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  1. Yes, there is an ongoing all out war now. You haven't been following the Tools McTool vs USAA threads? They're legendary.
  2. no longer has a meaning or reference.... don't inspire young grass hoppers with the questions..
  3. Guessing she probably gotitright .... It's been nearly 4 years.
  4. Two judgements deleted from DH's EX after online dispute.. took about 10 days to update. These were disputed previously and unsuccessfully about 2 years ago and the last items tied to former name.
  5. Truth in words. It's just irritating, that a few, well alot of, I hope to get rich quick car dealers/salesman/mechanics ruined it for the rest of us who make a honest lucrative living in the business. We are easy to find we are the ones thar aren't jumping dealer to dealer. Or pushed out after 5 years What's even more amazing is how easily false information continues to be spread... and believed. The auto sales industry is more transparent than ever before yet people rely on old stereotypes to support this type of misinformation.
  6. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you not need a car? Do you just want a lower payment for the Jeep? Do you want a lower payment for another car?
  7. Yes... with. You have limited credit (two trade lines) and no comparable installment/auto history. Adding her to the application ensure an approval, she doesn't need income or employment as your spouse.
  8. CK also mistakes no data for missed payments in some instances.. very confusing to some.
  9. Yes.... Co-owner and co-borrower are two seperate statuses. You need to determine who is on title. The law recognizes owners of vehicles for which their names appear on the title (registered owners). If you and the co-owner are both named legally, you will need the co-owners' consent and signatures for the transfer or sale of the collateral. If your name only appears on title, you should be good to go to sell or trade in the collateral.
  10. Wait.. your Citi Costco reported today or your Amex card reported closed today?
  11. I've been chased off their Auto Finance forum several times.. for simply stating true and accurate information and trying to actually help people with knowledge and experience. Having a background in the auto industry and more specifically auto fiance didn't seem to matter to anyone on the Auto Finance forum. It wasn't for posting banned information or flaming anyone.. My posts just didn't fit their agenda.. which I began to recognize. When there is an underlying agenda on a self help message forum that is neither helpful or self serving, it becomes clear.. those who don't fall in line with that agenda become combatants. The agenda here is self help. Best part of this board is that we ARE combatants. And we have the privilege of reading about and learning from each others battles. Unedited and often in real time. For some folks here, their battles are over or near the end.. and they stay for support because that's what a community does in real life. It's biased. It's supposed to be. It's exactly what you should find on a consumer owned, operated and contributed site versus a site that exists to drive traffic and sell a product. Which brings me back to my opening point of the MF agenda... it's not just FICO products that are promoted and sold there....
  12. You hit the button about 10 days after your CLI and got another one? I thought you needed at least 30 days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Meant to say 5/16
  13. Last CLI 6/16 @ $1,500 Clicked yesterday, 2 days message. Just logged in and $5,000 CLI shows. New limit @ $23,500
  14. C'mon... you know the story... Well, I was looking online and I really needed a 9 Volt Battery and I thought ...hey, I don't have a black and orange credit card with an exclamation point on it, so... Bam! 250 SL! Scratch that Sir your SL will be 200 Bam!. Why you take my $50 bucks?
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