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  1. That is not 100% true..there are people here who have gotten back after BK. Generally speaking if it was less than 10K you've got a shot, although success rates aren't great. Success rates are much lower approaching nil if the amount is over 10K. Hopefully some cb members can post on how long it took to get back in, mine was 14k included in bk
  2. Update for the last time with amex, i called recon one more time on 11-14, i told the rep i had a included amex 20 years ago in my filing, is there any hope in getting back with amex, the rep said Absolutely never, once amex is included in a bk you can never coming back,. time to move on ......
  3. the only reason why i ask , because i saw a thread that credit card companys only pull trans union , why not have one for EQ? this way members can see the list like the thread for trans union.just was a thought
  4. That's not fair, and it's a complete misrepresentation. Shifter would have torn the existing hole. thanks for the head up, like i said i'm new here.so i guess i get a pass this time
  5. ok thank you. i will check it out. this forum is great help me on getting cc
  6. New to the forum, i see alot of trans union company pulls, could we get a thread going on Equifax going
  7. Call reg customer service and ask to speak to the lending department thank you, prob not there on the wekend
  8. need a back door number for diners club,please post
  9. If you IIB Amex, they don't allow you to get another card OR be an AU. Period. Some people slip through the cracks, but that is the policy. Doesn't matter how long ago the IIB was. NYRfann - I did the same thing around a year ago. Got the same responses. Sent letters, made several calls, talked to several people, denied for card or AU. So perhaps the way around is to get a corporate card guaranteed by the company with the account? This is one way I may differ from others, perhaps someone else could test this hypothesis? funny you said that, i did try to get a corp card no go. ss comes up
  10. nyny12

    Amex everydaay

    Long branch
  11. nyny12

    Amex everydaay

    Long branch
  12. nyny12

    Apple barclays

    Long branch
  13. that was the same number Calling the 800 # does not good as my SS # is blacklisted so it never makes it to a credit review process. Oh well, certainly not the end of the world. that was the same number i called,no go thank you for the update

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