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  1. Forgot to add this loan never has appeared on his reports, just the two that he took out himself and has been paying on for four years.
  2. My spouse received a 30 day notice from a collection agency representing the Department of Education for a loan that his father (same name as him) evidently took out for him several years ago. My husband is currently paying each month on the two loans that he took out himself with no issue. His father currently has early onset alzheimer's and is not being helpful when we tried to question him about the loan today after receiving the letter. For some reason, the collector knows my husband's address and it is addressed only to His First/Last name which is the same as his father without a Middle initial or name. My husband has also been receiving Medicare and retirement advertisements to our home and we questioned him why he was getting mailers at our home. Based on my reading here in the past, I know not contact the collector by phone. Should we contact the Dept of Education directly? Should we contact an attorney? He has never received a bill for this loan in the past and has just been made aware of this loan today. Thank you for any assistance
  3. As long as it’s been 13 months since your most recent discover, it should be good. I’m working on my 3rd it “miles” Card. Always close it after my cashback match and repeat. How high is your limit on your other discover card?
  4. Did you not earn any income and that is how you got into all the debt or did you earn income and not file? if you didn’t earn income then you don’t have to file. Guess I didn’t understand your situation.
  5. If the OP has the debt scheduled to be removed in one year, I would assume the debt is around six years old which would mean they can no longer sue him or her in Texas.
  6. thank you, I am relieved that the two of you say that I can keep my loan
  7. I got an auto loan through my dealer with a local credit union last year. I have been offered a job in another state (Alaska) and was wondering if i am allowed to stay with my current loan even though I’m moving? thank you
  8. I was declined last week and received my mail Saturday that confirmed I was still on the BL. My credit report was not pulled.
  9. Never communicated with them. I was under the impression that I wasn’t to ever respond so that I wouldn’t restart anything.
  10. About every six months I get a CA letter from Midland for an old Exxon Card. Always wanting to work something out. The debt is almost 9 years old and in my state the SOL is 5 years. Today I get this: The last time we heard from you, you indicated you were planning to file BK. We cant verify that you did file or that there is a case. If you did, call (enter phone number). Be advised we will continue collection activities unless we receive a BK #. Please call to make payment arrangements. At the bottom it says: Due to the age of this debt, we will not sue you for it or report payment or non-payment of it to a credit bureau. Ive never filed for BK, am debt free and my files are now clean, so Im assuming this is just a ploy to get me to respond? Ive never communicated with them Thank you for reading
  11. If this is about Tower Federal Credit Union, then you have to send in employment verification if whatever database they use doesnt match up to what is claimed on an app. In my case, I didnt come up in the database at all (employer), so I had to send a notarized letter from my employer. I saw you said the CU started with a T and was in DMV.
  12. mdcrabber

    IRS levy

    Contact the number in the letter or look up your local IRS office. Tell them he or she no longer lives at that address.

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