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  1. Here is some discussion on this from our "Friends" at insidearm https://www.insidearm.com/news/00043349-experts-react-fdcpa-court-decision-emaile/ There is some controversy about using email
  2. Threaten them. They do back down. They have been involved in FDCPA lawsuits (and lost), TCPA suits and class action suits against them. Send a stern letter they violated Federal laws (don't say which ones..) and tell them to cease and desist communications and all correspondence with them can and will be used against them in a court of law. . Obviously make up your own wordage just keep it ominous sounding.... They are a well known entity..... http://www.classactionsreporter.com/consumer/real-time-resolutions-settled-debt-collection-class-action http://www.classactionrebates.com/settlements/real-time-resolutions/ https://www.cardozalawcorp.com/library/real-time-resolutions.cfm The list is literally endless. They are now lawsuit and publicity shy..... Bullies with no teeth....
  3. The OP never said if it was outside statute just it was old, we have seen too many people say that when old to them was only a year or so. If zombie then I agree. However, the OP needs to understand that the CA or JDB, we don't know which, has a Very Low Bar to meet the FDCPA's threshold for validation. Collection agencies get these form letters all the time and are quite used to them.
  4. Keep a copy and always send it CMRR (certified mail return receipt requested) for later proof you sent it.
  5. the simpler, the better. Dear CA, I dispute this alleged debt entirely. This is a request for validation. Yours, Me Never sign your name. This triggers your rights under the FDCPA.
  6. Too much info you are requesting they have no obligation to give. That form letter tells the CA you don't have a clue. The threshold for validation is so low you could trip on it.
  7. If you got no notice of the suit and you find the process server served "someone" at a different address than yours you will be alright! It still takes a small bit of work but, much easier than overthrowing a judgment.
  8. You Really need to get the paperwork from the Court that shows how the process server served you (purportedly). See where he/she said service was done at and to whom. This may be your golden ticket outta this mess. Sewer service is illegal. Now, if served by publication that is a bit different in that the company suing you is claiming they don't know where you are and publish the suit in a local paper. Let us know what you get from the Court.
  9. All of what you say is true. However, IF they were never served properly it would make a difference and be easier to get a hearing. Sewer service is a known issue with JDBs.
  10. Wait one, did you say you were never served? Did you get the records from the courthouse? If so get the record of How you were served and in what manner. That can get this tossed and is an easier thing to do yourself in a court. If you have the Doc stating it went somewhere else or to a place you didn't reside it becomes much easier than a default judgment where you were served properly.
  11. This "Company" is notorious... Give them a letter CMRR telling them to pound sand. They are now wary of countersuits.. http://thecadleconspiracy.blogspot.com/
  12. Ask them where to mail the check to as you don't have a credit card. Maybe just maybe they will give you an address authorities could pounce on.
  13. Just a quick note. I'm a native Charlestonian and believe me LVNV's address in Charleston is Not a shell company. It is their Main HQ. It is where the movers and shakers work out of. Send all letters there. They really hate it when you send a DV there as it was never intended to receive them and I personally LOVe to lemonade them off!! You will get more attention to your DVs and intent to sue letters if addressed there!!
  14. This is why I have Always advocated DVing the JDB directly and Never a CA hired by them LVNV is a prime example. You would DV the CA only to have it passed off to another CA and another ad infinitum.
  15. Send a FCRA request to Pinnacle. They don't have the records to back it up. Did you do the one - two punch already?

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