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  1. Equifax is a mess. There must be something with Equifax and NFCU. I have 1 CC, a car loan and a CLOC with NFCU. Equifax has been reporting the car loan as a revolving account with the remaining 8K+ as an outstanding CC balance depressing my score from 775+ it should be to 764. Discover pulled EQ and I suspect the small CL it gave me has to do with these errors on my EQ report.
  2. On the other forum they say the path of least resistance to >50K with NFCU is applying to 3 cards FAST & FURIOUS mode. 25K*3=75K. But 75K with 3 cards not as sexy as one card for true CB'ers. LOL
  3. No. These do: Discover, TD, Cap 1....
  4. Penfed Cash rewards, $15,000. Not instant. Had to provide POI in the form of 2 paystubs. I think I triggered that request by putting down my annual income($42,000) on the App where the app asked for monthly income. Initially they wanted to approve me for $10,000 unless I also submitted 2 years of Tax returns showing my self employment income I told the CSR that I can send the tax return and asked to speak to the underwriter. The CSR told me I can't talk to the underwriter and that he will take my concern to him. After a few minutes on hold he came back and said that the underwriter approved the higher CL after reviewing my CR and seeing that I have large CLs without any balances. He said he doesn't understand why the system requested POI. Hope this helps someone trying to play Penfed.
  5. I am puzzled too. I don't know which report they pulled. It might be that they pulled EQ which has 6 stupid inquiries, mainly from Navy and Penfed. NASA's just now approved me for $17,600 with only $42,000 stated income plus $20,000 additional income. I am now looking to build $30,000+ CLs. I have no patience for subprime CLs. My profile deserves better than a useless $3.9K.
  6. I applied for Discover IT just now and was given a $3,900 CL. They've been sending me pre approvals every month. All scores are above 770. Stated Income, $97,000. I asked for application review and was given the usual BS that "here at Discover we do thing a little differently, we can't increase credit line at this time. We need at least 3 months of usage." I told them that the CL is unacceptable for my current profile and that I am withdrawing the application. So App withdrawn. Don't care for the inquiry.
  7. No need. Excellent Job. FWIW in the absence of derogatory info, at high 700's-800's range FICO and FAKO tend to correlate
  8. Amazon store card (8th statement) $2,700 -> $5k. Requested online, asked for $5k total... Yea! Congrats
  9. I have had several approvals and many CLI lately that I have not had time to post each but as of today my signature is accurate and I have officially succeeded and met both my goals of 500k for both Biz and Personal and hit the One Million Dollar mark in open lines of credit between the 2 not counting AU which puts me even higher. I owe my thanks to the many of you on this credit board and I want to personally thank you for the knowledge you have shared which helped me to reach my goals and much quicker than I had expected. I will stay around and help others as I can and pass on my knowledge and will help anyone that ask me for help. Congratulations!
  10. Any stable job with any income plus a side job like rideshare service using your own car. Buy a cheap car if you must. Cut your expenses at a bare minimum. That's how I did it. Now I can face any bills and pretty much get any cards. Good luck.
  11. Time to buy. Buy on the dip in Ponzi Cheme jargon.
  12. I like this idea. Segregation of personal(visible) and business(invisible). Attack the visible first and then pivot to the invisible.
  13. Find a 2nd job. Drive Uber/Lift. Put entire earnings plus part of take home from regular job into repaying debt. Crypto schemes are simply digital Ponzy scheme. Thank you for reminding people how dangerous these things are. Good luck. Lesson learned
  14. Subprime, predatory lender preying on credit challenged individuals.
  15. Yep. The website limit is TWO payments per cycle for a reason. I don't know what that reason is, but you poke that bear at your own peril. I don't think so. For the past umpteen years I have been making ten or more online payments per month, per card, on the AmEx website and the only thing they do is continually approve my CLIs / new cards. There must be one or more other factors thrown into the mix that they don't like. Same here as Pot O. No issues for me either. Granted I don't M$ or cycle thru my entire CL either. I don't recall ever getting involved in M$ -- not even one little GC. I may have cycled through my CL a few times over the years, but only for legitimate personal spend. I have cycled through my AmEx biz cards a few times. I'd bet that the problem AmEx has with OP is a combination of things including his overall credit profile. + 1.
  16. Building $ 300-$400 in less than 3 years is something that definitely can spook some lenders.
  17. Dear Mr. Big Time, I'm not buying it! Penfed has a hard limit on unsecured credit card exposure of $50k total it doesn't matter who you are. Your Chase Palladium (not Pallidium) does not exist it was replaced with the Reserve card. 50 personal cards and you bank with all of them? yea right. I couldn't open a Bank of America or Chase bank account if I wanted to due to regional restrictions. I seriously doubt you have 50. I don't know what your doing but I guess it's fun to pretend sometimes. Good luck in getting your invitation from India. This was not post there. It will be moderated. I don't understand why other posters took what that guy posted seriously. It's obvious it was a joke but the guy rolled with it when people kept asking him questions
  18. Point is eventually it will report as paid collection and if debt is satisfied OP has a chance to get credit products from NAVY in the future.
  19. I understand some of the basics of what you are saying about the SOLs, how will that help me if Im trying to improve my credit report as it stands? I was under the impression that although I may be outside the SOL the debt stays there unpaid, they cant take action against me but is that a better option (letting them age off) over trying to settle and close them out? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It depends of your credit needs now. My post above helps you move forward in a positive way although it' will cost you a bit. There are too many new negatives on your reports so my recommendation is to reduce them especially the smaller Amounts.My credit needs now are minimal if any. What I want to do is help my overall score and profile, hopefully building at the same time. My scores are in the low 500s and its driving me nuts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Why is the lowth of your scores driving you nuts? Do you have an emergency mortgage app coming up or something? Bluntly, your scores are going to stay low for some time. One of the posters around here has a signature that reads "Credit repair is a marathon, not a sprint." Fair enough question....Its driving me nuts for a few reasons. 1. With the cash infusion I mentioned above to pay off/settle as much as I can I was hoping it would increase my scores and decrease my collection calls, mail and feeling crappy about being irresponsible in where I am credit wise. 2. IF something came up financially it would be great to be able to handle the situation like a big boy, something I have failed to do so far. 3. I want to start rebuilding and realize its not a quick fix, but knowing I have a few years before the BK falls off ...Maybe its wishful thinking since it was handled so bad after the fact. 4. I appreciate the feedback I have received so far and am still all ears. I have read a ton and am still all ears for any thoughts that may clear my self induced confusion! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Any thoughts on my paying NFCU the $7,000 they charged off to help my "utilization" and get back in their good Grace's? I am a few months away from being outside of the SOL and it will not fall off until late 2022...That amount is pretty much half of my charged off debt and updates monthly. I have recently received the Discover and Cap 1 secured cards..Cap 1 charged off 2 cards that are out of SOL and both will fall off in 2021 so I was surprised to get their secured card. I hope I'm not off base in thinking paying off NFCU will help me in the long run, I would like to fix my relationship with them and get rid of a large portion of this debt I'm drowning in ..If I were to give them all of that money and have them tell me to pound salt after that would be a tough pill to swallow. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk Do NFCU over time with some kind of repayment plan which could have a positive effect with other lenders on manual review.

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