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  1. Haven't used my Disco recently due to paying down balances. Currently down to 3k balance from 14k. Got an offer in the mail offering $100 cash back on $1000 spending by June 30. Between gas and groceries that'll be an easy target to hit and 10% is difficult to top. Will definitely be paying close attention based on what I've heard here on CB.
  2. 5yrs undergrad, 4 year doctorate ~140k. Looking back kinda kick myself as I definitely could have made it out with less. Only thing going for me is I work for public school system so planning on utilizing public service loan forgiveness after 10 years.
  3. Denial for DW & I w LUV button. Me 665 17.6k 17% uti DW 690ish 6.5k 86% Uti (0% BT offer)
  4. What about a subtle stock card?
  5. Current scores in sig for me and DW
  6. So DW and I weren't planning on purchasing until later in the year. Went house shopping today and found something we really like in one of our preferred neighborhoods. It's an REO that actually doesn't need work. Only been on market a week and won't last long at current price. We should have no problem qualifying for FHA through any lender but I'm in process of trying to get into NFCU via BIL/SIL and hoping to take advantage of their either 100% conventional or high LTV ARM. Would obviously love to make offer ASAP. Considering doing prequal with another lender then if NFCU works out switching to them but still have other lender and be under contract if it doesn't. Is it kosher to change lender after going under contract or would we be "stuck"? Also, current lease expires Aug 1 so would actually like to draw out closing a little longer if possible to minimize loss of deposit, can you ask for longer closing times in offer and would the positively/negatively affect how bank views offer?
  7. Thanks. I've done that with a few pieces to no avail, but will continue. Definitely not opening/signing for anything, just could read one where envelope torn by mailhandler. We've already started looking for places. Found one we liked actually, just need my BIL to get his butt in gear adding my wife's sister to his NFCU accounts so we can join and start exploring mortgage options.
  8. Curious if I have any options? DW and I moved into rental in August, since then we're routinely getting mail from mortgage company addressed to landlord's SO who I assume used to live here with landlord. One letter was damaged and could see that it was related to foreclosure of another property. I've asked landlord b/c I didn't know who it belonged to and she told me it was her SO and she didn't want the mail. There have now been a few certified letters that we've gotten slips for. Have been going to post office and telling them to return to sender. Landlord and her SO pretty obviously are trying to avoid updating mailing address. Would it do me any good to call mortgage company and tell them this person does not live here anymore & to stop sending mail to this address? Moved, left no forwarding address.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, I was debating on the STI, but I think I may hold off until they drop the fa20 in there at some point. Supposed to be next year right? I tested a 13 WRX Sedan and loved it, Would prefer the hatch though.
  10. Ron's got ELEVEN more credit cards to apply for http://willowridge.blair.com/content.jsp?pageName=PLCC_LP
  11. Great choice of car btw
  12. To do a gift that large with no taxes, your parents would have to file an estate tax exemption. Reduces the amount of estate they can leave tax free at time of passing. I believe you can give up to $5MM estate tax free. So if your parents give you 100k now would reduce their eventual estate tax exemption to $4.9MM.
  13. I've got plenty of positive revolving history so that's not an issue. My big revolving drag has been utilization, but that's getting under control.
  14. I know from reading on here that installment loans do not play a huge factor in scoring but I am repeatedly seeing the "proportion of installment loans balances to initial amounts is too high" on both CK and on decision letters (most recently from Synch/Lowes). I've got ~25 student loan accounts reporting. No derogs/lates but I just finished grad school May 2014 and didn't enter repayment until Dec 2014 and with being on income based repayment to take advantage of public service loan forgiveness down the road, balances are not decreasing rapidly. I have to consolidate about 9 of them to get them to be eligible (too old/FEFFL type) which will decrease open trades some, would I get more of a boost consolidating all my eligible federal loans and drastically reducing the number of open installments but having one with a 6 figure balance (approx 120k) or just consolidating the minimum ones I need to still leaving 10-12 total lines?
  15. Got my letter in the mail, reported a 630 so I'm thinking my credit score hadn't reflected recent payoffs balance decreases. My TU08 from Disco is showing 666 right now, so I'll let it climb a little more then try again.

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