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  1. The only control acceptable is that of the direction the weapon is pointed at.
  2. Doesn't solve the problem, and it costs more than two bullets.
  3. Jeffe is right. Two to the back of the head is quick, clean, and we can get back to business faster.
  4. A deliberate action before birth prevents accidents at birth and life going forward. The point is, WN should have offered accommodations on the next flight out (regardless of carrier) if they were unwilling to unseat the privileged party(s) due to company policy. Best would be to change company policy to require strict documentation for any animals in the cabin and offer options to those who don't comply with the federal statute(s)
  5. A Veteran or Legally disabled individual would likely know and bear the proper .gov documents for their *service animal*. I'm referring to the pantywaists currently abusing the system with "emotional support" pets which aren't doc'd, nor certified; and likely are just a capricious demand.
  6. Not surprising. What's next? 99% of carmax buyers have overpaid for vehicles.
  7. My point was more so to ban all "emotional support" animals without .gov docs proving official *service animal* certification. No docs? No dogs. A healthy compromise however would be allow someone to buy a row (ABC, DEF, etc) if they want to bring "emotional support" in a non human form. As well as anything under full fare Y/C/F can be bumped for allergies or other pax conflict. It's time to stop letting the weakest 1% ruin it for everyone else.
  8. WN isn't any more cut rate than any of the big three, TBH. Particularly with "Basic Economy" fares.
  9. That's kind of a cold statement. I see vets and disabled all the time with their service animals. sure some people probably are taking advantage of the law with fake support (buying a vest on ebay kind of thing) but there is a true need for the animals for our vets and disabled. To say that they need to be in a padded room is just wrong.. I hope it was a joke. on the other hand I still stand by my statement that I would much rather sit or ride with most dogs or cats than a lot of the disgusting acting humans that seem to be everywhere in this and age. lol Or even decent people who bring screaming or bratty kids.. Much rather have the dogs then get my seat kicked by an 8 yr old while numerous infants are screaming away.. now that's sure legal too, but does not make for a pleasant flight. Cold statement or not. Maybe they should require those who don't have actual .gov paperwork for a legitimate *service* animal, to buy an entire 3-4 seat row if they want their comfort canary, cuddly cat, or delightful dog" etc flying with them, additionally: anything less than a full Y fare can be bumped to accomodate overbooking.
  10. What on gods green earth does that even mean? Call me simple, but this is what I get from that doubletalk mumbo jumbo: Human body parts displayed in an artistic manner and how this affects others... So she's a cam girl or teaches others in the "art" of.
  11. Humans only in cabin should be the law. If you need a pet on your flight for emotional support, the only place you need to be on a flight to should have padded walls.
  12. I'll use my card when and however I want, thanks. And I'll pay it when the statement cuts.
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