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  1. Can someone elaborated what is so bad about this card. I am a newbie so I may not fully understand but the only problem I see is the annual fee charged monthly and the high APR. It may not be ideal but it is one of few options available tome with a credit score of 550 and with a bankruptcy (now removed but there whenI was approved) and a delinquency judgement from a repossed auto unsecured. As long as you don't carry a balance and pay on time, what's the problem? To be honest I was looking for a pre-paid card or something with a credit builder program that reports to all 3 bureaus monthly but those don't seem to exist anymore. I think of the annual fee charged monthly as one of those fee based credit builders. Sure, I could get secured cards with lower fees but first you have to come up with the money and 2 years ago when I first applied money was extremely tight. I'd rather use the money to pay for delete some of the numerous small collection accounts I had then put it as a security deposit. If there is something more I should consider regarding what's wrong with the card please share. Thanks

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