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  1. So if you are in court, how can you be at home to get served? And if you are home to get served, how can you be in court? I like the ones who call and want to "lower your credit card interest rate." I usually string them along for as long as I can (if I have the time) and then tell them I either pay off my CC's every month or all of my VISA cards are prepaid.
  2. So I check the mail today and there is a letter from Jefferson Capital. A very nice letter. It says that due to my dispute yadda yadda yadda they are ceasing collection activities and are "requesting" the CRA's to delete the TL's.
  3. It has been 48 days as of today that I sent a dispute to Experian. They received letter on 12/6. I have had no response from them. What are my options now with them? Should I write them a letter and ask for all disputed items be removed? Ask what the status of their "investigation" is? Would a telephone call be sufficient (I'd rather have everything in writing)? Some advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Trying to get an answer to this (from above post) Question: Isn't a "closed account" showing a balance due just as bad as a collection account?
  5. Both TU and Ex received the original dispute letters on 12/6/18. TU has responded and verified everything. Have not heard from Ex yet. And yes, it was the HIPPA letter program. Haven't sent the medical DV to the CA's yet. Was wanting to wait on Ex to send a copy with the DV.
  6. Today makes 42 days that Experian has had my dispute. I have not received a response from them. But it appears that a TL from Jefferson Capital (as a result of another dispute with Equifax not medically related has been changed to "Closed") based on Credit Karma and through a credit card that gives me my FICO score etc. Can anyone advise me as to how to go about contacting Experian and when I should? Should I send a letter or call or what? If they aren't acknowledging my dispute at all, do they have to delete the disputed TL's??? Thanks for any advice.
  7. First: How long does it take Ex to answer a dispute? They received the dispute on 12/6. As of today (01/14/19) I have not heard anything. As to the SOL on Wakefield that WhyChat asked about. Nothing has changed, I was just stating that according to the dates on the updated TU report dated 12/28 it would appear that this IS within the SOL. But... it still says Acct Info Disputed by Consumr - Date to be removed is 04/2024. I have not disputed anything since 2014.
  8. I received my new and updated report from EQ today and the results of the dispute. The results are: The Information you disputed has been verified as accurate, however, information unrelated to your dispute has been updated. Account # XXXX The results are: We verified that this item belongs to you. This account has been updated. Additional information has been proveided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact Jefferson Capital yadda yadda yadda. This TL does not appear on the updated credit report. On Credit Karma it shows as a "Closed Account" This report is dated Jan 8. And just by coincidence, I also received a friendly letter from Jefferson Capital today dated Jan 8. It states that they know it is too old to sue but that they would be happy to collect 30% on the balance. Question: Isn't a "closed account" showing a balance due just as bad as a collection account? Should I now send a DV to Jefferson??? Thanks for any help.
  9. This is for Killbadcredit and WhyChat I disputed the Jefferson Capital TL with Equifax. They have received the dispute letter. I have had no response from EQ yet but I noticed on Credit Karma that it is now showing as "Closed". Still shows a balance due but is now listed as a closed account. Isn't this just as bad as a regular collection account?
  10. I received an answer to my disputes with TU. Nothing so far from Exp. I had two TL's from I.C. Systems and one from Wakefield & Assoc. One I.C. Sys was deleted. The other IC was Verified as Accurate. Also, Wakefield was verified as accurate and the "Date Updated" on the investigation results is dated 12/03/18. They did not get my dispute letter until 12/06/18. The IC Sys that remains shows "Date Updated" 12/11/18 which is only 5 days after receiving dispute. Does this mean anything? As I understand it, it is time for the HIPPA letter to go out to the CA. Correct? It appears that the Wakefield may be within the SOL. Should I still send the HIPPA letter to them? I really do not know who this medical provider is. And it has a balance due. And finally, should I wait for the Experian report to come back. Exp and TU received the certified dispute letters on the same day - 12/06/18?? Thanks
  11. I've seen a few things here about mint.com. I had never heard of it before and went to their site. My anti-virus protection opened it up in a "new," secure window as it does for credit cards and bank websites so that is a bit more reassuring than CreditKarma and Sesame. Is it any good? I do not put much trust in sites such as creditKarma and sesame. Is this site worth giving out your personal info, etc? It says you do not need a credit card for an account and will give you your FICO score. How reliable of a FICO score is it? I don't trust Karma and Sesame very much as FICO scores vary so much. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Does anyone have an "average" amount of time that it takes Exp and TU to respond to disputes. They both received my disputes on 12/6. Just curious if there is an "average" time for them to respond. Have another one with EQ that isn't medical related they got on the 21st. I suspect they wait the full 30 days usually, or more and with this being Christmas and News Year's. Hope everyone reading this had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. Thanks
  13. " As for asking for a litany of information like you did, I have never heard of an FDCPA type request having any weight. The FCRA requires that you provide them with proof of your claim, not the other way around. " I haven't done anything with this yet. I thought that the date of first major del. had to be reported as the same date between the OC (Verizon) and the CA (Jefferson). According to TU and Exp the expected drop off date is 2022, and not 2020. Which would be based on the Dec 2015 date and not the actual 1st date of Aug 2013. Either way they are both out of the SOL for my state (SC) so my only concern is in trying to have the TL deleted. Thanks for your reply. I'll check back later this afternoon or evening for any other replies.
  14. This would apply even though Equifax has no medical collections? There are only two TL's in my entire Eq report - a Capital One credit card and this Jefferson Capital collection. If I dispute Jefferson with Eq would that possibly take care of TU and Exp also??? Thanks

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