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  1. Navy is very generous with their credit lines. I doubt anyone else will do better for you at this time. The good news is that if you pay on time and keep your balances low, Navy will probably give you 10k plus before the end of the year.
  2. This is probably the finest advice this young man will ever receive in his life. Please use a condom!
  3. I know this answer doesn't answer you question but his credit or proof of address isn't the problem. If you can find this guy 10 proofs of residence and a 850 Fico it won't matter. He has it made. Guaranteed monthly check, place to live, people to check on him. He is now like a sheltered house pet that can't be put out into the cold. You have him for the duration.
  4. If you could only have three credit cards, what would they be and why?
  5. Having large credit limits is certainly no substitute for cash reserves in an emergency. Having access to that credit though can add a certain peace of mind. The automobile bail out of 2008 really brought home a point for me. GM and Chrysler had to be bailed out because they were out of cash and didn't have available credit. Ford, on the other hand, didn't have to be bailed out because they had set up large credit lines a few years earlier when the economy was booming. So the lesson I took was to secure your lines of credit when you don't need them and hope that you don't ever need to tap them
  6. Hate to be dumb but what is a "signature card"?
  7. I wonder if you swipe it or do they now make you insert it?
  8. My NFCU secured card unsecured just this past August.
  9. Usage on an individual card is factored in just like overall usage. Since card 2 and 3 are both under 50% right now, I would be tempted to put all 7k on card 1 right now unless it carries a drastically lower interest rate than the other cards. As Big Bear pointed out, balance chasing may continue on card 3 so money spent on that card to lower overall utilization may go for naught if they just lower your credit limit again.
  10. The love button is there for beginners if you know where to look. You won't get a cli increase until after the third statement. Hit the button then. I have gone from 300 to 2300 in ten months with cap one. The button got me from 300 to 800 and from 800 to 1300. They then gave me an automatic increase to 2300.
  11. Does it really make any difference how many days they report it as late or even if it is reported as late at all? It's a repossession and that is damming enough.
  12. I started rebuilding my credit a little over a year ago. I had been out of the credit game so long that some bureaus couldn't even generate a score. After extensive reading here I decided to join NFCU and get a secured card and opened it with $500. I paid in full every month except for about two months when I just carried a small balance to see the effect on my scores. I had read so many places that it unsecured after a year. My thirteenth statement cut in May and marked one year. I anxiously checked my account and nothing changed! I felt felt robbed. I turned my attention to other cards and j
  13. I can't really add further to the above advice but let me give you something else to consider. I am a landlord and I consider a number of things when it comes to evaluating a rental applicant. Past rental history is the most important thing. Second is the capacity to pay. When it comes to credit, I do a manual review of the report. Medical debts and small charge offs such as cell phones and cable isn't a big deal because they are often a result of a misunderstanding. Recent 60 and 90 day lates within the last year are almost always a reason for denial regardless of fico score. A 90 day mortgag
  14. He’d allegedly sell the cards to identity thieves – 11 for $500 or 132 for $5,000. So they would get the cards and then steal the identity info to have the activation info?
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