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  1. No... but thanks to u I have lol. Thanks Breeze! It's a little long winded but I realize it's a transcript from a webinar I assume. Whatever the case I went thru all 60 sum odd pages. It's so much valuable information in here. I'll Def be using it as a reference point.
  2. Thanks a billion for this gem! I'm just now figuring out how to respond to specific posts lol. But I'll definitely be following your advice. Don't want to give them any more wiggle room than they already have.
  3. Thanks for that insight. I'll definitely put a hold on any filing.
  4. w20dy

    Lexington Law

    I'm glad to be here as well. I seen someone asking about them so I decided to tell people my experience and why I'm here. They can extrapolate what they wish lol.
  5. I used Lexington law earlier this year; as the did remove a few items from my credit report the system which they use is flawed. They order your EX, report, and they show u the CA or OC and the amount owed. Then they ask how you would like to challenge, whether it be "not mine" or otherwise. The rep I spoke with almost insisted I used "not mine" as it was most common and harder to prove other wise. This legally puts you in a pickle from what I've been reading since joining CB. Now, I mentioned above they only show you the name of the CA or OC and the amount owed for one specific reason. You h
  6. So one of the negatives on my report is a medical expense. Another a medical loan via Citi Bank Health. How would one contest these ethically? I'm currently reading a transcript and I seen it mention HIPPA; however I'm taking my time reading and HIPPA won't be covered for a few chapters. Besides... there is more than one way to skin a cat right?
  7. Crap. I got the annual free ones. .... thanks for the input. I'm guessing there is no way to reverse that.
  8. I'm new to learning how to repair my credit. After paying Lexington Law and seeing an improvement turn into a swan dive almost overnight I've decided to stop being lazy and take a closer look into my own credit. Any Gems any of you seasoned vets have, any links, any vital information you feel you couldn't have made it w/o; please leave it here. I have a very open ear to all the fascinating information I'm sure to receive from all.
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