceASC&numRecords=25 I am not dead set on getting rid of my car. Just wondering if I were to get rid of it because I have been thinking but not willing to go thru with it.
  2. I found this nice hyundai elantra sport for only 11.6k and it has everything. Heated seats,leather,push to start, backup camera, 6 speed manual. Its a fun car for being a 2.0 I already took a test drive and i like it. They are willing to give me 22k for my car so the total for the trade will be 7,755.26 so that would not be bad compare to 17k that I have left. Does that seem like worth it. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=562004341&zip=20872&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D20872%26city%3DDamascus%26sortBy%3Drelevance%26location%3D%5Bobject%2BObject%5D%26incremental%3Dall%26state%3DMD%26firstRecord%3D0%26marketExtension%3Dinclude%26searchRadius%3D25%26isNewSearch%3Dfalse%26transmissionCodes%3DMAN&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&searchRadius=25&makeCode1=HYUND&modelCode1=ELANTR&clickType=listing
  3. I am confused should I deposit that $31 or just trash it. The only account I ever had was when I had a car loan through them and that was over I was say 6 yrs ago but there talking bout a credit card and I was just wondering if its a fraud check and I don't want to be in trouble for checking a fraud check if it is.
  4. So I got a check from wellsfargo and I am not sure if I should deposit or trash it. I got a cashiers check made out to me for $31 and they said "we recently conducted a view and found that when you made a payment on the last day of your billing period, we may have provided unclear information on which statement the payment would be applied. Because of this, we're refunding associated late fees and interest. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused." The weird thing is I never had a checking or a credit card through wells fargo and I called wells fargo to find out what this is but they want my ssn and even though I called the direct line I am not about to give wells fargo my ssn. I have already frozen my credit lines through eq,tu,ex so no one is opening any new accounts under my name and I checked annual credit report and no suspicious reports. I have even gone as far to freeze all my credit cards that I don't use because I could just unfreeze them at a touch of my phone so no suspicious charges a cure.
  5. Im not saying that I will get a house within a few months. I could get it within a yr and a half if I were to get that accord however that accord sold already or is sent back to the auctions. Any how that accord is good compare to most other cars because insurance is heck cheaper and like I mention maintenance is cheaper and they are also reliable as hell. I may go with a loan through navy federal as they don't require PMI for there house loans. I got 2 credit cards through navy federal and I got a checking line of credit through them to. I started my credit journey with navy federal Nrewards secured credit card and now that card is 14.99% interest with no security deposit on it(its called Visa Signature GO rewards now) so I am sure I can get a good loan through navy federal. I also have a visa platinum credit card through them with 15.99 interest and that has a my limit on that card is 8.5k and 5k on visa signature go rewards. I have had there bank since 2014 and they been pretty good to me approving everything I do with no hassle. I also got https://www.navyfederal.org/loans-cards/mortgage/why-choose-navy-federal.php
  6. You will be surprised how reliable old hondas and toyotas are. Plus its 1996 meaning no electrical nannies that would be expensive to fix like old bmws or old mercedes Yeah and that accord looks like its in great shape also! I will have atleast 1k or 2k in equity if I trade in my 4runner so it wont be much to pay off considering my 17.6k 4runner. will be 16.6k soon but I will have that paid of much faster if I were to get that accord. Gas will be cheaper of course since its going from a truck 4wd v6 to a car fwd 4 cylinder. Gas will also be cheaper since the car will be more efficient and maintenance is cheaper to. I don't need to get rid of my 4runner. I could afford the payments. My payments are 385.35 for the 4runner, now I don't have to pay 1k but I want to finish of the car loan so that way I don't have to worry bout the 4runner and just get a clean title in bout 20 months or less or I could get a clean title to that accord in bout 5-8 months and not have any payments left. I do have money but I am just trying to find a way quicker to getting a house because I am 26 and I need to get my own house. I don't want to rent anymore as I am getting no where with renting.
  7. Sure, if that will help. Honda parts are cheap and especially it being a manual it will last longer then me even if I keep it for that long. Like I said for 100k something miles it’s not bad and it’s in decent shape for being 4K. You can get parts at junk yard if needed because this car is so common. I’ll miss my 4runner but I have had so many cars that losing this to buy a house isn’t to bad. I would pay 1k again this month and it would down to 16.6k this month but like I mention if I get that accord I will probably finish within 6 months or less. Instead of less then 20 months with the 4Runner.
  8. I bought an suv that was 28k but I had positive equity which I paid my earlier suv of so I got 8k for my trade but with taxes and title etc... my financed amount is 21.6k. Now I have owned the car since may of 2020 and I like it but I have a loan left of 17.6k. Thats not bad since may right? Paid off more then 4k since may but I finally realized I gotta save up for a house now as much as I like my current 4runner that I have and payments are only $488 a month but I tend to over pay if possible on the principle loan only. I figure I would pay of within less then 20 months which isn't to bad but I am 26 and starting to realize that getting a house is better as I will be able to get another suv/car I want later. Anyways I am looking at this 1996 honda accord lx for 4k with 103k miles which isn't to bad but come on its a honda accord with a manual and it looks clean. honda accord I figured I could pay that of within bout maybe say 6 months or less then that 20 months I have with my 4runner and buy a house then buy another 4runner or other cars I want later after I get a house. That honda could less me awhile and its in decent shape for a 1996. I don't mind driving old cars. All the cars I have driven have been old other then an s550 mustang which was a 2015 even that was old because I got it at 35k miles. Just trying to figure out if its a smart idea to get rid of a more payment loan and to roll over to a less payment and finish that less payment to get into a house because my credit score could use some work. https://imgur.com/a/6FJF4GY
  9. I know it might be a risk since there is no way from stopping ppl abusing your car but I was wondering if doing like a car rental is a good idea. I found another car I like and I want it but I have no need for 2 cars but if I can make one earning money while it does nothing then it will worth it to have an extra car and who knows if I want to drive it.
  10. I would run. If they only advertise they need $800 a month to get you financed you will get jacked up in interest and probably get your car repoed. I would not be doing business with them if I were you.
  11. Yeah because he told me it would show good credit if I got a car with 0% interest when I bought a house because I told him I’m thinking bout buying a house soon and was not really needing but wanting that mustang. He was even offering me another tank full of gas and 1500 in credit for me to take it. It was really tempting and I almost went for it.
  12. That’s what I though. The sales person was trying to talk me into buying that mustang. It was a 2020 gt premium fully loaded without the performance pack which I don’t need and they were giving it to me for 39k with 0% interest which was a good deal but I know I have to buy a house soon because I’m 26 and I want my own house. I just thought that was like a way to talk me into buying it because if 0% did give me a better credit rating when I buy a house then I would have took it but if it does nothing then I don’t need it. I want it but I don’t need it. My 4Runner does the job just fine.
  13. So I got a good deal for a 2020 mustang gt premium yesterday and I was wondering if I got the 0% on my credit history will it show that its good because my next investment is buying a house and I am not sure if I get the mustang will it show a better thing on my credit report because its 0%.
  14. Yeah I do need to save more but i did use their calculator and they said I could have bout 2.1k back with my 1k of course within 6 months at 100 each month. Just trying to save up more money now since I paid of my car in August.
  15. I don’t really know what to invest into. I have 1k spare and I’m adding 200 to that saving every month.

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