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  1. Ok Thanks . On their website resurgent.com it says that any accounts that are paid will be deleted off the CR. I paid 340 for the 1100 debt. The other account is with a law firm that I am having trouble contacting
  2. Two previous credit accounts from a JDB LVNV Funding is being collected by Stenger & Stenger PC. One for $839 and another for $1134 What do I do ? I want to pay less than the full amount for a delete. A CA with a zero balance is the same as one with a balance for FICO?
  3. On 5/1/21 I disputed accounts online with all three CRA's . I got two deletes on TU and I got those results yesterday . EQ & EX are running out of time it is nearing the 30 day mark. I got 10 alerts of ACCOUNTS updated on EQUIFAX on my Fico & two of those were deleted on TU. I feel like EQ just updated everything as verified just because they were running out of time. Two of these accounts were deleted on TU.
  4. @hdporter thank you for your input. I thought US bank would black list me anyway. If I pay in full & don’t get black listed then that’s fine we’ll worth it
  5. Okay I thought that settling means that they would zero out the balance. Is it worth just paying them the $2400?
  6. I called Kohls /Capital one. They said they no longer service the account and the account is with DCM services a CA. They said I can not make a payment to them. What I did was login to my Kohls account and made a full payment in the amount of $400. 😂 That CA isn't even on my report yet so if they report anything its going to be false.
  7. Ok that explains it thanks. If I settle an account and they agree to to it would that zero out the balance?
  8. Yes I do. I am working on paying them off. Also i have a balance of what $2400 on US bank card. They offered to settle in full for 1700. They just aren't sure if it will show as a zero balance after I make the settlement amount of of 1700.
  9. Ok I will do that. I just paid Discover in full and US bank was willing to settle for $1700 on the $2400 debt. I asked them if they will report to the CRA that the balance is zero after I pay the full settlement amount of $1700 and they that the balance may not be reported as zero because the rest of the debt was canceled and not paid and that I would no longer owe them the balance . They confused me, I thought if I settled in full that they write off the remaining balance and report is as zero.
  10. I have a My Fico membership. It shows that my utilization is 139% but my open cards are below the credit limit.
  11. I see thanks. So I should just pay them in full and hope they don't report it?
  12. I just dont trust them. Dont CA do sneaky things just to make it hard on people?
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