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  1. Thank you Brian. When you say the income isn't a problem, I assume you're referring to asset depletion issue. I will try to work on larger down payment, but as I said most of the money is tied up in trusts and non-liquid investments. Thanks again.
  2. I want to buy a second home in NY area (would love to hear from those who can lend in NY) and here is my situation- hopefully it's all you need to offer opinions. 1. Own a home in Fl. with approx. 180k left on mort. Worth 280 but dont want to get second mort. since family member co owns. Total payments with prin, int, insur, taxes is $1400 monthy that I pay by myself- co owner doesn't live here. Plus I have $225 community dues monthly, no other regular monthly payments- no car loan or credit card balance- use debit card. 2. Net worth approx. 2 Mil but 500k is weird stuff...private RE partners
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