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  1. nice job pulling up a post 7 years old to just say a minimal +1
  2. i never got email regarding a transfer on my cashrewards (24K limit, had open for 2 years, did a BT last year at 0% with it)... so after waiting a few days and checking this thread i figured best option would be to apply for a different card and get the 1.99% BT offer. Got approved for 25K signature rewards... 1.99% is a good deal to work down some debt over the next year... got i love NFCU, got the BT and upped my credit by another 25K
  3. congratulations, it's a great feeling. a little over 3 1/2 years now since we bought our first home and without the help of credit boards prior it would have never happened. there is alot of back and forth in your immediate future before the house is actually signed over - so it will get stressful but take it one step at a time and you'll be just fine. congrads again;
  4. this sucks man, i'm sorry to hear; how bad is it actually - are you living in the home now that the water repairs are done? where i'm going at here is although i would have a hard time sleeping as well, it's possible since it was there for so long anyway without noticing you might have a few years to fix peices of it here and there and take your time building up finances to repair without having to take out an additional loan? i have no idea how this works with termintes, hope i never do... sopunds like it's a fubar indeed
  5. don't disagree with you there, but in this day and age with all the breaches out there and what not, i think one needs to just assume and expect that their SSN is out there anyway... so might as well get a free coupon out of it.
  6. personally I'd hold off on it... focus on getting some of those other cards limits up and scores up before you look again, 6-12 months.
  7. it's funny, i didn't want them to pull another hard for me so i figured what the heck, i had a few minutes and would use the APR trick. very nice lady on phone. upped my limit by only 1000, but was a soft pull so no big deal. more importantly though, after upping she got an offer on my account for 0 % apr until feb 2018 for new purchases... so... jumped on that.
  8. sometimes i feel like the two of you are really the same person... posting against one another but really, the same guy...
  9. ha look at that... 727; nice
  10. Who did you go with if you don't mind me asking? Actually went with bestegg as they were the only ones that would fund me, but the origination fee they tacked on sucked. but, i did it anyway because i knew long term it was going to be cheaper; then after about 2 months with best egg and my credit cards showing 0 utlization, i applied to navy fed and moved the balance over there at a lower interest. Overall... should have just tried navy fed first i guess but i doubt i would have gotten approved. So doing it in that path worked for me... again cost me for the origination fee but eh.
  11. It's amazing what consolidating your CC's into a single loan can do.... 657 last month 719 today
  12. i would have to agree with what was said above; discover is last, citi is second, but if you can go with navy federal; read the very long thread about "anyone can join" it is true - i did the same; got a 24K limit with them, with the 3% intro fee i'm paying about 18 per month in interest on around 9K, no balance transfer fee; certainly worth it to me;
  13. No secured cards aren't meant to be kept for life if u have reestablished there is no harm in closing it. well... considering i opened that card 4 years or so ago to rebuild my credit, i have since then bought a house, a car, and have a little over 48,000 in available credit, i think i would be considered "re-established" thanks to the help on this board; thank you, i'll shut her down;
  14. i know this has been asked and answered, but if i close a card it still reports to the 10 years correct, aka aside from the loss of available credit which could effect utilization, is there really any downside to closing a card? Specifically if not, i'll be closing my cap one secured card, 750 limit, never use it, and i think i have 300 tied in it that i will get refunded if i close;
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