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  1. I was unemployed and took a long hiatus from here when I became unemployed Feb 2016. Finances took a huge blow and it was tough NOT working. But I am proud to say, I managed and pulled through. Back to employment now and received the following increases: Barclay Arrival from 14K to 20K Macy's from 14K to 20K Macy's American Express from 10K to 17K Target from 500 to 5K Mastercard The downside, the change of employment must have triggered something with American Express BCE- Lowered my CL from 10K to 1.5K Now I am trying to catch up on the threads here and working on lowerin
  2. I have done that 3 years ago. I wrote them a letter and requested that any names that does not match with the copy of identification I sent them should be removed as it pose a great risk for identity theft/ issues. Experian didn't budge of course, but Equifax and Transunion removed them.
  3. I was blacklisted by Chase. Then got approved last year (it didn't take 10 years). It had already cost you an inquiry, there is no harm in trying to recon. This was a different lender, but I was denied by Barclay 2x. I kept calling and tried different representatives until they approved me for an initial 1K credit limit.
  4. There was a period of time that mine did not report for two months. They seem to be working fine now. I have both store card and AmEx card.
  5. What kind of camera equipment? Borrowlenses is my go to place if I need back- up gadget (e.g. cameras, lens). They do not check your credit score, no collateral either, all you need is a credit card.
  6. CB inspired and taught me how to handle my finances better. The education and opportunity fro growth is never- ending. Met a lot of cool people here. I invited some of my friends here also for learning. I don't know if I really have contributed much here. I try to chime in here and there based on my personal experience for data. But other than that, I am sometimes wary about giving advice because I personally feel that I am still learning. Thanks to everyone who share their knowledge selflessly!
  7. I will stick with a local credit union and see if you can get your car refinanced and get a consolidation loan. Has your finances improved since you posted this? It will be difficult to get a lower APR with your utilization right now. What is the APR on the card/s? Maybe give us more details about what type of card(s) and their APRs, car loan and its APR and other loans you currently have to give us a better picture and help you strategize.
  8. No. Typically you just put your phone above the payment machine (where you would swipe your card) and wait for the beep. Easier payment method than having to insert your card and wait for those prompts so you can sign after it gets approved. My husband and I used to be so loyal to Samsung and the Android phones. The touch ID (works on your bank/ credit card apps) and Apple pay from the apple watch made us switch!
  9. Autopay on all accounts (minimum due) 5 days set before due date. Then every 3rd day of the month, I just pay all of my bills. I have bookmarked all of them on my laptop so I go and check each account routinely.
  10. When I went on an app spree a year ago, I stopped after getting denied once. PIF (and follow what others do by letting $2 report on one of your accounts?) and hammer them on CLIs in a few months. I was approved for CLI after ~3 statements on PenFed and Barclay. Barclay is always a HP but there may be other routes to it (I was able to get a CLI with a SP after a year by asking about eligibility for APR reduction).
  11. Discover Very aggressive on fraud prevention. I got declined at Target and Nordstrom (even with the fraud alert text response enabled). Very discouraging to use.
  12. Congratulations and Welcome to CB Thanks!! I can't wait to have a portfolio like yours! You will get there in no time! My profile was similar to yours when I started rebuilding. I actually still have a judgment on my Experian (managed to remove them from EQ and TU). Grow what you have for now and once the baddies get dealt with, there will be exciting app spree ahead! Goodluck and I am excited for you!!
  13. It takes so much discipline! I admire the others who really take advantage of what the rewards has to offer. Having a 6- digit worth of tradelines is not for everyone. It is a very steep financial risk to those who lack impulse control.
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