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  1. Looks like a HP is coming. I took a hard pull and got that verbiage BigPoppa09. I am curious to know if anyone else got the same response after consenting to a hard pull and if they were approved or denied for a higher CLI
  2. Has anyone received this message below after moving forward with a hard pull(I initially received a 2000 soft pull cli but wanted to see if I could get more) Request SummaryWe have received your request to increase your total credit limit to $XXXXX, and have forwarded it to our Credit Department for review. If you have provided us with your email address, we will send you a notification of the decision within the next 24 hours. A written communication will also be sent within 10 days. If you are enrolled in Paperless Letters, an email will be sent when this letter is available in Document
  3. And did you file CFPB and AG complaints? I can't say I have filed complaints as I have already gained back over 50% of the credit lines with prime card issuers but I think I will because I really liked the Amazon card...lol.. Thanks Konrad2012
  4. The same thing happened to me. I lost of 88K in credit lines but I REFUSE to give my 4506-T to a data aggregator(Lexis-Nexis) so they can sell my info or worse get hacked. The customer service rep I spoke with totally understood and said personally he would do the same thing....lol...
  5. How quickly did u open your seven cards ? something u did spooked them. Last two were within 4 months of each other. That is what I think did it OR it could be because I put a 2000 purchase through(Lowes) then after that account was frozen however this is the most I have ever charged on a Synch account. I have read on MFF that some folks had their account restored after making a large payment. Not sure how true that is as it doesnt make much sense due to the purpose of a card is to use it.
  6. Well I just received the dreaded request for 4506-TEZ from them and they froze 7 of my cards totaling $88,500.00 in credit lines. I just purchased some items from Lowes that I was about to payoff before I was locked out of my account(that's how I found out). I am OK with submitting the 4506-TEZ for validation purposes but I am VERY hesitant with giving a data miner like Lexis Nexis access to my tax information. The sad part is I am in the middle of a remodel project so Lowes was about to get HEAVY use for the extra 5% then I was going to PIF. Anyone else have this happen recently and what
  7. Hello All, This may be a little off topic as everyone is sharing limit increases of which I have not been successful receiving. Is there a minimum time-frame before you can request an increase(I've had the card open for 30 days and I have a 3K limit)?
  8. UPDATE: I was actually able to finance the vehicle at the dealership with no issue with 0 out of pocket and 3.5% for 72 months so I am a happy camper. I will look to refi it within the next 6 months with a credit union if rates stay low.
  9. Lol.... Are there lenders that will go up to 55% DTI?
  10. Thanks for the response Marv.... I am thinking that credit unions must take the conservative approach versus captive financing. Question: In general what is the max DTI you can be approved with. The vehicle I am looking at is an Infiniti so I believe the captive financier would be NMAC. Please advise.
  11. That's what I was thinking but I HATE having to haggle over price first then interest rate... it's so draining....lol... Maybe I should call and start the process on the phone(I know the exact vehicle I want by VIN number and the price I am willing to pay for it). Thoughts?
  12. Current debt ratio(including lease) 45% before car purchase... ratio after car purchase 53%. Will a lender work with these ratios assuming that once the lease is turned in the ratios will go down to 43% after I purchase the vehicle(within two months of purchase)?
  13. Ok. Here's the scenario. I am trying to purchase a used vehicle at a dealership however I currently am in a lease that I am due to give back September 28 and I have two payments remaining. I am having trouble getting financing(turned down by Navy Fed and PennFed due to debt ratio issues becuase of the outstanding lease). I explained to them that I would be turning in the lease but no one seems to want to remove that debt from my debt ratio. I applied to Chase today and the application is "in review". Should I go to the dealer where I am puchasing the car directly(although I hate haggling
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