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  1. As I stated previously, the lease states that I have to have a 60 day notice in the penalty is two months rent. The issue here is that I did give them a 60 day notice so I paid throughout the 60 day notice. They’re basically saying that I did not give them the 60 day notice when I did.
  2. Sorry, I have been really busy and they have not been responding to me and I haven’t had any updates to report. The manager just stopped emailing me. Today I get a letter from a collection agency saying that they are collecting on the debt. every time I call the office, they tell me that they cannot talk to me and there’s a separate number for corporate to call so he just basically give me the runaround. I did go in person today I recognize one of the security personnel and they allowed me in. I spoke to the manager. He said that it was sent for collection for 6600 and not the 20k because someone moved into the apartment the issue is that I already paid throughout my 60 day notice while on the property so I really owe about $2100 of that. again, sorry I’ve been very busy. I’m going through a lot right now when I do get home, I’m going to look back at some of the posts and answer as many questions as I can. thank you, everyone for your help. now I have this collection agency to deal with. They contacted me today via email. They sent two emails along with their version of a validation which is basically just an invoice from the original creditor. They CA also states in this initial communication that the original creditor already validated is that so basically they don’t feel the need to validate it, which is crazy to me. They have called me today twice one of them hung up on my face and they emailed me twice.
  3. Thanks. There are managers at the office. I would imagine an actual manager would sign where it says manager. If your line says manager/owner then at least a manager signed it makes sense. Mine was signed by a non-manger office person.
  4. The lease agreement was signed by an individual who works in the office, but is neither the manager nor the owner. Their signature is accompanied by the designation “manager/owner,” despite not holding either of those positions. I’m interested in hearing your opinions on whether this discrepancy could affect the validity of the lease. Do you think it raises questions about the enforceability of the contract? Does anyone know ?
  5. yes it is detailed they took my $200 deposit. They did not charge me for anything other than 10 more months they were remaining on it. I was looking over the contract and it the issue I found was the mismatch with the person who signed the contract
  6. They stated that they did not receive it, and I emailed it to them and even forwarded it them. I know that they are just being scammers. Also, I am just looking into the mismatch between the person who signed the contract, and their designated role. Because if that can void the contract then I would like to raise that argument as well
  7. Hello forum members, I'm in need of some guidance regarding a situation I'm currently facing with breaking my apartment lease. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but I want to provide all the relevant details. Here's the scenario: According to my lease agreement, I was required to provide a 60-day notice and pay two months' rent (totaling approximately $4,200) to terminate the contract early. I followed these terms precisely, giving the required notice period. However, to my surprise, I recently received a bill from the landlord for over $19,000, claiming that I owe the remaining 10 months of the lease. What caught my attention is that the lease document was signed by a person who works in the office, but is neither the manager nor the owner. The individual signed the contract with their name under "manager/owner" designation, despite not holding either of those positions. This discrepancy has left me wondering about the validity of the lease. Does the fact that someone who is neither the manager nor the owner signed the contract render it void? I understand that seeking legal advice is crucial in this matter, but before taking that step, I wanted to reach out to this knowledgeable community to gather any insights, experiences, or suggestions you may have. Have any of you encountered a similar situation or have knowledge of relevant legal principles that might apply? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from the forum members who can offer their input on this matter. Detroit Michigan here.
  8. I saw a chase pre-qualifier on their site. I was surprised now I can’t find it.
  9. They were CO. I did pay back Amex I have their optima card right now.
  10. Also Chase and Wells Fargo. I’ve read many old threads regarding the issue. if you have gotten off of blacklist, what did you do? How long did it take? I have old CO with each one.
  11. Lol Thank you shifter. Maybe I’ll try again in 2045. I’ll be in my 50s
  12. It’s terrible that they do that it’s almost like they just want to bomb your credit. @centex if they pull a soft don’t they see everything on your report ? How does bombing you with a hard then a decline any help to them?
  13. Thanks Marv , I did pull a deposit from TU directly. It has been updated. My Fico hasn’t updated for me
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