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  1. What is the number to call?
  2. I have noticed that there has been some changes with some of the accounts. Amazon revolving is one that was available with no PG but now you have to PG it to submit the app. There are a few others that are also requiring a PG now. I understand the beneficial owner part where you give your social but that is not a PG just used to verify your identity. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way around it? Seems like alot of the revolving accounts are forcing you to PG.
  3. How do I apply for the Amazon revolving? Tried but can't submit app without pg.
  4. Do you have to give your ss# for app?
  5. Has anyone used Credit Suite? Has anyone listened to Ty Crandall? What is your opinion if so? He been saying that with 10 to 15 trades and one being at least 10k that a company can get Amex, Chase etc with not pg. I have also heard this in other places. I am trying to see if anyone else has heard this or accomplished this.
  6. How do you apply? Can you send me the link? Can I apply without my ss?
  7. Does anyone have Amex business platinum, Lowes business Amex or any Chase Business cards without a pg? I been doing research and I have heard Ty Crandall say that it can be done but you gonna need 10 to 15 trades reporting. If so how do you apply? Online they make you give your social security number. How can I get the paper applications so I do not have to give them my ss#?
  8. Is it possible to get the Lowes business Amex without a pg?
  9. I have been researching and watching videos to find who besides BJs and Sams offer a Visa or MasterCard with no pg. I have seen where Chase, PnC, Amex and a couple others offer it but from my understanding you have to send in paper app and leave off your ss#. I am trying to find out where to get or print the apps from. Can anyone help with this?
  10. I just need a little clarity about getting approved with no docs. With one pull I can apply for a business credit card and the BCLOC. Where I am confused is how much I should ask for without have to sho finacials or any docs. Is it 25k or 50k? I have a brand new business so I do not have any tax returns or docs for it. just need a little help so that I do not make any mistakes.
  11. I have an Amazon Business seller account but I cannot find where to apply for the Net30. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  12. The other day I was going thru the mail and there was a letter that I thought was junk mail turned out to be a $106 check from a class action suit with DnB. I don't remember signing in to be apart of the suit but maybe I did. Well the suit was for them letting there computer automatically call cell phone numbers with automated messages. I'll take it. No check for my other company but that has a Google voice number. Just thought I'd post that info.......
  13. Can someone post the link for Vista Print please?
  14. How many trades are needed to get approved for Sams MC?
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