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  1. I'll be applying for either the Everyday or Everyday Preferred. Are the odds of approval the same for these cards or am I more likely to be approved for the Everyday as my first Amex? I don't mind the annual fee on the Preferred to get 30,000 points.
  2. Good to know PRA will not PFD. I have already disputed this twice so I guess I have been defeated. It's not going anywhere until December of 2017.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with PRA? It's like they didn't even read my letter.
  4. I recently sent a PFD request to PRA what I got in return was the same form letter I have received from them the 2 times I have disputed this account in the last year. This was clearly not a dispute. It was an offer to pay 50% of my balance for deletion from my credit reports. How should I respond to this?
  5. Thanks! That's great advice. I ended up opening a schwab account since it comes with a linked brokerage account, and I have been wanted to start investing for a while now. Also completely shocked by 2 approvals I got this morning. I was approved for Discover it at $2500 and Chase United Mileage Plus at $5000!!! My highest limit to this point was $1000 with total available credit of $1500 all secured and only 6 months credit history. Still in awe at how this is even possible, but I couldn't have done it without the great advice I get here at CB!
  6. I'm in the process of planning a long term trip through Europe, then on to SE Asia. Out of my only 3 credit cards the Capital One secured is the only card with no foreign transaction fees. I never use it now, but I'm thinking of increasing my deposit and using this card most of the time. Also considering applying for the Discover it which also has no fees. My other concern is ATM fees. I have a Wells Fargo checking account now. They charge $5 per transaction, which is decent, but will add up if going to an ATM twice a week for 6 months. I'm looking at opening a Capital One 360 checking account, which I believe has no foreign ATM fees. Also looking at Alliant CU, which is 1%. What is my best option for a no foreign ATM fee checking account?
  7. Pennsylvania. And yes it is just out of SOL.
  8. I have dv'd them and disputed it with no results. It is with a notoriously difficult CA(Portfolio Recovery Associates.) My last option is to try for a PFD. It is not scheduled for removal for another 2 years.
  9. I still have one unpaid collection reporting, and a BOA CO reporting on EX and EQ.
  10. My 3 secured cards started reporting in March of this year. I am getting close to the 6 month mark. Is that enough age on these cards to go for my first app spree? If so any recommendations for my next cards?
  11. So 4 months later PRA finally decided to send me what I originally requested in my DV or at least part of it. I got a letter from them yesterday with a BOA statement from 9/15/2011 when the account was charged off. Should I write them back asking them for proof that BOA sold them the debt? Unfortunately it's looking like this is going to be stuck to my reports for a while unless I decide to try for a PFD.
  12. Will calling BOA cause them to update? They haven't reported in two years.
  13. How do I figure out the real balance? Also EX and EQ have it reporting as a debt buyer account, but TU has it reporting as "factoring company account". Is that cause for another dispute with TU?
  14. That's what I was afraid of. I am in Pennsylvania. SOL is 4 years. They even included in the first dunning letter that they would not sue due to the age of the debt. As far as I know everything is correct. The balance is $1 more than what BOA had listed on my CR. There is some conflicting information between the 3 under account type. Does anyone know if PRA is known to do PFD?

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