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  1. Yes, my student loan is in default and i've been getting garnished for a year. I just got accepted into the Rehab program. I have to pay $368 on top of my $400 garnishment. the garnishment comes off after 5 months, though.
  2. Quick question for sTudent loans. My loans have been on my report since 1997, can i ask that they come off for reasons of SOL or are Student loans exempt?
  3. Just got accepted for rehab. I make 45K annually and they have me paying $368 per month on top of a 420 garnishment for my student loan. I think this is too high, but I feel like this is the best option. After 5 payments, the garnishment will come off and it'll just be the $368. I did ask to pay the rehab fee ($368) bi weekly. This is going to be a struggle, but at least in 10 months my defaulted loan will be back in good standing. Damn, y'all. *tears*
  4. Good evening and happy holidays to all - My federal student loan went into default and I started getting garnished in Feb. 2014. The loans report as 4-6 separate line items on my credit that are bad debts. Since I am essentially paying the loan monthly, shouldn't the collector (DOF sold the account) be reporting the payments to the collection agency? Right now, it's still listed as simply bad debt. Thanks for any help or guidance you can provide.
  5. Not the case for online. According to the rep I spoke to: "We do run ChexSystems to make sure there are no past due or overdrawn accounts connected to your name. Unfortunately, we do not have an account labeled Second Chance Checking."
  6. The same thing happened to me with Bank of America. Looking for advice or info on how to deal with this. Can not open a checking account. It's horrible.
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