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  1. I'm still surprised myself I let another fanfic writing friend talk me into first writing fanfic smut and then taking the leap to Amazon. I refuse to let my family's potential embarrassment stop me from my dream of being a published writer. Hence the use of a pseudonym. I use my slightly mentally challenged kitty as my icon. shameless plug amazon.com/author/tdcrawls
  2. Confirmation my mortgage payment was received and applied. I pay online and every month they send me out a payment confirmation. I just file them away.
  3. Holidays are hard with my parents and grandparents gone and my siblings scattered so I stayed a homebody, doing small things around the house, like trying to decide on new paint colors. It's painted like a rental - mostly white. I still have my BK to fall off in Sept but I'm gonna try to get it off in March. Had to charge some of the closing costs and got those cards to pay down but I'm doing so much better now. I want to get a Lowes card eventually and I have 2 cards I will be shutting down soon. I have a very short list of cards I want to keep and that's all I plan to have. And my CU ha
  4. Been a while since I updated but that's because I have been settling into my NEW HOME I closed a 1000 sq ft, 3 bed 1 bath house with 0.43 acres on Sept 8, 2016. Mortgage & escrow is $100 month less than I paid for rent in the cr*p trailer I used to rent. 33 yr loan with a 2.875% rate USDA Direct loan I may have mentioned being robbed the end of July, which resulted in several credit cards stolen from my Sentry fire safe. While it's great to protect things in case of fire - it doesn't do much to deter an experienced thief. I carry both keys on my person and didn't even know the c
  5. Get a photo of the closed up former business location to include in your CFPB complaint. That'll help get it deleted cause how can they verify if the company doesn't exist. Could also try looking up state office that handles business registrations - see if they closed out with the state. Not sure what to call the office though.
  6. I sent it certified for tracking but no return receipt. With the CFPB complaint, I did upload a redacted copy of that page of my report to show that the address was invalid. Just black out any other accounts. I left all my account info for the collection. On the TU report, I sent it to show that they did not delete the account like they stated they had. I think it took more than 1 month before the account was finally removed from EQ & TU but it did go away.
  7. Only really helpful info I have found at MF is in the mortgage forum. Lots of info on USDA Direct loans over there.
  8. when I added my sons to mine, my card had over 3 yrs history. It showed the same open date for them as it did for me. That was almost a yr ago.
  9. Things are looking up even more. Approved for USDA Direct loan with estimated loan max of $85,000. My COE has been mailed out. The little home I found went through the foreclosure sale and USDA had the high (actually only) bid on March 18. Since then, the yard has been completely cleaned up, the house has been cleaned out and winterized. Stopped by to look the other day. Counters need cleaned and carpets are dirty but no trash anywhere. The LO hopes to have a value for me, and the title paperwork from the foreclosure ready by end of May. This little house looks even better for me since
  10. Depends on your state if it costs of not. I'm in North Carolina and security freezes are free, even without a FA.
  11. The available credit, out of those 2 choices. However, my driving force in obtaining new credit was to build a profile that would increase my scores and show I can manage debt in a responsible manner, all so I can buy a house. I have a couple of cards I got mostly to help with utilization. Walmart because I do 90% of my shopping there. Pay with the card, push payment from my bank when I get home. Care Credit for the medical side - major dental work. I still want a Lowes card but not until after I get a house. I have 1 card I will close next year, if I do get a house this year, limit is no
  12. When you can access the stuff online, I find it to be changed within minutes. I have all 3 reports frozen due to recent identity theft, just extra protection even with the fraud alert. I set all my freezes online and it was active within minutes.
  13. You can maybe get a tax transcript from the IRS for 2011. When you do the request, you will see what years they have available. It will not show the actual W2 but will show all the line numbers and the data. https://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript As for the online tax program, with some of them, if you use the same login info, you can get a copy of prior year returns for a fee. Worth at least looking to see if that's possible.
  14. yeah, round here in redneck country podunk means small town. My entire county has a population under 70K with each of the 2 "big" towns having population under 5k each. And we have a "tiny" town (yes it has an actual mayor & it's own cop) with a population under 1K. For that town, think Mayberry, lol and same here as far as the cops doing anything. unless they were caught using the card, or I lost enough money for it to be felony theft by conversion - they won't take the time to do a report. take away too much time they spend chasing the meth makers around here. I miss the good ole day
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