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  1. I wa invited to apply; I applied on Saturday; approved immediately. Account opened with balance transfer. This morning received email with 4506-t request via Equifax -- they want my tax returns as follows: "Return Transcript, which includes most of the line items of a tax return as filed with the IRS. A tax return transcript does not reflect changes made to the account after the return is processed. Transcripts are only available for the following returns: Form 1040 series. Form 1065, Form 1120. Form 1120-A, Form 1120-H, Form 1120-L, and Form 1120S. Return t
  2. Strange story -- I have a perfect payment history with around 20 cards, I never use my Home Depot card ever -- until a few months ago I used it to make an in-store purchase. The card is issued by CNBA. (Citi -- I have several of their cards.) Because of the purchase, I received for the very first time statements from Home Depot. In my apartment complex my next door does use Home Depot a lot and he ended up with my statements until he realized the error and dropped the statements off at my apartment. I paid the balance immediately. 38 days late means it will be reported.
  3. Just turned down for Chase Saphhire due to, ""Too many bankcard or other revolving accounts were opened recently". According to Chase, this is a reason for what the rep said is a "Hard Decline." i.e., no amount of escalation will lead to them changing their mind. I'm a long time Chase customer (car loans, Freedom card, etc.) and have no dings on my CR at all. Any options for recourse? (Clearly not, but never hurts to ask the community.)
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