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  1. I guess.. the red flags for me are2) For an unemployed individual would it be of benefit to block this if able to? 3) If applying for a position and your prior job uses it for employment verification and you block it, does that hurt you? We all have had jobs where we didn't get along with our bosses for whatever reason. Most of just don't list that employer. (If we've bounced from job to job) I've been lucky that I've been where I'm at I'm at for two years, and the one before that 10yrs. I asked those questions for a few reasons: 1) I wasn't sure just HOW MUCH information they disclosed (Thanks Labyrinthine for the info) since I prefer to keep my personal information close to the chest & only give what's "absolutely" needed (a prior victim of ID Theft) 2) The job was left in good standing, there 16yrs straight out of school, so I didn't have multiple job history 3) Wanted to be sure that if I decided to restrict any portion of info (ex: salary) for my peace of mind that wouldn't impede my chances on acquiring a new job. I hope that cleared up a bit of the confusion
  2. Nevermind..I found one listed in an old post.
  3. Does anyone give a good reccomendation of a lawyer in the St. Louis, Missouri area?
  4. I ordered my personal report from The Work Number recently. It basically has my last 6 years' salary, each paycheck amount and the past 24 months worth of requests for the report (90% was via Equifax for some reason). Did you find any of the info to be inaccurate? Were you able to dispute the inaccurate info contained in the report?
  5. Thanks for the insight Cinderella.
  6. Thanks Blackberry 74, I'll try another forum.
  7. 1) Can this entity just give this info out without your permission/consent? 2) For an unemployed individual would it be of benefit to block this if able to? 3) If applying for a position and your prior job uses it for employment verification and you block it, does that hurt you? 4) Is there certain info that can blocked without blocking other info? 5) Is this company classified the same as any other CRA or do they get special treatment?
  8. Anything for Missouri out there?
  9. I've done 3 searches to no avail. I'd like to know if anyone may be able to help me out. Does anyone have a fax number for ATT Universal card for customer service or anything? Thanks in advance. Also, I'll appreciate any link from a previous post too that spells out this info in case i overlooked it.
  10. Which CRA do they pull? I need the phone numbers & CRA they pull for both to inquire about the status of pending credit applications. I'm thinking they may need to verify some info. Thanks for any info that may be able to be provided.
  11. If that's what you meant, that's why it's recommended to dispute specific fields. "The date opened is incorrect" "The balance is incorrect" (of course these should have actual innaccuracies) That way you can run with 'em for awhile. Probably "best" to give it 15 - 30 days, but I've gone after a different field in the same TL right after receiving verification. Yes Jc13 was right. That was my meaning. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my post. Thanks for the info. I have ran across this problem before where they say "frivilous because i'm disputing the tradeline in general at first then they verify it. Then I come back and get more specific in why i'm disputing it in the second round 30dys later from getting the results of the first (ie: i was don't owe $xxx.xx, then come back and tell them hey I don't owe that, this acct is closed and paid in full since xx-xx.
  12. When your disputing one one CRA in particular and they fail to correct information and verify it, how long after the results do you go after them again for a 2nd follow-up dispute, to avoid the frivilous junk?
  13. Thanks for the info Bilbo! I guess I'll start on that next,oly after i try my hand at TU &EX. addy was same. As of 1/23 my EQ was 628 on Fico.com. I received my discharge papers 4wks later. The others were ex 518 Tu 550
  14. I disputed the bk7 that it wasn't mine. There's another person in my town with the same name diff addy;zip.

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