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  1. I have all 3 bureaus frozen, will be purchasing a new vehicle and would like to use GM Financial as they do have some great incentives now, does anyone know who they pull and what version? I would like to be somewhat prepared, I’m in Ohio and I miss the old credit pulls database.
  2. I took the plunge a few month ago, applied in the afternoon, approved in a few hours and the money was in my checking account the next morning. All docs were sent via email, I signed and emailed them back,very easy process.
  3. LLL50

    Odd question

    I'm a planner, and as such have decided on what to do with myself when I die, I am purchasing my funeral and final resting place in advance so that my family does not have to deal with it. I would also like to pay with my credit card so I can at least get some rewards. My question is would a credit card company be "worried" and perhaps reduce credit limit on said card used for purchase? I'm healthy and have no medical issues, sorry for the morbid subject, but I hate to throw away any perks.
  4. If your willing to do the leg work, I say go for it! I purchased my home FSBO, we used a title company, they were very nice and it was an easy process. I found my place on Zillow, contacted them and went from there, FSBO is a great way to save money, spend the time marketing it yourself and let us know how it goes!!
  5. Ouch, sorry that happened. IMHO I would skip the lifelock and have her freeze her reports and keep a close eye on her credit reports. Hope nothing comes of it.
  6. Working on CLI's this year, requested a 6k increase on my Barclays Ring, submitted online, denied, got a call back 2 hours later answered some questions, ok a lot of questions, and was approved, went from 18,500.00 to 24,500.00. I have had this account just under 2 years and started with 10k.
  7. I finally got a CLI on my Care Credit from 3500.00 to 16,200.00 yay!!! I called and asked for a 10k increase and he came back with 12,700.00 counter offer.......ummmmm ok, I wasn't going to argue, worth the hard pull,
  8. I pulled my new credit report on 2/24 and my AMEX date of 92 is still intact on TU, I hope it stays that way!!
  9. Welcome to the boards, someone with far more expertise will be able to give you a better answer than I, but it's my understanding that a divorce decree doesn't absolve you of your mortgage payment that is still in your name. The only way would have been if she had refinanced into her own name, as I said someone with far more experience will be able to give you more information. I had a similar situation with my ex husband, in which his ex wife was not paying on a joint HELOC, as court ordered in the decree, she was always late, I notified her that I would be paying this debt directly for her and the funds would come from her spousal support, if she had an issue then we would be happy to take it back to court, she had nothing to say about it and I got it paid off and his name off of it. Is there anyway you can make up the 3 months back payments and then sell the home?
  10. First I want to say that I'm sorry that you're going through this, the first and foremost is to seek help for your abusive situation, and as others have stated it is abuse. If the courts are saying that it's not, I suggest you reach out to your local domestic violence shelter for advocacy in this matter. Not only are they able to offer you support and resources they may have other options such as temporary housing, assistance with training, education etc... so that you are able to be more self sufficient. In the interim IMHO, you and your children's mental, emotional and physical health are just as (if not more important than) your credit health. I was a victim for 8 years, I then went on to work with victims for 6 years and then law enforcement for another 15. You can turn this around, and turn a negative into a positive, it won't be easy but it can be done. http://www.thehotline.org/
  11. I am going to close my BOA Platinum and combine with BOA BBR, I also want to close my Chase Amazon and combine with my Sapphire, both these cards have low limits. Paypal smart connect will also go bye bye as they just won't budge on a CLI, just trying to get motivated to unfreeze my reports while also being strong enough to not app for anything at the same time, my goal is to garden till next year.

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