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  1. Equifax is a mess. There must be something with Equifax and NFCU. I have 1 CC, a car loan and a CLOC with NFCU. Equifax has been reporting the car loan as a revolving account with the remaining 8K+ as an outstanding CC balance depressing my score from 775+ it should be to 764. Discover pulled EQ and I suspect the small CL it gave me has to do with these errors on my EQ report.
  2. On the other forum they say the path of least resistance to >50K with NFCU is applying to 3 cards FAST & FURIOUS mode. 25K*3=75K. But 75K with 3 cards not as sexy as one card for true CB'ers. LOL
  3. No. These do: Discover, TD, Cap 1....
  4. Penfed Cash rewards, $15,000. Not instant. Had to provide POI in the form of 2 paystubs. I think I triggered that request by putting down my annual income($42,000) on the App where the app asked for monthly income. Initially they wanted to approve me for $10,000 unless I also submitted 2 years of Tax returns showing my self employment income I told the CSR that I can send the tax return and asked to speak to the underwriter. The CSR told me I can't talk to the underwriter and that he will take my concern to him. After a few minutes on hold he came back and said that the underwriter approved the higher CL after reviewing my CR and seeing that I have large CLs without any balances. He said he doesn't understand why the system requested POI. Hope this helps someone trying to play Penfed.
  5. I am puzzled too. I don't know which report they pulled. It might be that they pulled EQ which has 6 stupid inquiries, mainly from Navy and Penfed. NASA's just now approved me for $17,600 with only $42,000 stated income plus $20,000 additional income. I am now looking to build $30,000+ CLs. I have no patience for subprime CLs. My profile deserves better than a useless $3.9K.
  6. I applied for Discover IT just now and was given a $3,900 CL. They've been sending me pre approvals every month. All scores are above 770. Stated Income, $97,000. I asked for application review and was given the usual BS that "here at Discover we do thing a little differently, we can't increase credit line at this time. We need at least 3 months of usage." I told them that the CL is unacceptable for my current profile and that I am withdrawing the application. So App withdrawn. Don't care for the inquiry.
  7. No need. Excellent Job. FWIW in the absence of derogatory info, at high 700's-800's range FICO and FAKO tend to correlate
  8. Amazon store card (8th statement) $2,700 -> $5k. Requested online, asked for $5k total... Yea! Congrats
  9. I have had several approvals and many CLI lately that I have not had time to post each but as of today my signature is accurate and I have officially succeeded and met both my goals of 500k for both Biz and Personal and hit the One Million Dollar mark in open lines of credit between the 2 not counting AU which puts me even higher. I owe my thanks to the many of you on this credit board and I want to personally thank you for the knowledge you have shared which helped me to reach my goals and much quicker than I had expected. I will stay around and help others as I can and pass on my knowledge and will help anyone that ask me for help. Congratulations!
  10. Any stable job with any income plus a side job like rideshare service using your own car. Buy a cheap car if you must. Cut your expenses at a bare minimum. That's how I did it. Now I can face any bills and pretty much get any cards. Good luck.
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