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  1. Interesting there was a 10% balance left not including the shipping fees... arrangements were made for pick but they never showed. So to show a judge how they failed to pick up their product after numerous written communication of them agreeing to it— I might be ok. But who knows.
  2. State GA. What do you mean ‘what was placed in material dispute’ ? i disputed the validity of the account, the amount, contract obligations between JDB & me. History: The actual purchase was disputed with the original seller since they delivered the wrong item and their delivery service refused to carry it back to their truck and take their item with them!!! It went to some collection company and was deleted... now 5 yrs later it’s showing up from this JDB at 4x the cost.
  3. I’m here— what guidance do you have to offer please. I didn’t get a notice of response so my bad on the delay.
  4. I have 6 trade lines reporting from Ascendium collections with notation of student loan and various amounts. After reviewing my credit report it shows US Bank as the original creditor. I called the student loan servicing phone number and asked where these tradelines are coming from & the rep states my student loans were consolidated. So of course I asked how because I don’t recall and never signed any docs. I requested her to send me the consolidation signature docs and any reference documentation. She only sent the original loan dating back 24yrs. Can someone offer advice how
  5. 1. EX & EQ deleted a collection acct from my report in 2016 after one initial dispute 2. In 2019, a JDB reports on EX & EQ for the same acct. I requested a DV and the JDB sent the initial application. 3. OC sent the wrong item in 2014 and after 6 months of disputing they stopping collection attempts. (technically this should be #1). 4. I disputed the JDB (2nd ÇA) with the CRA’s and it came back verified. What letter can I send to the JDB after they responded with the initial application from 2014 and what is another dispute tactic to the CRA that only responds with previ
  6. @Coll567e did you use specific verbiage in your dispute... I sent a DV to Ascedium and no response, I disputed directly with CRA - response is still remains.
  7. @Coll567e did you use specific verbiage in your dispute... I sent a DV to Ascedium and no response, I disputed directly with CRA - response is still remains.
  8. Great for you! I’ve disputed with the credit bureaus and no budge — I pay Dept of edu directly so I don’t understand this listing. Can you offer insight to get this off? What did your letter say? Pls help — thanks.
  9. The first loan didn't go thru b/c of the employment verification came back as temp/contract; however the new lender did a VOE and stated there was no indication of temp/contract so they could proceed with it; hence that issue has been resolved... The LO did state it would be interesting to see how the seller will add 20k. But we are waiting to see if the agent will accept the 200k offer. File is scheduled to come out of underwriting to present the agent an approval on Monday. I understand the seller's frustration
  10. FHA financing... I was just baffled at the price increase in 2 mons with nothing moving in the area and nothing done to the house to accommodate the increase. I get it... appraisals can come back at contract price but I do know it has to be reasonable contract price since there's this nice thing called 'inflated appraisal' and no one wants that. I just figured as Dallas Guy stated... Seller might be being a greedy a$$. But im waiting to see how seller wants to play it out in the end... Will definitely keep this thread updated! Thanks as always for all replies. Great guid
  11. Another question with it staying in the database for 6 mons how will play out if a new appraisal is completed?
  12. Not sure how seller is rite... Seller is stating that appraisals typically come back at what ever is on the contract so if they can get a contract/offer at 220k then they feel it will get appraised at that amount. I've never heard of this especially since appraisers have gotten cleaner since the mortgage bust!
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