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  1. Thank you Why Chat, I had one more conversation with the office manager to verify that they are taking payment for the debt, and supposedly there's a middle company between them and the CA (maybe some servicing company?) she mentioned that after payment they request for the mark to be removed from my credit, again this is just talking not sure if they go thru with it. One question about the HIPPAA letter program, does it matter if the debt was paid or not? Or once paid it's more of a challenge to take off? The story of my colleague paying off his $61 debt
  2. Supposedly this was for an x-ray during my phisical, 100% covered but not the xray, honestly I don't remember if there was an X ray or not. A few notes since yesterday in the panic! - Talked to my brother and he said that he has a few higher medical collections yet none of them are on his credit report, figure that out! - One person mentioned that paying off the Original Creditor forces the Collections agency to delete the debt, is this true? - Another person said I should just pay it and don't waste time with trying to delete, he had the similar situation (high credit
  3. One quick question that came to my mind, lets say the Medical Office "made a mistake", can they request the file back and then the Collection Agency has to request to delete to the Credit Bureaus?
  4. The medical officer manager confirmed that they sent the file to collections, last year if I remember correctly, if they're confirming that they sent to the collection agency last year then I imagine it wouldn't be a JDB? Just talked to the mortage broker, this pretty much killed my refinance, great start to 2021! The lady at the collection agency is swearing that they will take it out, but I will start reading your guide, I'm sure I will have a lot of questions Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  5. It's a regular loan thru a broker, even if they approve it the rate might be way to high, which could force me to wait about 3 months and hope they don't raise the rates to much, my main problem now is how do I make sure they do a PFD, someone else mentioned that the email note might not be enough. Thank you.
  6. Not yet, I'm awaiting for his reponse, the problem is that my credit score plunged to around the 668/686/636, when I was in the 830s per myfico.com. Thank you, I will look at WhyChat's guide, I imagine it's a strategy to remove collection items? Thank you!
  7. I'm in shock, the lender just pulled my credit and it took it from about 800 to 689, I feel I'm been punched in the stomach! I called the doctor's office and it was from a physical in 2018, have to call back to get the exact date, I guess insurance didn't cover everything and supposedly they sent letters and honestly I was moving around with my business and never realized I had an outstanding balance.
  8. Hi guys, I hope this is not going to affect me to much doing my refninancing, I was checking my fico.com account and I have a new collection! It turns out that it was a medical bill that I thought I had paid but there was a balance of $71, the collection agency is FIRST FEDERAL CREDIT CONTROL, I talked to someone in there and she said if I make payment they will request to delete it from the bureaus (which will take about 3 months). I asked her to put it in writing and she said the best they could do it put a line on the email So basically she sent me an email with an a
  9. I always had trouble getting the limit increased so I never spent to much on this card, I was at $9,750 for my limit and it got cut to $2,000 a few days ago! If it wasn't that I shouldn't close it, I would close it out of anger! I'm about to close on a refinance with my score right on the edge of 740 and now I have to figure out how I can keep it from falling below 740 and hurt my rate!
  10. I'm having the same issue, I'm about to close a refinancing but they need proof that i have paid my taxes or are in a payment plan, I did a payment plan but the payment plan is not withdrawing from my account for ??? reason so I want to fix that so I go to the IRS website but it can't show my payment plan and says to call the IRS number, I call the IRS number and message says they're not taking calls now and to go to the website! I say "the IRS is having a cat chasing its tail!", incredible, some higher ups should get their heads out of there a*****s! Any solution?
  11. Thank you for the response @cv91915, these are my revolving accounts, I have to check if it's reporting on my personal credit, I'll ask for a copy of the report from the lender. Columns are balance, limit, rate and utilization rate Best Buy $1,294.00 15000 26.74% 8.63 Lowes $8,630.00 35000 24.99% 24.66 MSG CC $0.00 10000 9.75% 0.00 Capital One $0.00 9750 22.9%
  12. While shopping to do a cash out from an investment property my credit score (mortgage related scores) stumbled from 750 middle score about 2-3 months ago to 722 2 days ago, not sure if a new SBA Loan for 25K and over 8-10 inquiries made my score drop about 30 points (while my other debt apart from this went down). My question is what would you guys do to try to get my score over 740 in a month so I can get the best refi rate, what would you pay off from below with 5K? Thank you! Loans SBA
  13. I got my refund a couple of days after I sent in a message thru the website that the rep had approved the refund and was told 2 billing cycles.
  14. The same problem happened to me for my lowes card (was very busy and totally missed both the card promotional balances) and they took a couple of days to credit my account, they mentioned that there's a grace period of X days where if you pay the balance owed on that interest they will take it out, forgot to ask if that was lowes rule but was under the impression that it's law.
  15. Hi guys, I missed paying off my balance for a promotion so I got a 1,050 interest charge, called them and I believe by law there's a grace period? so they agreed to refund that charge, they're telling me up to 2 billing cycles, are they nuts? The same happened with my lowes card and they refunded within 1 day, are they running a scam or 2 cycles is normal? Thank you in advance.
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