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  1. The updated T&C's I read, (might have been linked to Miles to Memories blog), Specifically only mentioned the DC product. Who knows how they will enforce it, (or what the trigger/s might be).
  2. Couldn't agree more my friend. Just be mindful that effective Nov 1, Citi has new T&C's for this product that specifically EXCLUDE "Gift Cards" from earning rewards on this card product. Personally, I'll be out of the country, (and out of the "Game" Nov-Jan), so I'll look for some data points as to whether Citi is enforcing their new T&C's when I get back in February. Since you MS*, just remember numerous data points that Citi doesn't like anonymous payments, (avoid WMBP, Money Order, or cash payments with this card). Just show them what t
  3. Nor does mine, (if we're talking about "REAL" usage vs. MS*,, lol,,,lol... To hard to resist for me given Simon's 1K VGC gig, (up until Nov 1 when Citi rolls out new T&C's for this particular DC product). I'm not really a "Cashback Guy", I just use it to defray the cost of my travel related MS*.
  4. Bump Just a FYI here, the link on the first page still works fine. Just hit it and got a +8K SP cli on my DC, (5th +8K SP cli in a row on 6 month intervals).
  5. Forget all the Vantage vs. Fico silliness. When it comes to FICO vs. Vantage, Vantage is and has been "Sucking Hind Tit" in the market for dog years, lol... We call these scores "Credit Scores", but to lenders, they're "Risk Models" that lenders purchase and pay for to help them make lending/pricing decisions. Specifically, they're designed to model the risk of a new tradeline a lender might issue becoming 90 days delinquent or worse during the first 2 years of the new tradeline. Top tier = 1% risk. 2nd tier = 2% risk. 3rd
  6. What do you think about this new 1K Simon thing?, (through Oct I gather). All AMEX dead at Simon, new T&C's for Citi DC effective 1 November. Too public, could this "openness" kill Simon as a source?
  7. Sorry to hear about this young man. As far as protecting your credit score, short of paying what you agreed to Verizon & AT&T, there's nothing you can do, ( I assume you don't have the money in cash you sold the phones for). All you can from this is learn a simple lesson that will help you throughout your life. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Also always remember that scams ALWAYS require a simple factor to work, (Greed by the one being scammed).
  8. If she can't or won't keep the utilization reasonable, get yourself removed as AU. The Utilization is probably costing you far more points than the account age is giving you.
  9. Where I'm at in CA, Amex pulls EX Fico 8, (unless you're already a good customer in which case they might not even HP for a new account). Chase pulls Fico 8 Bankcard enhanced from both EX and EQ for new apps, (but curiously, they use Fico 8 for monthly AR soft pulls). If it's an app for a business card product they also pull from D&B, (but I don't know anything about those scores).
  10. A very prescient comment Sir. Just what's happened with Amex tells the tale. Just got my Blue plus business statement a few days ago and sure enough, zero MR's for Simon transactions after 4/11, (and I've no doubt my May cycle transactions were also a waste of time.
  11. Posted too soon, order cancelled as "Item Unavailable". Shows OOS on website again. On a more serious note, I got a call from the branch manager last week at the small regional bank I've been depositing my MO's at for the last couple of years. Ughhh,, the query came from the "Back Office" which I assume means compliance. I explained the game and she said ok. I made a deposit to my business account today, (no MO's to personal because I was too busy last week to play the game). Made the deposit with the head teller and he brought up the
  12. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This current "Recovery/Period of economic growth" since the last recession is getting pretty long in the tooth, (and far longer than the 7 year delinquency reporting period of FICO risk models).
  13. Oh well, all is right in the world, (just ordered 6 300's), LOL...
  14. Is anybody having trouble ordering from Staples.com? For the last week they show out of stock for all values of VGC, (obviously I only want the 300's).
  15. IMHO, there's no such thing as a "Sub-Prime" lender. "Borrowers", on the other hand might carry different labels for different lenders on different dates and under different circumstances based on a "Snapshot" in time that a lender looks at and decides about a given borrower's "Creditworthiness". It's just "Business". When borrowers or potential borrowers label lenders as "Sub-Prime", they're just projecting their personal beliefs about themselves on a decision they don't like or agree with. Lenders don't care or even think in such "Personal" terms, it's jus
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