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  1. If he still banks with them, just send an emessage in their online banking or you can call. They are very helpful especially their officers in the lending department. I did mine in writing it took them about 30 days to clear it. You can also dispute them with EQ. Had the same problem before with an account from years ago. Some people here had negative experiences disputing with EQ. YMMV. Maybe you can find thread about disputes with EQ.
  2. This is what I plan to do. I am almost done in my graduate program- 3 more classes to go. I hope to be here more often!!
  3. Can you imagine a household with 2 CB members? DH and I have credit stuff conversation for dinners. My 10 year- old knows about credit- related terminologies now too. CreditBoards was a household topic! We talk about you guys like we know you personally We didn't get bored. We just reached the point of- we are finding it hard to juggle between all the cards that we acquired (e.g. deciding which card to use for this month). Just currently working now on increasing credit limits and preparing for our mortgage plans. Things that excite me now- card designs and conversion to chip and pin on all my cards
  4. Is this strictly for DiscoverIt cards? Because I PCd my It to NHL card to my favorite team. I guess I'll GP?
  5. They are increasing pricing to cover the losses after everybody unsubscribed. Funny, now even more people are leaving! Bye! bye! bye! (sounding like that Starbucks employee)
  6. CameraSnaps

    Macys CLI

    I have had my Macy's card for more than a year now. I started with $200. I used to use the chat feature to request for credit limit increases every 2- 3 months- double the current limit and has always gotten approved. I think they really look at your usage of the card. I earned my premier elite status quickly since I opened the card so now my calls get directed right away to CSRs- which makes my CLI requests faster. Maybe try to ask for lower amount- instead of 10K, ask for 5K, wait another 3 months for the 7K then go for 10K after?
  7. +1 If someone calls me a mouse, I bet my husband would be unhappy too, but I would prove that person who left that voicemail he is right, because this mouse would wreak havoc and will not stop until he lose his job- (do it in the classiest way!). Walk in to the GM's office in your red stilettos, have him listen to the voicemail and tell him that is exactly the reason why their branch lost your business.
  8. I shouldn't have PCd my AAA and applied for another card instead Which card would you suggest? Now that I am tempted to apply...I also can apply for these cards they offer for teachers http://www.neamb.com/finance/credit-cards.htm None of those teacher cards look like anything special. I don't think those are for math teachers. LOL!!
  9. I shouldn't have PCd my AAA and applied for another card instead Which card would you suggest? Now that I am tempted to apply...I also can apply for these cards they offer for teachers http://www.neamb.com/finance/credit-cards.htm
  10. Which CRA did they pull for you? My friend has 3. I am not sure if they have limits.
  11. Funny how Barclay would say it's an inquiry, when I started with them with 3 inquiries when I was approved. Credit limit bumped to 5K (2 months after and 10 inquiries), and recently with 21 inquiries, and 10 new accounts- was bumped to 10K credit limit. I'm surprised I haven't triggered any declined transactions nor AA when I am here and my AU is using the card in the Philippines without a travel notice to them.
  12. I just checked mine and it still says "We recommend"... and 3 cards below under "More Customized Offers" and all of them do not have your date that says "Offer good until"... I'm curious to hear from others...
  13. We still use our TrueEarnings at Costco. BCP has zero balance on it- we use it for big purchases. I think there was a time when their credit cards are the most difficult to obtain (their category was for "excellent credit") so maybe it's that "high" feeling we all got whenever we get approved for an AmEx. When they stopped D*, I lost my appetite for AmEx. Also having a more difficult underwriting process than any other banks just turned me away.
  14. HI! Welcome to CB There may not be a quick fix to your problem about establishing a positive credit so you can get approved for an AmEx. If you will be an authorized user, it may not even be an issue. maybe we can help you more on your credit journey if you can give us more details about the negatives on your credit. I am sorry to hear about your past! Just like and everyone else here, there is no easy road but you are one step ahead now
  15. It is not NFCU. Because you have a fraud alert, you will be dealing with the same kind of issues or worse with all creditors. Been through the worst of it, and even after I have removed that fraud alert, there are some creditors who don't get updated right away and you will have to wait for about 6 months until their jurassic systems get updated. Call CRAs to remove your fraud alert. If you are worried about identify theft, you can just freeze your reports.
  16. I read somewhere that if you recon the day you got approved, they will review it without another hard pull.
  17. I have not received any CLI. They would rather give me a new CC than a CLI. I was wondering about the same thing.
  18. Happy Birthday Lily!!! Hope you are having a fantastic birthday and a fab vacay!!
  19. After receiving a $500 CLI from 1K, I decided I should put some usage on it. So I have been using it to buy donuts and coffee here and there, restaurants too. Used it at Target today and bought mother's day cards charged $8.00. A few minutes later, I went back to the cashier and made a $50 purchase and card was declined! AT TARGET! FOR $50! I received an email about "fraud alert" and called them. Fraud Team CSR said the consecutive transaction triggered the fraud alert. Whatevs. Was never declined before. And of all places, Target. Worse, for $50 bucks. Card goes back to SD again! Just sharing this experience to all of you- that doing 2 consecutive transactions at one store could cost you some humiliation.
  20. I am so sorry for your loss. My mother- in- law passed away in Dec 2014. DH sent out copies of her death certificate to all 3 credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies (blocked out the name and contact information of the "informant" on the death certificate, letters were sent with a P.O. Box address with no contact information of the family). She left with no will and estate, did not qualify for probate since at the time of her passing her house still had remaining mortgage, with no surviving spouse. We live in CA and I am not sure if it's any different in your state. But we consulted with a lawyer and we were told basically that we are not obligated in anything towards these financial institutions. Do not make any attempt to communicate with CHASE without consulting a lawyer. Consulting with a lawyer would be your best step to protect you father and his finances.
  21. +1 Opened my account with them end of December. approved for 14K CC; and 15K CLOC. End of Fed, my credit limit on my CC was bumped with 20K with a soft pull.

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