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  1. Did they do a hard pull? Sync is always a soft IME. Except for CareCredit and other car repair- related cards (e.g. CarCareOne, Pepboys) => always HP
  2. Never quit. You will find the right UW. I was initially denied. I had to call 2X. Since then, everytime I get turned down, I keep redialing until I get what I want from them. Remember to be pleasant
  3. Chase (online) and AMEX (mail offer) is by far the most solid for me. There are the ones that did not show as prequalified on their site but instantly approved me when I applied.
  4. Just checked. Nothing on my account too! What kind of accounts do you have with them? I only have CC.
  5. I am closing my Synchrony Midas Card. No longer have a use for it since I've had really bad experiences with their repair services.
  6. Thank for the info! I will check my acct later. I didn't know about this
  7. Agree with those 2, also. I think PSNL was banned, though, which is a real shame. All that stuff that went down hurt all the wrong people .... I went MIA here for a few months and missed what happened. That is sad
  8. Are you in one of those infamous CB marriages? No. I didn't have an account here before But I stalked him here quite a lot when we were still dating and learned to cleaned up my credit profile in the process.
  9. I was going to say MarkCa. He was hardcore back in the days about the B* experiment. But he is my husband so I can nudge him anytime about credit stuff, but I wish he would be more active here again I don't know what happened to JB27. When I was starting here, he helped me out a lot (him and Konrad- but K is still actively posting here).
  10. Called Barclaycard for an APR Reduction. Reduced my APR by 2% then the very pleasant gentleman I spoke with offered to see if I can qualify for a credit line increase without a hard inquiry. Approved me for another $4K!! Anyone has any luck with Synchrony lately? My Amazon has been stuck at 10K for a year now and they would not budge!
  11. Congratulation!!! From: Egyptian FOREVER in their corner
  12. "Let sleeping dogs lie". I would just wait it out until they fall off especially you are already on a good start with reestablishing. If it's just a matter of a few months, just wait it out.
  13. My DH bought me a Nikon D7200 and Xbox1 for our son and took advantage of the Chase 10% offer. We also monitor prices of items on our wishlists through camelcamelcamel
  14. Bought a lot of children's toys as Christmas presents, cat food, Zebra (Open it!), books, etc. I came home one day and our front door was covered by Amazon boxes. I live in LA. The best part about it is we get same- day delivery for free.
  15. I am disappointed they didn't tell you Mark Zuckerberg is giving away his wealth if you repost whatevs on facebook :'(
  16. Happy New Year!! NFCU CC bumped from 20K to 25K (Asked for 30K)- Is there a recon with NFCU? PenFed Promise Card 10K to 12.5K (no HP, EQ is frozen)
  17. Try your credit union for a consolidation loan and stay away from your card while paying down the loan...
  18. BOA Cash Rewards now has a 20K credit limit! December 2014, BOA was my first approved non- CU credit card with an initial credit limit of $1,500
  19. You volunteered EX to Disco You and the wifey need to take a trip to Newport. I know I need to spank him. Consecutive earthquakes in Newport Beach does not sound good. Hope you and your credit cards portfolio are okay Let's meet after the holidays! Craaaazy schedule this week.
  20. I had that on my online account. It popped up saying I was PREAPPROVED. I researched online and saw that other TrueEarnings holders were getting the same. However, once I took the offer, it came back DECLINED. Be careful about AmEx's sucky preapprovals offer.
  21. Go to Macy's. With the card and other promotional sales/ coupons, you get better savings, more suit selections. Then you will have more choices on future purchases too. Credit limit goes up quickly. YMMV.
  22. Did you recently requested for a CLI on those cards right after the high balance? That's the only reason I can see it happening. It happened to me. After I paid off the balance within the same week, my credit line was reinstated. Although it wasn't with Barclay. It was with AmEx.
  23. Congrats on the car! Busy life has kept me away from CB much of the later part of this year. But, things are settling down now. Hope to see you around more. Thank you!! Definitely! Would love to contribute to data once again and share my credit repair experiences with others.

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