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  1. This doesn’t have to do with reporting but what state are you in and what is the SOL? If you are past the SOL, did the letter say they can not sue you for the debt? Again, this has nothing to do with credit reporting, just curious since they claim a payment was made. you may need an attorney who specializes in consumer debt (not a bankruptcy attorney). You need to provide him/her with your old paper reports.
  2. There have been several recent posters in the past few days on reddit with Portfolio and Jefferson putting 10 year plus charge off data on reports. Following closely since I had some from 13 years ago. If you have any old reports those would be useful. I have my old ones which show the original trade lines up to the month they fell off my reports.
  3. Did you include your American Express in a BK or was it a CO? My SO is still blacklisted after 11 years, even though I can add them as AUs without issue.
  4. Has anyone had a good experience with using this as a back up checking account? I already have the brokerage account and was considering open a cash management account.
  5. Order your paper reports as well so you know exactly how the CA is reporting all their information. if the reporting dates are accurate, it should be easy to delete based on age
  6. That’s from a moderator. Explains that whole forum.
  7. mdcrabber


    Does anyone know if these are currently issued as a Visa or MasterCard? They seem to constantly change it.
  8. Received similar letter today, but for my Defender Amex switching to a VS at the end of February.
  9. Today’s “Epic Contributor” is tomorrow’s “Moderator.”
  10. I guess the kiddie forum will stress out over how to achieve their 10 scores, followed by applying for a crappy card that gives you a free F 10 score.
  11. Are you providing a personal guarantee for these? If so, how do your personal credit reports look?
  12. Couldn’t find a master approval list for this section, so sorry for creating a new thread if I missed it. Accepted a “just for you” offer last month with a 5k SL that supposedly bypasses 5/24. Was 18/24 Didn’t want to post until I figured enough time had passed where I wouldn’t receive the chase shutdown.
  13. BMO has it in branch. I’m not sure why they can’t just add it online as well.
  14. This bad advice is often encouraged by the moderators on there as well.
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