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  1. Is this the best site for credit pulls? I have items that are due for deletion (7yr) and I want to keep an eye on them that they don't magically get re-aged. What would you do in that instance?
  2. I searched first and could not find a current answer (or I searched incorrectly) Which is the best site to use to pull credit reports, dispute, etc... I would like to track my credit reports as often as possible Years ago, the best was myfico I think, and you could pull your reports daily if you wanted. I went to myfico, and the site seems to only allow monthly pulling for 40. a month.... thanks A few issues that I am having is Orion Management has listed a charge off for GE Capital. It says the account was opened in November 2017.... I had GE Capital but it was in 2012 that the last payment was made. I disputed and Experian came back saying it was accurate. I also have American Express showing an open account and late..(not charged off) . Last payment to them was also 2012 thank you in advance
  3. What is the best site to use for pulling credit, fixing credit, etc... it used to be myfico I think. What does everyone use?
  4. Another note, the move is from Vegas to Florida. It's getting very crowded here and we are in a hot real estate market. I don't want to move and play landlord across the country.
  5. hi there, i have a unique situation... credit is rough (560) (i can get a loan at 580) due to old credit card bills.. they are past the sol but not the 7 year to get them off the report yet.. so here it is in a nut shell.. i currently have 3 homes.. 1 lived in obviously and 2 rentals... i plan on liquidating all 3 next summer. current debt to income ratio is 63%(so the underwriter says.. but i think they are counting the old collection credit card accounts), i come up with 49% and i need to get it below 55% for another mortgage. to raise my credit score and lower the debt income ratio, would i be better off paying off the credit cards ($12500).. these are the current excellent standing credit cards, or my 3 cars (total payment for the cars is $392 per month for all 3) total owed on all 3 cars combined in $17000 should i contact a place like lexington law firm (and does credit repair really work?) originally i was just going to pay cash for a home ($100k), but i can get a much better home for $150k... issue is that the mortgage lender minimum is 100k.. my plan would be this.. buy house for 150k mortgage = 100k at the sale of the 3 homes i have now, pay the mortgage off and still have about 180K in the bank when its all said and done.. thanks for listening or reading...
  6. In Nevada they can stick it on your door. Looking for an answer to my question. How long can it stay lingering in court? Never saw the damage until it was against the wall. Very easy to miss
  7. Long story short...l. Defaulted on loan in 2012 (credit card furniture store).. they turned over to debt collector who filed suit in 2014. The debt collector keeps changing attorneys and now their address, it's been 3 1/2 years since the filing. My attorney keeps filing motions to dismiss but nothing happens. Shouldn't this case be thrown out for time? The furniture was broken upon delivery and they did nothing to fix the issues.
  8. At what point do you send the offers? So far, ive received a pay in full demand, a pay in full and we'll give you an optima card, and a pay half now and the rest to be determined
  9. Looking for advice or sample letters. At what point do they attempt to settle? To early to send an offer?
  10. I am currently running amount 60 days behind on Amex. Due to Cancer and loss of employment, i had to miss payments. Health comes first. I want to send a settlement offer, is it to early? Balance is $7188 and i want to offer 20-30% one time payment. Any advice or sample offer letters? thanks
  11. here is my thought though..... lets say i didn't pay the promo balance off ($900) and let it go... tack on $1000. interest (original purchase 2500.) so 1900 plus other promos still in effect... balance would be 4300. vs. the 2400 after payoff. would i even be guaranteed to settle for less than the 2400? Another question, if and when i stop paying my cards, will my wifes be closed. (not joint) Hers are current.
  12. the attorney suggested the debt settlement. they charge 15% if they do it. i was thinking of doing it myself. my concern is if i made a mistake paying my carecredit $900 yesterday... or should i have let it go and try to settle later?

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