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  1. Okay, final report. TU verified today, so I am 0 for 3 on getting the BK deleted. I am still happy with the EQ result. I knew this was a long shot. I need to decide if I want to keep LN frozen and opted out for the long term. No planned apps for a year. I think I will wait until after I start apping again and see how much of a pain it is. Anybody else have thoughts on leaving LN permanently in the deep freeze? I like the idea of not having all my info available but I am not sure what kinds of problems it might cause me down the road. For now it's going to stay frozen though
  2. Congrats on the score increase. Bummer about the verification. The game continuesDo those accounts still say closed derogatory? No, they just say closed. They removed all negative remarks and just listed "closed by credit grantor." That is not negative for scoring. Before they said derogatory or Ch. 7 as status and in comments.
  3. Exp verified BK today. That makes two of three verified (EQ verified in two days). I am both opted out of LN and frozen with LN (got PIN). EQ did change 8/10 IIB accounts to closed status from BK status, removed all BK comments, EQ FICO jumped 27 points from 690 to 717. I did not dispute these accounts. EQ did it on their own.
  4. Two days. I just read the list of updates again. They also updated my AMEX and removed the IIB comments and status. Changed to closed at creditor's request. This was my oldest account so I'm really happy that it can stay on my reports as well. The only accounts now reporting IIB are a Cap 1 auto loan, two BofA accounts and Amazon. All the other IIB comments are gone. These are the only negative items left on EQ.
  5. So as promised here is my initial update. Good news/bad news. EQ updated with results. BK verified. Gave all the filing information. Did not state source. I am guessing PACER. The good news is they also (on their own) went back to all of my IIB creditors and re-verified. As a result, four of the eight creditors no longer show as IIB and derogatory status. I had two Chase accounts that went from IIB/derogatory to closed, zero balance, closed by creditor. All BK comments removed. No derogatory comments except closed by lender. I had a web bank account that also deleted the II
  6. Yes, the first letter that explains opt-out is all in paragraph numbered 1. "You have the option to opt-out our direct marketing databases and out of the databases that feed our public facing products, KnowX and Accruint." It goes on to say that opt-out requires some documentation. Paragraph #2 of letter #1 describes accessing your file/file disclosure. Paragraph #3 of letter #1 describes security freezes.
  7. Today I received three separate letters from LN dated 4/13/15. One explains options. One confirms my security freeze and one confirms my opt-out status. Letter 1. Just a letter that advises of your rights with ID theft. Advises "you have the right to opt-out ... of our databases that feed our public facing products, KnowX and Accruint." "In addition ....you may also have the ability to request that a security freeze be placed on your file ...." Letter 2. Results of Investigation - Security Freeze Confirmation. This includes an 8 digit bolded PIN number. "Thank you for your requ
  8. Anyone know if you can PC a VentureOne to a Quicksilver? I got my bonus. I like my high credit limit but I would rather have a 1.5% cash back that can be used for any charges versus 1.25% cash back limited to travel spend.
  9. So you actually want a human to read your BK dispute? Another perspective is that you might benefit from an online dispute, where the computer tries to verify your BK automatically with LN. And when LN returns no results, the BK is deleted. +1 +1000
  10. You can get a one-time Experian FICO score by signing up for their service and paying $1. You do need to remember to cancel within the 7 days though: "IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When you order your $1 Credit Report & FICO® Score, you will begin your 7-day trial membership in Experian Credit TrackerSM. If you don't cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period**, you will be billed $21.95 for each month that you continue your membership. You may cancel your trial membership any time within the trial period without charge. Credit score calculated based on FICO® Score 8 model. Your l
  11. +$750 to 10.75K As said above, unsatisfying. Did get 3K on the other Venture card a month ago. Got a no on my QS now at 5K.
  12. Ensuring relayed to my bk is gone on all bureaus And what was the date(s) of the deletion(s)? Jenny, you already have your LN and freeze or opted out already correct? Just sent for DH's and they have the request... just comparing timelines. I did the opt out a couple of days ago and the same day called them to freeze. I haven't gotten any confirmation yet, either email or letter. I hear it takes 7 to 10 days. I want to confirm LN is locked down before I dispute. I'm also trying to decide whether I want to dispute all three at once or try my luck with one and then try the o
  13. If you just want to keep an AMEX charge card open, you can always downgrade to the Senior Green card. You do not have to be a senior to get the card. The fee is only $35/year if you don't want points. https://web.aexp-static.com/us/content/pdf/cardmember-agreements/senior-green/SeniorGreen.pdf
  14. Ensuring relayed to my bk is gone on all bureaus And what was the date(s) of the deletion(s)?
  15. MrJuggalo, what happened with Exp when you disputed? So you are clear on EQ and TU, right? And all IIB accounts on EQ/TU are gone now? I'm just waiting to get either my PIN or some confirmation that the opt-out was approved.
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