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  1. hoxuantu

    Penfed FICO

    Turn off your ad blocker. Thanks, it works perfectly ! Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  2. hoxuantu

    Penfed FICO

    Still no FICO score shown up in my account since April !
  3. FICO is up today, with a score of 700, but still no offer. No love from you, Penfed?
  4. For people who have been approved with 1 TU hard pull, which state are you living?
  5. I applied online on March 6. I called today and tonight my account was opened online. Sent from my 2PQ93 using Tapatalk Thanks for your data point. It took 2 weeks
  6. Could anyone confirm SD chapter method is till available? I heard someone complained their application took too long for response.
  7. Please correct if I'm wrong: - Apply for membership: 1 hard pull - Apply for a checking or saving account: 1 hard pull - Apply for a credit card, loan or LoC: 1 hard pull No hard pull combination is applied. I think NFCU is too hard pull aggressive.
  8. I just logged in my Penfed account and saw an ad for a new Penfed credit card. Basic Info: POWER CASH REWARDS VISA SIGNATURE CARD Unlimited 1.5% cash back for all transactions. It's be 2% if you're a Penfed checking account holder, or a Military Service member. Sign-up bonus: $100 for $1500 spending in first 3 months. More details: https://www.penfed.org/power-cash-rewards/ https://www.penfed.org/honors-advantage/
  9. Important Message: Due to scheduled maintenance, some functions are currently unavailable. Click here to view the details
  10. Hope I get something this quarter
  11. I closed my card yesterday, after nearly 21 month with no hope for graduation.

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