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  1. I didn't think that Capital One was one of the lenders that participated in the NPSL part of Visa Signature. I looked at my credit report today, and my Venture reports as "Flexible Spending Credit Card" where my QS Platinum card -- and all my other regular cards -- report as "Credit Card". Not that I need to go over the insane limit they're giving out, but does anyone have experience with this -- will they authorize transactions in excess of the credit limit like the more prime banks do for their Visa Sig cards?
  2. I don't, but I've dealt with them before -- just call the customer service number on their web site and ask for credit card underwriting. They're decent people and will take the time to talk to you -- but my experience overall was terrible. I bank with them, and when I first started rebuilding my credit I applied for a secured Visa -- gave them a cashiers check for a deposit -- and was still turned down.
  3. Thanks all-- It'll be a while before my credit is where I need it to apply, but didn't want to waste an inquiry if it would be the reason for decline.
  4. Follow-up reply for anybody else this applies to: I bit the bullet today and applied. I was denied and it was a HP. So, this apparently does not apply to corporate card holders.
  5. One of my first credit cards was from Providian when I was 18. I was irresponsible, it ended up being charged off and included in Ch7 BK (sometime in 2000). Is it true that Chase would use this to auto-decline me if I app'd for one of their cards today?
  6. It took a multi-call recon twice with Barclay for me: initial approval and hard CLI. Had I given up that would be two hard inquiries wasted. Why give up?
  7. Util is between 1-5%, I pay nearly in full before the statement closes, then pay the rest when the bill comes.
  8. I have a super-thin file - Ch7 BK discharge about 18 months ago. Paid state tax lien, and Cap One, Barclay and Discover aged between 6 and 18 months. Car note and one low balance student loan. I'm more interested in having the other issuers see the CL and bump theirs up -- no plans to spend anywhere near my limit, and for that the $59 annual fee next year will be worth it. I was always under the impression that larger CL's increased scores though.
  9. I applied for a Capital One Venture yesterday after reading the success everyone has had at getting high limits. True to everybody's experience I got 15k - four times higher than my next highest CL. What is the best CLI strategy on this card? Has anybody gotten the "credit steps" notice for these, or is that just for rebuilder cards? Side note - I have low utilization already so this should have negligible impact on that. Aside from util, will having a much higher CL impact my score in any noticeable way? Thanks
  10. Have been pre-qual'd for a venture for a while now, and seeing as everybody else is doing well I decided to give it a shot. 18 months post CH7 BK, other than that spotless credit. 684 fico from Discover. 1% utilz. Instant approval 15k. Well over three times my highest CL. Hope this bumps my score up some.
  11. I'd like to app for an Amex charge card at some point. I've read that they SP if declined / HP if approved for existing cardholders. Does anybody know if this is true for corporate cardholders? I have an Amex green corporate card in my name through my work - they pay the bill but I had to app for it, and am technically on the hook if they never pay. Aside from that I have no relationship with Amex. When I sign into their web site to review my charges it gives me the option to app for a personal card, and pre-fills my details in the first part of the app.
  12. Long time reader here, but one of my first few posts. Looking for advice from those knowledgeable about rebuilding after BK. I had a Chapter 7 BK discharged on 4/2014. One paid/released state tax lien reporting from mid-2009. Other than that, no negative information or accounts, all the IIB accounts have been aged/disputed off. My re-established trade lines are Capital One QS (May 2014 - $3500), Barclay Rewards (Nov 2014 - $2k) and Discover (Nov 2014 - $2,500 secured, graduates this November). I pay nearly all off before statement close, keeping utilization between 5% and 10%. Everything left over is paid in full at each statement, no interest charges ever. I also have a $3000 student loan, deferred, reporting since Feb 2014, and a new car loan (April 2015 - $8k). Income is sufficient to easily support these payments. What is the best strategy to continue my growth from here? The first thing that comes to my mind is: time. Are the three revolving cards enough? I’d rather not add more “junk” cards and let these grow for a few years until I can get something more prime. I travel a lot and would love to try and get in with Amex at the 5 year post-BK mark if I’m as lucky as some people I’ve read about on here. In the meantime, would having a higher limit card help? I’m pre-qualified for a Venture, and I see that they’ve been giving out crazy high limits which would help my score but be indifferent on utilization as I rarely carry any significant balance. My AAOA is really bad, since I started re-building so recently – it’s less than a year. Is it worth getting just to have a higher credit limit card? If I did app for the Venture, should I wait until after October? That’s when I’m due another six month CLI from Capital One, and I was thinking if I got that limit up more I might have a better chance at an even higher starting limit on the Venture. I don’t want to get too rough on inquiries, I have 8 on TU which is a lot for me. Half that on EX/EQ. Two for the car loan, an initial denial from Barclay, a hard-pull CLI from Barclay, and the rest for opening the revolving lines. I’m also afraid of spooking Barclay, it was like pulling teeth to get them to raise my limit and I don’t know if adding another card would push them over the edge. Current FICO (from Discover statement) is 684. Any advice is appreciated – thank you!
  13. Just got the "Corporate Card" Amex from my employer about two months ago. They did a hard pull, but it appears they don't consider much from the pull, since I have a Ch 7 BK discharged a year ago - still approved, no problems.
  14. I'm coming up on my six month mark with Barclay in another week and am hoping for an auto-CLI. When I was speaking with a rep on the phone last week, they mentioned there was a soft pull CLI available for my account and ran it, and increased me from $1000 to $1500. I've been putting more than that through the card each month, and was really hoping to double my original limit to $2000. Is there still a chance that I'll receive auto-luv after six months? Or did getting the soft pull CLI reset the clock? Thanks for any advice!

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