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  1. Soooo they sent me a big envelope today. It has copies of hospital admissions. And then. A page of procedures and the charges for each. Color me crazy but man. I hate them having that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wow. Just ...... wow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. i have been a previous victim of Identity theft.... it took me quite a lot of time, effort, emotion, to get it all corrected before.... and just today i get a call about more!! ACK!!! So i went out, got a new ink cartridge, a ream of paper, some envelopes, and its back to writing letters and starting all over again. And just at the holidays... not exactly how i thought things were going to go but ooooook...... i looked at my reports and asked for written copies of all 3.... from what i saw online there are now medical, a car, and some credit cards.... in another state. Sadly, being able to prove ive been a Texas resident my entire life doesnt end it all. However i am thankful for Texas code when it comes to validation.... wish me luck... and forgive my random rantings..... some days i think i want to scream.
  4. I emailed regarding this. .......... que the crickets..... I've heard absolutely nothing in Response. Sigh.
  5. Update! !! They admit it's all wrong. Admit it will be and need be removed. Yet they say to gI've them another 90 days to complete that process....
  6. I'm still waiting to hear back..... it's quite frustrating! I'm absolutely certain there is chaos going on.... I logged in today and I am now missing ALL my history AND current active accounts..... except 1. Sigh. But I'm going to be patient.... or at least as patient as I can be. And I applied for cash rewards visa from nfcu and I was approved.
  7. That's sexy tooo.... I have always had dodge trucks ... I'm in Texas and there are loads of z71 here. I like them also... just something about that dodge front end...
  8. She's got that stitching everywhere... the leather is soooooo soft.... I never thought I would want heated and AC cooled seats.... I was wrong!!!
  9. Ahhhh she's a beauty.
  10. I have the truck... and pics... how do I post?
  11. Just to update.... today they approved cash rewards visa for 15000. And loan for new 2015 dodge ram laramie limited edition!!!!!!!

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