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  1. I looked my year end summary up for you, on my card i charged about $100 a month average during 2015 and 2016. And my limit went from 1,500 to 28,000 in that time. Fico scores above 760 though, seems scores are much more important than usage for these CLI.
  2. I had a soft cli on my DC at 6 months. And 12 months. Just waiting till the day it turns 18 months old. Also tried at 10 and 16 months with soft pull verbiage and was turned down like everyone else.
  3. Congrats that's a good base of cards! Do you know what your fico scores were when you applied? And could you please add your results to the credit pulls database if you haven't already.
  4. I would not fill out my information on that form, even if it has some level of HTTPS encryption, meaning your information is secured on the way to the other end. Do you trust the people at the other end are competent when there using an application straight out of Aol online days?
  5. Build Card: $72 Annual fee $52 "Account set up fee" No Grace Period 29.9% APR Variable $12 Annual Fee for Each Authorized User Super garbage. That's $125 in fees before you even get your card, anyone thinking of this would be much better served saving up just $75 more and getting a secured card.
  6. Amex only gives 1x SUB per lifetime per card. So I'd app for a new card to get the best SUB.
  7. If you never have had any credit cards you should look into getting a secured card to start with. Preferably one that graduates. This post has the info you need --> https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=500689&p=5215778
  8. Age of oldest account? I think you will see about 30 point boost on scores. 4/5 of accounts had balances including paid off 80% and 63% accounts now at 0%. You still have one account at 63% 2.5/4k and one account at 64% 4.8//7.5k, bad. Pay those both below 50% and might go greater than 720, below 30% definitely will. Keep others at $0 reported balance.
  9. +1 Get at least 2 Secured cards with your 1000 dollars that graduate. Like NFCU, BOA, Discover, etc. Master List of Secured Cards: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=500689&p=5215778 And I'd add you may need to wait a while longer than your proposed timeframe for a mortgage. And you may be required by your lender to pay off all of your debts and collections before getting a mortgage, so be ready for that.
  10. I think you have a solid shot of getting a freedom with 670 to 680 scores like 75%. Ex and/or EQ pulls. You would likely get a $500 to $1000 starting limit if approved. Amex, I believe 3x request when you get the card or at 91 days, then 3x again every 180 days after that. I use google calendar to remind me.
  11. I just reread this and don't think anybody addressed this question. Yes your husband should get a third credit card, you get a positive Fico bump for each of the first 3 credit cards on your file. Score might go down for 1 or 2 months then it will go up.
  12. If we knew more about your profile people on the board could recommend appropriate action. Info like: Fico Scores, derogatory accounts, current trade lines, any particular goals like getting mortgage ready, etc... Even general info works, like my scores about 600, 2 - 30 day Lates from 2015, and 1 $500 credit card with local cu currently.
  13. Decent haul! Since you've been declined I'd garden for 6 months to a year after trying to recon the citi (and chase if you don't get it). Work on getting your scores higher and CLI in the meantime.

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