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  1. https://beta.creditkarma.com/auth/logon
  2. mine too. Old TU score was 630, now with the vantage 3.0 its 564. Eq 588.
  3. Normal website not showing new format for me, but was able to view it using the beta link from facebook.
  4. They will not count unless there is a payment showing - also if trying for a govt loan you just need to qualify as rates are pretty much the same for all scores No need to throw your money at the card if it would be better used elsewhere B Good to know. Thank you!
  5. Paying down your balances will defiantly give you a boost. For more detailed advice, the more experienced members can chime in. Good luck!
  6. Sorry I wasn't clear. I don't believe there is a tracking feature to link to your accounts. All information is entered manually. I have tried using mint and a few other sites for keeping track of my accounts, bills, and expences, and I found clearcheckbook to be the best for me, but I can see how it would be lacking features for other people.
  7. So if your balance is $0 and therefore no payment is currently required on the account, you don't have to include it in your DTI? I would have thought you would still need to include them because nothing would stop you from using the cards after closing.
  8. Thank you for the additional support. Unfortunately we are rather low income and don't expect that to change. We would like to try to set up a separate emergency fund as we have already had to withdraw multiple times, however with such a limited income it is hard to set up savings and still manage to set aside for the future. If a Roth is better emergency withdraw, then I think that's the way we should go. Thank you again for all your input. I am defiantly going to do some more research, get some more input and hopefully by march we can have a plan in place to start regular transfers out from
  9. Do you have legal custody of your children? Does your insurance card cover them? If yes then I would think you should be held responsible for the care they receive. But that is just my opinion, It might not work that way.
  10. it is SIMPLE IRA, and will be two years in march. Ive been looking into how these things work, and it looks like I can do a rollover once a year, or if I do direct transfers, I can do it more often. I like the idea of the direct transfer not only because you are allowed to do it more often, but you don't have to worry about covering the taxes and then getting reimbursed like with the rollover. I am still unsure of what type of account we want to set up (Traditional or Roth). I need to look into the details more. Thanks for your input!
  11. Such bull... So much for getting started on this any time soon. So, let me get this straight. You want me to mail you my actual drivers license and birth certificate. Well too bad if I need to drive for the next week or two because I won't have my ID I guess. Or, my options are; I COULD go to the "local" office which would require over 2 hour round trip and taking time off of work, which requires two weeks notice. or, I could get a new ID and birth certificate which requires going to the nearest DMV, which is, by the way, also over 2 hours round trip and taking time off of
  12. Thanks. So I just saw something mentioned that I hadn't thought of before. What if I opened a new account somewhere and left my employer supplied IRA open. Then I can do occasional rollovers or transfers or whatever it would be considered so that I can keep getting the match but also have my money in a better investment. Does this sound like a good idea?
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