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  1. I guess my main question is how long do negative items remain on business credit? Mine are over 1 year old now. I was afraid I would have to dissolve the corporation since it seemed as if I ruined the business credit. The corporation is 18 months old and the 2 items are probably almost that old(~15 months). What is the best way to deal with negative items? Is paying collections a bad idea in the same way as with personal credit? Thanks! James
  2. Since my corporation is a Transportation company I got the crappiest of terms. Net 7...I messed up because of their Chocolate Goodness due date which for me is mondays by ~3:00pm roughly. I was calling my payments in on mondays because I was having problems paying online(all I had to do was disable pop-up blocker). What I didnt understand was it had to be paid several business days prior to Monday so that funds would clear by the due date. So my corporation was reported negatively on D&B as slow pay on top of being charged their $75 late fees. They waived all but one late fee once I figured things out. I disputed it on D&B and the entire account was removed. My main question is who else do they report to because I assume there is other negative info out there. I just cant afford to pay for other credit reports st the moment. Should I just continue to use the card in hopes that negative info will be flushed out by new reporting? How does Experian and Equifax work in regards to this?
  3. And they will be replacing with? Just Newegg or all Sync Net 55 account? Edited by BRBiz , Yesterday, 10:05 PM. Wish I knew the answers to your questions. Im sad because this was one of the better accounts that Ive got since incorporating in June of 2017. I asked my Newegg account executive if I could simply switch this account to a net 30 account but he said you have to be in business for 2 years which I understand isnt exactly true but now Im afraid I wont qualify for net 30 or revolving for a while.
  4. My Newegg account executive told me Synchrony Bank plans on phasing out net 55 accounts by the end of 2017 and theyll be sending out an email about 2 weeks before hand.
  5. Hello everyone ...I've been lurking around here and learning as much as I can but I have the same problem with cap one. Can't get anyone on the telephone to help me out removing a 30 day late from almost 1 year ago. I had been using the telephone payment system and consistently paying late by several days every month. I seem to remember the system telling me to make a $58 payment in October 2015 when my normal minimum payment was $25. I'm fairly certain it told me I didn't have a payment due in November...so I made no payment until December 5th(due on the 1st). I was reported missing a payment for December 2015. Supposedly because my billing cycle ends on the 4th. Doesn't make any sense to me but I wouldn't have chosen to make an odd payment amount of $58 that October and I have no proof that the telephone payment system told me I have no payment due in November. If someone wouldn't mind PM'ing me that email that would be great. I also had no luck with the goodwill letter. I was wondering if people had more luck with GW letters when lates are a year or two old. Thanks! James

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