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    Capital One

    I always had trouble getting the limit increased so I never spent to much on this card, I was at $9,750 for my limit and it got cut to $2,000 a few days ago! If it wasn't that I shouldn't close it, I would close it out of anger! I'm about to close on a refinance with my score right on the edge of 740 and now I have to figure out how I can keep it from falling below 740 and hurt my rate!
  2. I'm having the same issue, I'm about to close a refinancing but they need proof that i have paid my taxes or are in a payment plan, I did a payment plan but the payment plan is not withdrawing from my account for ??? reason so I want to fix that so I go to the IRS website but it can't show my payment plan and says to call the IRS number, I call the IRS number and message says they're not taking calls now and to go to the website! I say "the IRS is having a cat chasing its tail!", incredible, some higher ups should get their heads out of there a*****s! Any solution?
  3. Thank you for the response @cv91915, these are my revolving accounts, I have to check if it's reporting on my personal credit, I'll ask for a copy of the report from the lender. Columns are balance, limit, rate and utilization rate Best Buy $1,294.00 15000 26.74% 8.63 Lowes $8,630.00 35000 24.99% 24.66 MSG CC $0.00 10000 9.75% 0.00 Capital One $0.00 9750 22.9% 0.00 Chase $0.00 1000 14.99% 0.00 Chase Unlimi $0.00 4564 14.99% 0.00 Chase Slate $32,067.00 41300 14.99% 77.64 Amex $19,466.00 0
  4. While shopping to do a cash out from an investment property my credit score (mortgage related scores) stumbled from 750 middle score about 2-3 months ago to 722 2 days ago, not sure if a new SBA Loan for 25K and over 8-10 inquiries made my score drop about 30 points (while my other debt apart from this went down). My question is what would you guys do to try to get my score over 740 in a month so I can get the best refi rate, what would you pay off from below with 5K? Thank you! Loans SBA $17,591.64 SBA Loan 2 $6,536.11 New SBA $25,000 American Express Personal Loan $16,383.17 Affirm.com $630.24 HELOCS Limit Pulled Based on 750 w 11 mile rd $123,000.00 $120,688.81 Based on 14211 Elgin $55,000.00 $47,833.74 Credit Cards (with balances) American Express $19,668.00 Chase Slate $33,167.00 Best Buy $1,294.00 Lowes $8,630.00 Car Loan 2000 Hyndai Kona $9,281.30
  5. I got my refund a couple of days after I sent in a message thru the website that the rep had approved the refund and was told 2 billing cycles.
  6. The same problem happened to me for my lowes card (was very busy and totally missed both the card promotional balances) and they took a couple of days to credit my account, they mentioned that there's a grace period of X days where if you pay the balance owed on that interest they will take it out, forgot to ask if that was lowes rule but was under the impression that it's law.
  7. Hi guys, I missed paying off my balance for a promotion so I got a 1,050 interest charge, called them and I believe by law there's a grace period? so they agreed to refund that charge, they're telling me up to 2 billing cycles, are they nuts? The same happened with my lowes card and they refunded within 1 day, are they running a scam or 2 cycles is normal? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi everyone, Back in 2011 had a rough period where I had to do a short sale and some CC charge offs, below is my situation: - Bank of American - Short Sale - CRAs report as "at least 120 days or more than 4 payments past due", "120 days past due", "account legally paid in full" - Capital One CC - (still have this card) late 2011 had late payments, CRAs report as "120+ days past due" and "150 days delinquent" - Bank of America CC - (closed acct) late 2011 charge off - CRAs report as "120+ days past due" and "Charge Off/Other Derog" - Barclays Bank of Delaware CC - (closed acct) late 2011 charge off - CRAs report as "at least 120 days or more than 4 payments past due", "payment after charge off/collection", "account legally paid in full" I'm about 13-14 months away from these falling off my credit report, I went ahead and had my old addresses (tied in to the baddies) removed except for Equifax, I called them and they put a request to delete, they asked for my email to send the results, so I should know if a few days I guess if they agreed to delete. My question is if at this point being the sixth year is it going to make a lot of difference in my credit score to successfully take out 1 or 2 of my charge offs/the late payments? If not then maybe I should just do a quick dispute of them online and maybe I get lucky and one or two get deleted since my old addresses are gone? Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi Mendelssohn, One of the main factors for applying for new cards is for my utilization to improve my credit score, not sure if any particular card is more valuable to the credit bureau formula. Another factor is that I'm trying to use just one card to track my business expenses (light travelling, mainly things related to renting houses and stocking vacation rental), using the American Express Premier Rewards for business and the Chase Freedom for personal, I could use another card for business when they don't accept american express but mainly it's for credit utilization purposes. Should I begin with applications to X number of cards or start with asking for CLI (the ones left seem all the hard pulls)? Or do I have enough cards for now and should just ask for credit line increases? Haydeno, At this point if I can't make the heloc work it will be totally fine, a little tired of the rat race so maybe I won't grow to much this year with my business but would be nice to relax a bit and enjoy life! Thank you guys!
  10. Hi everyone, I have finally paid off my CC cards (seems like a dream!) I have the following cards and the limits: Venture One card - $6,000 Chase - $15,000 Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union Visa Titanium - $10,000 Lowes - $17,000 HomeDepot - $7,000 (which is not getting reported on my credit) My Best Buy Citi - $5,000 American Express Premier Rewards My scores on Myfico,com are from 720-730, I was planning to apply for a HELOC but issues with my late taxes are putting a hamper to this and I was thinking maybe I can apply 3 months from now, it's not a necessity right now to be approved for a HELOC though so if it hurts my chances for a HELOC it will be ok for me to wait even longer. Was is the best strategy to increase my credit while taking the least hit to the my credit score. Based on my current setup what cards would you recommend to apply for? (I know for chase I qualify for any of their cards), should I apply for CC increases in one shot for all my cards or do one, wait a few weeks, do the other, etc (Venture one is a soft inquiry, the rest seem hard pulls) Thank you very much!
  11. Hi guys, I'm about to start requesting that my old addresses be deleted from my report. The only issue now is that I just bought a house a week ago and I'm in the process of moving. I imagine that I should try to delete old addresses asap since if my new address shows up then I might not want my current address to be deleted (nothing negative happened under my current address), does this make sense to you guys?
  12. Hi guys, I'm ready to fix my credit and make it the best it can be. I know I need to: - Get my paper credit reports ((so far I only have one) - Post report here? - Call bureau and delete old addresses that are not tied in to anything positive in my report. Then I guess I can start tackling the negatives with the help of you guys. - short sale in 2011 - Settlements of a few credit cards in 2011 - a couple of lates I was lucky enough to borrow some money from family and was able to pay most of my credit card debt which took my credit scores from low 600s, to high 600s, my goal is to get to at least 740 by the end of the year. I know I need a strategy to tackle the negatives, also I need advice about applying for credit cards that will help my score, and if I should let hard pulls happen to try to increase my credit limit since I don't plan to be using my credit for the next few months and anything else that you guys suggest I should be doing to push the score up. If I'm missing something let me know, Thank you!
  13. Well the saga with the lender continues, it seems that we won't make the closing, this is after i was after them to get going and they told me to settle down when things are ready they will let me know, i did waste 3 days bc i couldnt find a contractor for an estimate but it was mainly them, now I have to pay to keep my rate (I see the market gas gone up .25). Is it usual for a bank to pay/partially pay this fee under these circumstances? Let's say I get the clear to close today what would be the soonest that I can expect them to do a closing? I already rented my current house and the people moving in 3/1! Thanks!
  14. Things point to that or maybe she's going thru some personal issues, she did my previous mortgage and I was raving about her, very, very surprised at her attitude now. I would hate to start from scratch again even though I might save .25 of a point but I would have to tell the seller about extending the change of lenders and extend the closing, seller would not be very happy.
  15. Well, i think my file already went to the underwriter 2-3 weeks ago (been doing this process since the beginning of the year), unless everything goes to them after the appraisal; appraisal findings came on Friday, found a couple of small issues that need to be resolved (paint chipping related), loan officer said the underwriter will tell us what can be done (fix or escrow). So it seems that the loan officer is mad that she has to do the extra work, hasn't been as nice or helpful after I forced them to submit the pmi cancellation (which they didn't want to do initially), so i emailed loan officer some questions about the timeline and the response was along the lines of "do u think im witholding information from u? when i get any news i will let u know", basically she's telling me to stop asking and sit like a puppy until she says jump, so now I can't even plan, of course I wrote back and this time didn't ask but demanded an estimated timeline and if we might need to reschedule the closing, sent it during lunch time, haven't heard back yet.

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