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  1. Hi Diamon63, Curious on your Chase business account. Is your business entity an "S" Corp, "C" Corp, single-member LLC, etc. Also, What did Chase require: EIN and your articles? Congrats on your business and new bank account relationship.
  2. Interesting on Zelle... is this because Zelle is owned by EWS? I am presuming that any negative EWS information could potentially propagate to one's bank (personal or business products)?
  3. When they transferred YOUR money, was this a "set-off"? As this is within their right to do (taking money from one account to settle a negative balance in another). I would go into a branch and talk to an officer ASAP! Be nice, and treat the ___________ person with respect and courtesy. The objective here is that you need to get this person to give you a contact and/ or direct dial number to the bank's back office. Of course, being nice, kind, and considerate; these are always good qualities to have. This said, sometimes you have to manipulate (socially engineer) your way to information that will help you. Take it from me, I have gotten bankers to help me out throughout the years, e.g. revering fees, etc.
  4. Great research here. Thanks! If I may, a bit of input on Langley F.C.U. and Pentagon F.C.U. (aka PenFed). Both of these credit unions are really good and are frequently nationally ranked in financial publications. The good news: as of this posting, both do not use ChexSystems! The fine-print: although you more than likely will qualify for accounts with these institutions, both do a soft-credit pull at the time of opening. If your FICO is < 600, PenFed will offer a “Limited Checking” account to you. The only difference is the checking account has longer holds when a physical (paper) check is deposited. Of course, once your FICO is > 600, they will convert the account(s) to their standard account offering. I do not recall what Langley’s minimum is, however, I believe it is in the low-600’s. Lastly, when applying for accounts with a bank who uses ChexSystems, do not do anything ridiculous like apply for three accounts in one week! Reason being, the ChexSystems Gestapo has their own internal scoring matrix. There is a section on ChexSystems reports that list DDA Applications (DDA = Demand Deposit Account). The more ChexSystems inquiries, the lower your ChexSystems score.
  5. Hi TeeSharice, Interesting. So you defaulted and they did not come after you? Wow! Back when I defaulted, prior to my listing them as a creditor in my BK13 filing, they assigned the account to a collection agency: GC Services (circa 1999 - 2000). NOTE: I later had my attorney convert my 13 case to a Chapter 7 case. May I ask, what is the "BCE" AMEX card product.
  6. Yes, it is interesting how risk tolerance varies from one financial institution to another. I also can speak to Bank of America's policies. Several years ago, I had a personal account relationship with BofA. One of my checking accounts I allowed to remain in the negative (red) for a significant amount of time from a charge-back deposit... well over thirty days. I ultimately did bring that account to $0.00 yet their back office closed it. Funny, a week prior to it being force-closed, the BofA system had some ridiculous indicator showing something like ($888,888.00) for the account. Very amusing in my opinion. Fast forward to a month or so later, I wanted to open a new (secondary) personal checking account. The application though the online portal was denied, even though I paid the account in-full. If I recall, the local branch could not override this either. BofA reported my closed account to EWS; the EWS record blocked me from opening any other accounts with BofA. Despite the fact I still had an active checking and savings account with them. So, BofA kept the relationship open. I know that with other institutions, if one account is charged-off, the entire relationship will be terminated. Also, one more data point to add on this. Bank of America did not elect to use their right of set-off to collect on the checking account in the negative. They allowed me to pay it off in an agreed upon timeframe. I have to say that was nice to have that control and not have any surprise logging in to view my accounts in the morning or intra-day.
  7. This is interesting about negative information staying on EWS for five (5) years. Curious if this has changed. A few years ago, I distinctly recall negative items appearing on EWS for seven (7) years. Negative information has always stayed on ChexSystems for five (5) years.
  8. Hello, Does anyone know either by experience or with a good degree of certainty if American Express (AMEX) will decline card membership if you have ever filed bankruptcy against them? I have read somewhere that they keep a permanent “barred from membership list”. Is this right, no. However, as you probably know a financial institution may choose to do business with whomever they choose (a rather broad definition). I have read that even if an American Express account has been fully-discharged by a successfully complete bankruptcy case, they will no longer choose to do business with you. The reason I am asking is twenty years ago, I listed them as a creditor in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. I would like to apply for membership in the future when my current FICO is a bit stronger. However, I do not want to burn a hard-inquiry only for it to be declined. I apologize if I am not posting in the correct area. Thank you.
  9. Odd. I have never had ChexSystems ask me for a notarized statement. I have had old addresses removed- simply because they were temporary-use or I simply did not want old ones appearing any longer. I would state that they were "errant". My mantra: the less people know about you- the better. When writing Chex, I have always listed my Consumer I.D.Number as appearing on prior communications from them. They have always been nice to work with. Early Warning Services (EWS), not so much. This said, if they want a notarized statement- go ahead and do it. A notary fee is usually only $10.00 or so. Best, M
  10. Woodforest will take someone who is on ChexSystems, depending upon the severity of the reporting. They do have presence in Virginia. https://www.woodforest.com
  11. The mis-use of this word annoys me deeply: "anniversary". i.e. We are celebrating our two-month anniversary. Anniversary refers to annual. From the Webster dictionary: Middle English, from Anglo-French & Late Latin; Anglo-French annuel, from Late Latin annualis, blend of Latin annuusyearly (from annus year) and Latin annalis yearly (from annus year); probably akin to Gothic athnam (dative plural) years, Sanskrit atati he walks, goes First Known Use: 14th century
  12. "Supper" does the same for me. I think they eat that in Mudland. Yes, "supper". I have always loathed that word.
  13. Question: If one files a Chapter 7, will ChexSystems completely remove you from their system or just note each account showing as a zero balance owed? Specifically, accounts that show erroneously as: "suspected fraud", "account abuse", etc. Thanks! MB
  14. That happened to me a few years back. I had applied in a branch, the CSR ran TeleCheck on me during my application process- I was approved for a checking and savings account. Two days later- my account was closed due to their back office pulling my Early Warning Systems (EWS) report.
  15. Hello, I ran across the following article on myfico.com... seems to be very legitimate way of rebuilding one's credit score to 700+ post-bankruptcy. Please see: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Bankruptcy/HOW-TO-From-BK7-discharge-to-700-in-24-months-or-less/m-p/1384075/highlight/true#M9218 If anyone has a successful plan that they have followed, kindly post. I am currently preparing paperwork to file my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case; I plan to use this method post-discharge to rebuild my credit. If I posted this in the inappropriate place, I apologize. I am new and am still navigating this board. Best, MB
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