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  1. Per the backdoor, my two wrongly listed addresses (Thanks Ex-Wife) are still showing. The tracking shows the letter I sent delivered 1/3. Should I give up on the address and move forward with the initial disputes?
  2. Excellent, thank you Whychat. I can't wait to get a response from EX so I can send out the initial disputes. I will do my best to post on my progress. Happy New Year!
  3. I'm starting the Whychat method to delete a couple of negative medical items on my CR. I have read and re-read the program guides and will take it step by step with the help of anyone who chooses! I have opted out and I've deleted all incorrect addresses from TU and EQ. However, EX is a little more difficult. So I'm writing them a letter to delete my addresses. Here's my question: Do I type or hand this letter? This is about the only thing I am not clear on right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the link!. I just filled out the FTC complaint and now I'm on my way to the police station.
  5. Thanks for the quick advice and answer to this question. The bank is aware of the fraud and is monitoring my "real" accounts. I have since created a fraud alert starting at EX. They will forward it onto the other 2 CB's. I have also frozen my report with Experian. At lunch today I will be spending it with Freezing both TU and EQ. After work, I will be filing a police report. As I look for an FTC fraud report to file, I'm having trouble finding it. All I can find is information on how to freeze my reports and set up fraud alerts for them. I'll keep searching. I'll start the hippa program shortly, but will be letting this all "cool off" before beginning again. Thanks again for the advice.
  6. As I'm just about set to start the Hippa programs I noticed a new checking opened in my name at BOA. I have a current account there and noticed it when I checked my balance. Long story short, I think my ex wife opened it in hopes of siphoning money out my account. BOA closed the account (it was open for 1 day). So far, I have opted out, deleted addresses as much as possible, requested certified judgement papers. My Identity Theft Question is, will putting a fraud alert on my credit reports and a checking accounts hinder the ability for the whychat's hippa program to work? Should I start the fraud alert and continue on with the letters or should I risk skipping the fraud alert all together?
  7. You aren't alone. I noticed that on my reports from Fedloan as well. They had no problem reporting the negatives, but don't see to report the positives. I'd love to hear of some stories and how other people worked it. Do you think it could be as easy as calling and asking them to report it?
  8. I'm jealous of all the success. I tried today to remove some address' and they wouldn't budge. I did follow the steps and will be trying again in another 3 weeks. Hopefully I'll have some luck there. There are too many positive stories of this working for me to give up! Wish me luck, and if there's any recent tips on deleting them from EX, let me have 'em!
  9. 4/14/2015 update. I was able to have TU & EQ delete my incorrect addy's today! However, EX had no issues making excuses on why they need to keep my old ones on there. So, that was a bust, but I'm going to try again in a few weeks. I used a script I found on a different post and will hope it works. The two folks I spoke with at lunch were pretty adamant to keep them on there. So, fingers crossed, I'll get someone different and more sympathetic to my cause. Anyone have any recent tips they can share? My next steps are to complete the addy deletion off EX, then start on the whychat's hippa program. I'll be posting in the medical forum when that starts.
  10. In my attempt at keeping myself on track with my journey, I'm updating this thread with my progress. Unfortunately, little progress has been made due to my own procrastination and a few life changes, mainly the procrastination. Looking ahead to the future, I'm afraid of credit and financial problems snowballing and leading myself right back where I'm starting. This is not something I want to do, but HAVE to do in order to open up possibilities for my own and my families future. Like an ex addict, I fear this could be a lifetime struggle. Right now my EX FICO is 582. I haven't held a credit card in my name alone since I was 22 years old. I'm 35 now and still afraid of answering the phone. It's time for this to stop, and for me to take charge! With that being said, here is my action plan: Opt out: Completed Order Credit Reports: Completed: Delete old addy's and personal info: TU Complete, EQ, in works, EX, in works, (from what I read, this could be a struggle) That's it...I'm know I'm only in the infancy stage of this, but I'm still excited. In reading, and reading, and more reading, I've decided to follow Whychat's hippa program first, and then follow up on the others. My medical collections total two accounts, one of them being an unpaid judgement. I will address this judgement and the CA after my addy's and personal info are taken care of. I do have goals that I'd like to meet, and plan on sharing them as I move forward. However, I need to start small and work on the medical CA's first. After that, I'll share the other baddies and get to work on them. For anyone reading this...thanks for taking the time, and wish me luck!
  11. Hi All, I found this board by accident in Mid November and am so glad I did. I've been feeling quite a bit of despair regarding my bad credit. My bad credit forces me to live a life with very limited choices. I could give a heartbreaking story about why I am in this boat and tell you all about my ex-wife, divorce, custody etc and blame a lot of it on her. The simple truth is that I am to blame and I am the one who needs to fix it. What I like most about what I've read is the support given and genuine responses when good things happen. This is a great forum, and I can't wait to be a part of it. I'm taking it slow in the beginning because there is so much information. I've read and re-read the "required" material from psychdoc, whychat, newbie forum etc. Because of the reading I've done, I decided in Mid December to first opt out, I pulled my reports from creditreport.com, and just today I called TU to ask for my old address to be deleted. It was simple and easy and I had a bit of thrill run through my veins when he said yes and then deleted my phone numbers as well. I know this is the low hanging fruit of the path I'm taking, but its a great feeling to be in control! My next steps are to try for the deletion of my old address from equifax and experian, and then re-read all the info I've looked at in order to properly triage my baddies. If there is one question I have to begin with, it's this: Is creditreport.com an "okay" place to get my initial CR's? I've seen a lot of talk about myfico. Should I pull from there instead? I'm planning on being an active member in this forum and I look forward to talking with you and hopefully one day, offer my own advice as well.

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