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  1. I posted him on the CB attorney thread as well, but in case anyone comes across this thread and needs a great consumer advocacy attorney in northwestern Washington (Bellingham), contact: Paul Richmond http://www.paulrichmondlaw.com/ 360-392-3911 360-379-5575 He is who we used and we couldn't be more pleased. He got the judgement vacated in much less time that I thought possible. Great guy and great lawyer.
  2. For Washington State (he's located in Bellingham in northwestern Washington): Paul Richmond http://www.paulrichmondlaw.com/ 360-392-3911 360-379-5575 Paul is awesome!!! He took my girlfriends case to vacate a judgement against her by Midland Financing. Our title company found this old judgement during the home buying process that she had never heard about and required that it be vacated for her to be on the title. Paul found some errors Midland and the courts made and sent Midland a letter demanding they vacate their judgement immediately. Time was an issue because we were in escrow, and
  3. Okay, I have an update! First, sorry ICANHASMUNY? for saying "him" instead of "her." I was actually referring to Carl Icahn the billionaire because I thought that is from where you got your name. I thought your name was an homage to him, but I misread your screen name, so that is my bad. Anyway, we did end up hiring a consumer advocacy lawyer and the results were great. He took us on on a $500 retainer and reviewed my girlfriend's case. The judgement stated that my girlfriend's mom was served in Skagit county, and that her mom said she lived in California. It then went on to say that
  4. I followed your advice and we found a great (so far at least) consumer advocacy attorney near our area. He reviewed the case and was baffled a judge even signed off on the judgement. It states it must be filed in the state the defendant lives in, and it also states that my fiance lived in California at the time (she has plenty of proof), and gave her specific address in California on the judgement itself! But, the judge allowed it to be filed and granted in the state of Washington for whatever reason. Really weird. Anyway, there are also lawyers in involved from Frederick J. Hanna that are
  5. The lawyer with whom I spoke seemed to think the plaintiff could re-file even if we get the judgement vacated - something they don't like to do in WA. But, she may not have been thinking of SOL when she said that. She said that even if we do get it vacated, they will likely just re-file and we'll have to deal with it anyway, so it might be less expensive to just settle and pay. It's not on her credit reports, so if we settle, it's not like it's going to follow her around for years. And, the total they are claiming she owes is just over $5,000 (I was thinking it would be closer to $10K with int
  6. Hi there, My fiance and I are currently in escrow and hoping to buy our first house together (her second house). Anyway, I need some suggestions for a good attorney in Washington State. Our title company found an old judgement against my fiance from 2009 that she has never heard of. It has never been on her credit reports, and nobody has ever tried to contact her about. No wage garnishment. Nothing. The judgement shows that they served her mom in WA state in 2009 and that her mom gave them her CA address. She lived in CA at the time and can absolutely prove it. Anyway, I have
  7. Aha! Understood. And I plan to contact a consumer advocate lawyer, correct? I am sure I can figure that out on my own, but I'll take your suggestion if you have one. I'll even take suggestions on where to find one. I've heard consumeradvocates.org is a good resource? We live in northwest Washington state. No worries if you are unable to provide recommendations/resources for attorney; you have already been so helpful. We are both so grateful of this website and of you personally, ICANHASMUNY. You are rad. Everyone on these boards are rad and we thank you all so much. Let me know if yo
  8. I will certainly follow your advice with the lawyer. But, SOL for judgements is 10 years in WA, correct?
  9. So the SOL of 1 year is for the collector, right? It's been over 6 years since the judgement and all her addresses are on her credit reports so they could have found her. And she absolutely lived in CA when her mom got served. We are contacting a NACA lawyer for sure, but would very much welcome and explanation of Midlans violations.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Turns out Midland won't even talk to her. Said she has to talk with the law offices of Frederick J. Hannah. They have an infinite loop of a phone tree. And, I am worrying she is going to owe close to five figures with interest. She is now thinking this was an old Sprint bill for a couple hundred bucks that she disputed with them (on the phone of course) in 2006. They said it was an error on their part, but she kept getting bills. So, she called back and they again said it was an error and she never heard from them again. They probably didn't fix the error, sent her
  11. Hi, So, there is nothing on any of her credit reports about this. The title company found it when looking for county records in the county she lived until about 2002, and again beginning in 2014. She did not live there in between. Again, nothing on her credit reports. However, I did get a copy of the judgement. Plaintiff is Midland Funding, Defendant is my fiance. It is dated March 2009. It looks like the statute of limitations for the state of Washington is 10 years. It says someone went to serve the papers, but as my fiance lived in CA at the time, they talked to her mom. Her mom sa
  12. Hello all, My fiance and I are in the process of buying a house and the title company found some old summary judgement on my wife. They say it is from 2009, but if it is legit, it would actually be from the 2003 to 2005 range. My fiance doesn't remember it, and has never been contacted about it, but she vaguely remembers something from that time. This does not appear on her credit report and again, she's never been contacted. But, the title company is saying 2009, which is troubling. We live in Washington, a 7 year SOL state, so it's around the 6 year mark. She actually bought a house
  13. Make up your minds, people! Do I close it or do I close it and take a dump on it? Thank you very much for your responses. I even got a poem! This card did help me early in the rebuilding process, but it sounds like it's time to cut ties and move onward and upward. You guys and gals are rad.
  14. Before I started repairing/rebuilding (July/August 2014), I applied for two CapitalOne cards and a CreditOne Bank card. I had zero cards in June, and then I had three (not great) cards by August. Since that time my credit score has improved a lot and in the past few months I have applied and been approved for a Citi Double Cash card and a Chase Sapphire Preferred card with respectable limits for where I am in the repair/rebuilding process. I am fine keeping the CapitalOne cards and am thinking about linking Netflix to one and Hulu to the other just to keep them active, but I am wondering if I
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