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  1. Glad I was able to help Saks and Kohls are very easy to get even if you’re in the 500s and bombed them in the past btw.
  2. Yes at the time I did have a couple paid charge offs reporting. Saks just doubled my credit limit and so did Kohl’s they’re both capital one 1500 and 1700. The American Express optima is by invite only it’s a second chance card. It’s probationary basically for 12 months then I can apply for another American Express and apply for a credit limit increase. You have to have an old unpaid debt and then you pay in full and that’s when you are issued the American Express optima card
  3. This is what the simulated score is if I add a personal loan @hdporter
  4. Thanks for your input guys! I was making sure it’s a card that I can possibly get an increase on before I activate it.
  5. I just got approved for a USAA platinum Visa card. It was for $500. I applied for their American Express card and was denied but they offered me this card and I took it just to get my foot in the door with USAA. Does anyone have any experience with this card do? Do they do auto CLI or do I have to request it?
  6. I have 5 charge offs that are due to fall off 12/25 They are all paid. I have no collection accounts. These are the cards I have now reporting : Cap One secured $1000 (maximum limit) Saks $750 Kohls $700 Amex Optima $800 (hasn’t reported) Amazon secured $100 (might just close this lol) About 3k in credit. All paid. Should I get a secured card from my credit union for 5k ? I can’t seem to get larger limits. Wouldn’t that help ?
  7. I just tried that it showed that I would lose 25 points off Equifax and five points off the other two credit reports but I don’t understand why so much just off the Equifax report. I took a screenshot I just don’t know which image URL I should insert I try two and they don’t work.
  8. I have 6 open cc accounts limits 1000 and under. I’m just rebuilding. I just wanted an installment loan to create some payment history paying installment to help under a manual review if I ever wanted to lease or finance a car. It’s not just the small Fico boost.
  9. Thank you for your input. I have 2 old paid off installment loans for 1k each. They both have a 30 day late on it and closed. I’ll keep you update as to what happens with my score once it reports. The total interest is only about $300 through then 24 month term. Do you think it’s a good idea to pay 3k (or how much ??) the first month or so for partial repayment effect ?
  10. I got a secured loan for 10k @ a 3.10 interest rate. How long should I leave it open before I pay it off? 1 year? Also does it help your Fico score once the account closes? Should I expect a Fico increase once it reports? My Ficos are 650 or so across the board. I did this so I can build my credit.
  11. Ok thank you. Looks like for capital one it’s 13-16. I’m looking at the upper right corner of the online statement and it says date thru date. I’m assuming the second date is the cutoff I should only let $2 report on 1 card for maximum score increase?
  12. I was trying to make sure I don’t allow any creditors to report a balance for any of my cards. I wasn’t sure how to figure out when they report. I called Capital One and asked when my statement gets cut each month and the representative didn’t know. 🤔 I paid all my credit cards off as soon as they all reported a zero balance my Fico score dropped. It was higher when I was carrying about 2%
  13. My brother has a car 40k financed thru Cap1, the balance is 12k. He is not going to allow them to repossess it. They offered him a settlement of around 11k paid within 6 months. Will they go any lower the longer they don't find the car?
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