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  1. This is what the simulated score is if I add a personal loan @hdporter
  2. Thanks for your input guys! I was making sure it’s a card that I can possibly get an increase on before I activate it.
  3. I just got approved for a USAA platinum Visa card. It was for $500. I applied for their American Express card and was denied but they offered me this card and I took it just to get my foot in the door with USAA. Does anyone have any experience with this card do? Do they do auto CLI or do I have to request it?
  4. I have 5 charge offs that are due to fall off 12/25 They are all paid. I have no collection accounts. These are the cards I have now reporting : Cap One secured $1000 (maximum limit) Saks $750 Kohls $700 Amex Optima $800 (hasn’t reported) Amazon secured $100 (might just close this lol) About 3k in credit. All paid. Should I get a secured card from my credit union for 5k ? I can’t seem to get larger limits. Wouldn’t that help ?
  5. I just tried that it showed that I would lose 25 points off Equifax and five points off the other two credit reports but I don’t understand why so much just off the Equifax report. I took a screenshot I just don’t know which image URL I should insert I try two and they don’t work.
  6. I have 6 open cc accounts limits 1000 and under. I’m just rebuilding. I just wanted an installment loan to create some payment history paying installment to help under a manual review if I ever wanted to lease or finance a car. It’s not just the small Fico boost.
  7. Thank you for your input. I have 2 old paid off installment loans for 1k each. They both have a 30 day late on it and closed. I’ll keep you update as to what happens with my score once it reports. The total interest is only about $300 through then 24 month term. Do you think it’s a good idea to pay 3k (or how much ??) the first month or so for partial repayment effect ?
  8. I got a secured loan for 10k @ a 3.10 interest rate. How long should I leave it open before I pay it off? 1 year? Also does it help your Fico score once the account closes? Should I expect a Fico increase once it reports? My Ficos are 650 or so across the board. I did this so I can build my credit.
  9. Ok thank you. Looks like for capital one it’s 13-16. I’m looking at the upper right corner of the online statement and it says date thru date. I’m assuming the second date is the cutoff I should only let $2 report on 1 card for maximum score increase?
  10. I was trying to make sure I don’t allow any creditors to report a balance for any of my cards. I wasn’t sure how to figure out when they report. I called Capital One and asked when my statement gets cut each month and the representative didn’t know. 🤔 I paid all my credit cards off as soon as they all reported a zero balance my Fico score dropped. It was higher when I was carrying about 2%
  11. My brother has a car 40k financed thru Cap1, the balance is 12k. He is not going to allow them to repossess it. They offered him a settlement of around 11k paid within 6 months. Will they go any lower the longer they don't find the car?
  12. Damn so ill be stuck with these CO for 5 years
  13. I have 5 paid CO they're around 3 years old. Discover, Kohls, US Bank, Indigo, fingehut. Are there any ways I can dispute them? Do I have to just wait for them to age off? Thank you
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